Despite Injuries, Roger Federer Still Confident About French Open
by Tom Gainey | May 3rd, 2016, 9:26 am

After withdrawing from his fifth event of 2016 yesterday in Madrid, Roger Federer remains confident about the French Open which begins in less than three weeks.

“I do believe I have chances there,” Federer said of the French Open. “The problem in the past has been more Rafa than the clay itself. If you take Rafa out of the equation I would’ve had an amazing clay court career. I still with him I’ve had a great clay court career.

“It’s still the surface where I did grow up. Still a surface I feel comfortable on. I’ve spent maybe most time of my life on that surface.

“I probably can enter the French Open or clay court season with maybe a little bit less expectations because you guys expect less from me. I’m not the overwhelming favorite in those events, and sometimes that can be helpful, too. I still put pressure on myself wanting to go far and deep and play well.”

The Swiss, who completed his career Slam there in 2009 beating Robin Soderling, hasn’t reached the French semifinals since his 2012 runner-up finish.

Due to a knee injury Federer withdrew from Rotterdam, Dubai and Indian Wells. A stomach issue kept him out of Miami and a back forced him to pull out of Madrid.

“I am frustrated,” Federer said. “I’m a little sad of course not to be playing here. At the same time, I’m still upbeat that the back issue is going to go away. I would rather have it being the back than the knee. So from that standpoint I see it as more positive than negative, to be honest.

“This is not the knee, it’s the back, so it’s different. Clearly it’s not a help. Nevertheless, I’ve been able to practice as much as I’ve wanted to. I came back on tour quicker than I thought I would. So in terms of schedule, I guess I still am still somewhat on par.”

The 34-year-old is confident about resuming his season next week in Rome.

“Now that I don’t have any matches, clearly I always need goals that you work forward to,” he said. “The goal now is to play Rome and hopefully arrive there somewhat early so I have a good preparation, and, you know, that I can play hopefully a good tournament.

“Still, again, let’s see how my back is going to be and my preparation. If I can’t play Rome it’s not the end of the world. The goal clearly now is to play there and do well, like I did last year.”

And he’s not worried about his lack of match play for Paris.

“I’m ready and okay. I don’t need always a lot, lot of matches to feel 100% ready. Before the Australian Open also we only play a handful of matches and you got to be ready. With my experience and the way I feel about big tournaments, if I have matches, great. If I don’t, I trust in my game, in my mind that I’ll be fine regardless of the preparation, to be honest.”

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29 Comments for Despite Injuries, Roger Federer Still Confident About French Open

jatin Says:

You got to love his confidence. True sentiments. Roger would have what 5 or 6 french open titles if not the king of clay. His game is amazing on clay as well. So lets hope for the best.

If i am not wrong, he could get back to No 2 if andy lose early or does not reach the finals as he is defending 1000 points there.
Hope he could play Rome and defend as many points as he could. Being ranked 2 in the FO could make his draw somewhat easy.

Hoping for the speedy recovery Roger. I just want to see you on court again, win or lose.

โ€œI am frustrated,โ€ Federer said

Believe me, us fans are as well.

chrisford1 Says:

Roger does have the 3rd best career on clay of current players and if you took Rafa out of the equation for always taking Fed down when they meet on clay, he’d be #2.
Only twice did Fed prevail, once when Rafa was a very young player at Hamburg, and the other when the classic 2009 Madrid semi with Djokovic left Nadal exhausted and hobbled for the Final. And impacted Rafa’s condition at Paris as the knee injury from Madrid worsened and forced Nadal to not defend Wimbledon.. (and Djokovic was messed up even worse after Madrid – all doing with his mental strength and confidence…)

But Fed did have one fine career on clay, he’s right on that.

gee Says:

He choked badly when Nadal was down 2 match points & he lost to a bunch of journeymen.
He wishes he is #2.
He’s even Kuerten or Musterr le vel on clay.
Kuerten + Muster didn’t need injured & weak #2 Safin, Hewitt & Roddick to pad their ranking.
No wonder he scoffs at Nole at the French Open like Nole’s just maybe
a fave in all clay events.
Fed never dominated tennis & used to lose to Hewitt & Nalbandian in long matches too.
Fed was lucky because of the withdrawing players, schedules & slow Nole played Australian Open, US open semis/finals & French Opens..
Fed’s always a vile sore loser.

madmax Says:


I wholeheartedly agree. Confidence. Without it, where would we be?

