Stan Wawrinka: Winning The French Open Was The Greatest Moment In My Career

by Tom Gainey | May 22nd, 2016, 5:32 pm

Fresh off a confidence-boosting title in Geneva Saturday, Stan Wawrinka arrived as defending champion at the French Open. And he’s feeling better thanks to the title in Switzerland despite having to play on Monday.

“So I’m happy to have won,” Wawrinka said Sunday. “This is something that was important for me. It’s always been a dream for me to have a trophy in Switzerland. I took some big confidence by winning the trophy there and arriving here.

“It’s the first time I have arrived so late, that’s for sure. Now, I hope it’s not going to bother me for tomorrow. I arrived only yesterday night from Geneva, so I don’t have my head already on the French Open, so that’s a little bit different.”

Wawrinka begins his defense on Monday against the dangerous Lukas Rosol who he beat in the semifinals in Switzerland last week.

“We played three sets a few days ago in Geneva. I also played him this year in the Australian Open,” he said. “He’s a dangerous player. He’s serving big. He’s going for his shots. You never know what to expect, really.”

Stan is first on Chatrier against Rosol. The last time he was on that court he had just beaten Novak Djokovic in what he calls the “greatest moment of all in my career.”

But that was last year.

“When I look at myself, I say, no, I’m not at the same level but who knows? At present, I’d say that Novak is the main favorite. It was the case last year, as well. I think to beat him, it’s going to be very difficult, and then there is Murray and Nadal on an equal footing, and then I’m just after them.”

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32 Comments for Stan Wawrinka: Winning The French Open Was The Greatest Moment In My Career

skeezer Says:

Never forget Stan winning that FO, his run and final was EPIC.

Okiegal Says:

Would you call him a “Two Hit Wonder’?

Humble Rafa Says:

Okiegal Says:
Would you call him a “Two Hit Wonder’?

He is the “Best backhand in Switzerland”

Brad Says:

I was watching the highlights from the FO final of last year. What a crazy performance from Stan! Come on Stanimal, you can do it again with your easy power off both wings and that backhand is a thing of beauty!

mat4 Says:

Stan Wawrinka:

Winning The French Open Was The Greatest Moment In My Career…


And the Worst Moment of my Fan’s Life…

Okiegal Says:

@humble…..the best one in Switzerland??? There are a few that would beg to differ with you on that one. How many times did the Best backhand in Switzerland lose to 2nd best??? LOL

Dave Says:

Wawrinka has a better backhand than Federer. If he didn’t we wouldn’t be talking about Nole getting a career grandslam, because it would already be a done deal. Federer’s backhand could never do that kind of damage to Nole over a whole match. His backhand doesn’t have the same kind of easy power that Stan can generate. Also, Stan is way better at going down the line than Federer. Federer has a better everything else though.

Wog Boy Says:

Anybody watching, what happened to Wawrinka, he retired against Rosol?

Van Persie Says:

Wawa might have a great backhand, but he is in trouble atm. Rosol leads 2-1 to sets.

Van Persie Says:

I am at work, WB. Have only seen the scores, and was curious, if somebody wrote something about the match. Perhaps he wasted to much energy in Geneva

Wog Boy Says:

Wrong information on my RG app, they are still playing, Rosol leads 2:1 in sets. This RG app is awful.

Dave Says:

Nope. It’s tied 2 sets all now. Stan is on his way back. But even if he gets through this, Klizan will play like Rosol, except he is a lefty and might even hit harder than Rosol. He will be fatigued after 2 rounds at this rate.

Dave Says:

Klizan is choking. Now that is going to 5 sets after being up 2 sets to 0 and up a break in the 3rd and 4th sets. Terrible.

Daniel Says:

Wawa taking control of fifth set, but even so this is not great start for him.

Feel he may not even reach semis. Sea his best days are gone, his movement is getting worst by tbe day.

Only good for him is condition will remain like this whole tourney, cold dump, as slow as it can get in RG.

Okiegal Says:

Wa Wa getting coaching from the side lines……according to the commies!

Daniel Says:

Surviving scare. Not looking like a contender at all.

Giles Says:

Okie. Wawa always gets coaching from the side lines but of course it’s Rafa they have eyes for. 🙄😡

Daniel Says:

Dimitrov imploding yet again, he was leading fourth set, lost it and is now on his way down. Will be a good win for Troicki though.

