Serena Williams Ate Dog Food Then Got Sick [Video]

by Tom Gainey | May 12th, 2016, 9:25 am

Serena Williams is in Rome this week. So is her 3-year-old dog Chip. The story goes, Serena ordered some pricey salmon and rice off the hotel’s pet menu. So she decided to try it. And soon after, she was running to the toilet!

“Don’t judge me,” Serena said on Snapchat. “I ate a spoonful!”

And then.

“Let’s fast forward two hours. I just ran to the toilet,” she said. “I thought I was gonna pass out. I mean it did taste weird, I forced swallowed it. It tasted a bit like house cleaner. Chip liked it, but I don’t think it’s consumable for humans.”

Trying to shake off the dog food, Serena is currently on court in Rome against Christina McHale.

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5 Comments for Serena Williams Ate Dog Food Then Got Sick [Video]


WOW! Serena Williams again. Do not you get tired of annoying the readers with the ridiculousnesses of this lady soap opera life? Eating dog food, stepping bear feet on broken glass, unable to hit the ball on the court during a doubles because dizziness, insulting an Asian line-judge woman, dating or not a married coach… etc.
Could you please give us a break from the “Queen of Soap Opera”, Serena, and the “Queen of Drama”, Andy Murray (according with Virginia Wade nothing less!). This guy keeps complaining in and off courts continuously, always with his “vinegar taster” face for every moment. If he loses a match, the players might be using drugs or something, because he is not supposed to lose or get tired, always engaging the chair umpire in silly questionings, etc., what a boring brat!

Van Persie Says:

I can only say: dog food is not suitable for cows. Sorry

SG1 Says:

The WTA is a train wreck at the moment. I mean, the best player in the world is eating food not suitable for a cow. The 2nd best player in the world hasn’t won a major. The third best player is suspended for a serious PED infraction. I believe the WTA should be renamed the WTF…at least for the moment because what the f#$%#%^#$^ are these players thinking right now?

BBB Says:

Aren’t cows herbivores? So that anyone who lives off someting other than grass is eating food not suitable for a cow?

chrisford1 Says:

1. Orlando Troll – I think Serena’s story is funny. Has some flaws, but lots of positives. All in all, a very successful athlete, businesswoman, lots of friends and admirers, has fun. Should have a very good post-tennis future.
Same with Andy.

2. There are millions and millions who have ate a milkbone dog biscuit, and LIKED IT!! A couple years ago, I was in a rush, taking a 450 mile road trip and a few miles into it, realized I needed some travel nibbles, so I went to the convenience store by the highway I have gone to many times. OJ, a muffin, and on impulse two “handmade cookie/biscuits” for 1.69 each in a wood box by the checkout counter. The cookies were rock hard, seemed to have only a slight amount of sugar if any, but a strong, delicious molasses bacon flavor. Great. One lasted 100 miles or so. Coming back, I stopped at the convenience store to gas up, but also look at the great cookies to know who made them. For future reference. [Melissa Angatis Hand Crafted Cookies for Your Cherished Dog. Made in N Carolina with Real Bacon.] Clerk shuddered when I mentioned they tasted good.

3. Totally irrelevant, but Cows and critters like deer are not pure vegetarians. Deer have been caught rearing up and swallowing live baby birds out of a nest. Farmers in Nova Scotia, Ireland, Iceland near the coast, up until a few decades ago, would shovel fisherman’s bycatch or bunker right into the feeding troughs for a protein supplement. You have extra dogfood, most leftovers on your table – cattle will eat it. And like it. Pigs and goats (real, not a strained tennis fan concept) go without mention.

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