After Double Bagel Loss, Tomas Berdych Cans Coach Dani Vallverdu
by Tom Gainey | May 16th, 2016, 9:09 am

Following an embarrassing double bagel 60, 60 loss Thursday to David Goffin in the Rome third round, Tomas Berdych has fired his coach Dani Vallverdu.

Berdych and Vallverdu had linked up at the end of the 2014 season after Vallverdu was dropped from Andy Murray’s camp.

“My results lately have not been what I expected As I am not a tennis player at the beginning of his career I have to act quickly when I feel that I need a change,” Berdych said via Facebook.

Berdych will head into the French without a coach.

Under Valverdu, the 30-year-old hasn’t made the semifinals in his last four Grand Slams and no semis at his last 10 Masters events. And he went just 5-18 vs Top 10 players during that stretch.

During his career, Berdych has made just one career Grand Slam final at the 2010 Wimbledon and won one Masters event at the 2005 Paris Indoors. He has 12 career titles.

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11 Comments for After Double Bagel Loss, Tomas Berdych Cans Coach Dani Vallverdu

Humble Rafa Says:

How can you fire a guy named Dani Vallverdu? Do these players have no heart?

RZ Says:

They seemed to start really strong as a team at the beginning of last year, and then didn’t really show any improvement. But I don’t know if it’s a coaching issue or just the reality of where Berdych is gamewise.

BBB Says:

Maybe I have misremembered – I thought Dani defected, not that he was dropped?

Either way, bad spell for Dani. Murray beats Novak, Dani gets fired.

My gut reaction is that if you get double bageled it is more to do with your head than your coach.

Margot Says:

Berd hired Dani in the mistaken belief some of Lendl’s magic would come his way.

BBB Says:

Yeah, Lendl is Lendl. Seems to me you either get the real thing, or you think of something else.

SG1 Says:

Will Lendl finally agree to join Berdych? Talk about a player in desperate need of a kick in the you know what.

I mean, Lendl’s kids are largely grown up and he’s now probably beginning to miss some the disciplinary aspects. Here’s a chance to turn around a player that’s been spinning his wheels for a while now. Berdych could certainly benefit from hearing a no-nonsense voice.

Humble Rafa Says:

Will Lendl finally agree to join Berdych?

My door knob will have a better personality than those two combined.

J-Kath Says:

Lendl no longer is connected with the Tennis Academy he started up. (Still got 5 daughters and their careers of course).

If Lendl decides he’s got time to be a Coach who will he pick: Berdych? Murray? Well now, that is so difficult. He’ll need to toss a coin, me thinks.

PS: Anyone seen the pictures of MacEnroe’s house? It’s up for sale…very cheap, just a few million. PS: I didn’t care too much for the bed furniture, would need to get rid of that….otherwise you could hurt your toes.

MMT Says:

I think it could help him to go without a coach for a bit – just to get a clear idea, in their own head, of how they want to play. I think his biggest problem is that he caught between two strategic objectives – to press or not to press. He doesn’t defend well enough to outlast his opponents, and he’s not aggressive enough to rush his opponents off the court.

skeezer Says:

You own a door knob?

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