I have no expectations of Federer at all – all based on hope and faith, but he has done enough in his career to make me a very proud Federer fan. What happens from here on in, is a massive bonus.

These injuries are creeping up though, aren’they? We have been very fortunate, when compared to the likes of Rafa with his tendonitis, with Novak and his breathing issues, with Murray and his back/thumb problems, Raonic and his elbow, Del potro and his wrist, and now Fed – after a more than distinguished career, he now becomes mortal, along with the rest of the great athletes.

See you later Jatin!

jatin Says:

Hope we will be here cheering him once again if he chooses to play Rome (Hopefully). Till then, see ya madmax :)

James Says:

Fed’s career is over. His slam winning was over in 2012. Nothing surprising here, he’s almost 35 and has played over 1300 matches.

the only interesting question in tennis right now is whether any of the younger players will step up this year.

MMT Says:

I doubt Federer can win RG – stranger things have happened, but he’s a long way off and there are too many players who can out hit or outlast him on the surface these days…and then there’s Djokovic.

I should point out that he made the final at RG in 2011 (when he beat the Djoker in that bloodthirsty semi-final), not 2012 (where Djokovic got his revenge).

Also, chrisford1 I think your characterization of Nadal as “very young” in 2007 is a bit misleading. He was three years older than when he first beat Federer, two years older than when he first beat him on clay, led their head to 7-3, had beaten him 5 times on clay and once a few weeks earlier in Monte Carlo. He WAS 21, but already 4 years on the ATP tour and had played professional matches for 6 years.

I think that loss in 2007 was down to fatigue – Nadal had played (and won) 3 tournaments on clay before that one (Monte Carlo, Barcelona and Rome). He won the first set in Hamburg, but got run over in the next two 6-2, 6-0. That never happens to him – even when he’s injured, so I’m guessing he was just tired.

At full strength, I don’t think Federer has ever beaten Nadal on clay.

Daniel Says:

CF1, Untill Djoko wins RG, Fed currently has the second best clay career. Fed has a lot of clay matches, Masters titles, multiples masters finals and RG finals in all main clay events. As he said, his problem was Nadal. Djoko is having the luxury now of playing a third phase Nadal, even tough I agree he has way more game to counter Nadal on clay than Federer.

He can beat Nadal now in Madrid, Rome and RG, but if he again fail in RG (what really matters), Fed will still have the upper hand on clay, because he was ablate win 7 matches in Paris.

If Djoko is unable to win RG, is because there is something bothering him, “even if beating Nadal”. That would show that he just can’t win 7 matches there. It’s not a particular HxH that matters or winning more clay Masters, is the Coupe des Musketeer in the end, every player is dreaming about it this next week, and they don’t care if they win in a Johansson way, what matters is the title..

Coria won all masters on clay but after that choke job against Gaudio he was never the same player. That is an effect a Slam can have on you, also Borg in USO. Slam is what matters no matter how much you try to spin it.

chrisford1 Says:

All a matter of perspective. The only one who has given the King of Clay persistent trouble on clay is Djokovic, who has beaten him at all 4 major clay events.
Fed beat a weary young Nadal in Hamburg, then a 2009 Nadal hobbled and exhausted from the semi Supermatch between him and Novak. That’s it Otherwise, Rafa owns him. 13-2 on clay.
And his other stake to your #2 claim was he beat the 25th ranked guy that upset Rafa??
OK. Stay with your opinion.
Other players by and large put Novak as #2 on clay and he has a higher winning % on clay than Fed. Twelve titles on clay to Fed’s 11.
But it’s close, though the next few years will see Djokovic adding more clay trophies.

Green Lady Says:

Agree with Daniel, When push comes to shove, Roger has won RG and Novak aint, doesnt matter how many finals you make, or how much bother Novak gives Rafa, he still aint won the darn thing where Roger has ….

Daniel Says:

My claim is that Federer was able to win 7 matches in Paris, he could
Have lost to Hass and Delpo that year, but he didn’t.

In a way Djoko could have lost to a ressurgent Murray last tear bit didn’t byt when it comes to final he was caught off guard by Wawa and couldn’t deliver.