Okiegal Says:

@Giles….Yes I know…..couldn’t resist the chance to be “snotty”!!! Lol

Markus Says:

Wawrinka is not going to win this French…not with those pants.

lakie Says:

Agree with Markus poor choice of pant color but not sure about Stan not winning. First round is where top stars are most vulnerable and Stan survived.

Giles Says:

Wawa is rilly rilly happy. Lol

Emily Says:

I’m glad I only caught the last set of Stan’s match. It seemed to be a close match and you could see the relief on everyone’s faces, considering he only got there to Paris Saturday night and he had just played a close match against Rosol. Nice to see a packed stadium behind him. Hopefully he’ll get some confidence from this and has some time to practice and prepare for his next match. I do agree though that I’m not impressed w/ his outfit, he’s getting outshined by those adidas zebra kits.

Giles Says:

Sorry should have read ” rilly rilly appy”. Lol

Margot Says:

mat4: get reference, but why aren’t you “trigger?”

mat4 Says:


It seems you missed my answer, a post about identity and well-being. You will find it in the previous thread where we discussed (now I don’t know which one it was).

But I like to add that mat4, Margot, are dynamic entities, able to grow and develop. I never felt Trig being me: mat4 was enough — and if I wanted to change, mat4 would still be enough. And a certain synchronicity, a truth exists: jane, jalep, GG, WB, all these ethereal friends from T-x, they just looked the way I felt they would after so many years, when I saw their pictures.

We need years to start knowing each other, but after a certain point, a new moniker is useless. I knew GG whatever moniker she used, and I recognized jalep after a few days of interaction, although I needed more time to be certain. I was also easily recognized under the “Trig” moniker.

And when we try to fake it, to be somebody else, even when it’s just an experiment, to prove that — to quote Sarah — one could be the Queen of England — it’s not coherent. While in our everyday life our body language so often betray us, when we write, beside the fact that longer texts make no sense, because we can’t really write what we are not, there is a third layer revealing — not always who, but — what we are.

Let’s take an example. Let’s imagine that I decide suddenly to become Trig, a Rafan, and start provoking Andy’s fans, just for fun, avoiding carefully the nick “Murphy” that I often use for Andy, avoiding long posts, writing full stops without spaces, etc… the fact that I always write Margot, never missing the capital, and, e.g., the fact that I quote parts of your posts, would effectively betray my respect, even my friendship with you.

I’ll finish on a more personal note: while I fluently speak my son’s language, he just started learning mine. I probably need to remain the same through languages, cultures, traditions, for my children to know me.

Margot Says:

matt: Well, I’d put it down to style, turns of phrase, idiosyncracies etc which, as with personality, it’s difficult to hide eg a certain poster cannot “do” homophones thus, “fowl and foul” are muddled.
Certain posters apparently only want to “bait” and can’t play nice, certain posters seem to want reassurance, others conflict. Again difficult to hide over time.
And of course we miss intonation, facial expression too. And humour doesn’t seem to travel either. In real life I am extremely ironic/sarcastic in real life but tone that down here, it wouldn’t be understood without my wry lifting of an eyebrow1
But back to fools, name of character is “Trigger” not “Trig.” Was asking why you shortened it. Of course “Trigger” is also Roy Rogers horse…;)

Margot Says:

^ Yuk! Should’ve edited that. Oh well.

mat4 Says:

LOL, I wrote a few kilometres answering the wrong question. “You live and learn.”

In OFAH, they regularly call him Trig, and it was shorter. That’s the simple reason: it has only four letters, like mat4. And I like the character.

Humour and irony work well in fora where most of the posters write in their own language. Although I try very hard, I can’t really reproduce my “French” style, and sometimes I feel very frustrated. I guess it’s the case with most of non-English speaking posters here. It makes us also easy preys to bullying — we are not able to fight back the way we would want.

Finally, your sarcastic mood is often very noticeable. Don’t worry about that.

mat4 Says:

My last sentence doesn’t sound the way it was meant — that you manage to put in written form this delicate layer of your personality.

Margot Says:

Lol mat4… if I were a troll, you’d be for it!
But as I’m not……0 <- that's a hug.

mat4 Says:


No, you’re not a troll. It’s not in your nature.

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