I do hope he wins it but what if he again beat Rafa this year prior to final and again loses to somebody else? There is a mental aspect you gotta take and even of you and some consider Federer won because somebody else veat Nadal he had to deal with that pressure and he overcame it.

Djoko had the pressure to beat Nadal on RG, did it but flatered at the end. Untill he does it he won’t be consider by many players as well that second best of this generation on clay. Imagine if Murray wins Garros this year. There will be 3 other players with RG titles and 0 for Novak.

He has to win it and that will only crown his other clay achievements and than without any doubt he willbe regarded as the second best clay court of this last 10 years.

I think he wins it this year and he will have a better shot of winning a second one (second career Slam) than Fed in RG or Nadal in AO next years. Once the pressure to win it is out he could play even better in Paris. But first things first, win RG!

Michael Says:

Being positive just for public consumption and the one that comes direct through yr mind and heart are two different things. To be serious, you must believe in what you say. I am afraid that is not the scenario here.

Clay is not a easier surface to adapt without sufficient tournament practice and Rolland Garros is the most difficult of clay court tournaments to master.

It will be in the good interest of Roger to skip Rome and Rollamd Garros and concentrate on Grass where even at his age, he is a picture of absolute confidence.

Wog Boy Says:

“Being positive just for public consumption and the one that comes direct through yr mind and heart are two different things. To be serious, you must believe in what you say. I am afraid that is not the scenario here.”

Spot on Michael, he is rather concerned how to leave the stage when the time comes for curtains to close on his career, and the time is fast approaching, he basicaly hasn’t played since January, how is he going to play himself in to form at the age of 34 is to be seen.

skeezer Says:

Fed says he has a chance. There are obviously posters here who don’t play competitive sports here. In order to succeed, to be competitive, you have to believe in yourself. You have to be confident in your abilities. There is no controversy here, just a jealuous uneducated anti Fed fan base whos had too much consumption.

Wog Boy Says:

Tomic has a chance too.
What kind of competitive tennis an old fart like you can play and tell others they are not allowed to post their opinion on public forum.
Go back to your sect of St Roger and keep praying, you verdo!

Wog Boy Says:

^^ weirdo

Okiegal Says:

Skeezer, you better start cheering louder….your Warriors are behind…..eek!

skeezer Says:

Wog boy,
Sure you can post an opinion, but don’t post opinion of which you know absolutely nothing about. It sounds….alcoholic.
You played competitive sports? Great lets talk. But from a described photo I say…. Not. Whos older than who? Lol.
@ OK
I know I know :(, Curry should be back next game though :-)

Wog Boy Says:


Try again, you failed, firstly I did play competitive sport, but that doesn’t give me right to tell others they can’t post or know less just because they didn’t play competitive sport. That’s called arogance that is typical for the members of St Roger sect, now go back to praying room and keep praying, you old fart.

Wog Boy Says:

One more thing weirdo, all what you know about me is what I post here about me, but this is interenet, I can post anything and fools like you believe they know everything about the person they’ve never met, typical for brainwashed worshippers.

skeezer Says:

Yeah same here,
Your right, and you don’t know me so don’t start. You started stuff like you know me, you don’t. Look in the mirror before you spout out, alcky.

Okiegal Says:

Yes, Skeezer, he’s the glue that holds that team together….an awesome player…the best in the NBA atm, I think…..

skeezer Says:

They’re gonna need em, the Blazers are playing well….

Okiegal Says:

I played competitive sport….basketball, does that count?? ๐Ÿ€๐Ÿ€ ๐Ÿ˜‡

Okiegal Says:

Yes, they are….I think my Thunder will fold like a cheap
suit…..We got em’ last game….thank goodness for home court advantage…..Spurs looking good too! I wish we still had the “bearded” one……

Jun Says:

Co-GOAT Roger is confident against opponents not named CO-GOAT Djokovic and Nadal. Does he have a chance? Yes, as long as he doesn’t have to face the two best clay courters, plus Andy.

skeezer Says:

No…you do not want the bearded one (ball hog), ;)

Jun. agree. But most are still talking about old man Fed who has a chance. Amazin, no?๐Ÿ˜€

Jun Says:

Yep. Amazing and unbelievable.

Okiegal Says:

Well, maybe that was the problem why he moved on…he had to compete with another ball hog….Westbrook!! Lol

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