Players Won’t Get ATP Or WTA Rankings Points At The Olympics, Reaction Is Mixed

by Tom Gainey | May 30th, 2016, 4:04 pm

This year the ATP has pulled ranking points from the upcoming Rio Olympics games. Since entries are based on country rankings, players with few players from their homeland will get in and receive points over those from deep countries like France who can’t get in. So the ATP decided to take away the points, and the reaction has been mixed.

Defending champion Andy Murray doesn’t really care that points won’t be offered.

“I think the reason I’m playing there is to try and win medals it’s not necessarily for ranking points,” Murray said.

“There are different reasons for playing tournaments,” he said. “And for me Davis Cup and Olympics, I’m not playing for ranking points.”

But John Isner, who will not play the Olympics, said it was it was a “very, very big factor” in his decision not to go to Rio.

Stan Wawrinka agreed. “It’s a big tournament,” he said. “You should have some points like we had the last few times. That’s for sure.”

But gold medalist Venus Williams took the other side.

“Who needs ranking points if you’re playing for a gold medal?” she said. “Gotta get your life in perspective. Get your life. I’m trying to get a gold. I don’t need any points.”

And Milos Raonic also doesn’t care about points. “Points or no points, it doesn’t really matter,” Raonic said. “I think the goal and the target is very simple, and you’re there to win a medal. The shinier the better.”

The Olympic tennis event begins in Rio on August 6.

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5 Comments for Players Won’t Get ATP Or WTA Rankings Points At The Olympics, Reaction Is Mixed

chrisford1 Says:

1.The only way Venus gets any medal, let alone another gold she thinks she is destined for, is if Serena carries her in doubles and Venus does not have one of her “very tired, off days” that has derailed Team Williams doubles efforts in recent years.

2. Rankings are critical to the midpack. No points means the upcomers and talented established players trying to get into top 24 or Top 12 to get better draws and more opportunity at money and going further in rounds may elect to do as John Isner is doing. No Olympics.

3. I like that the Olympics have gained such prestige with tennis players that are stars, are saying points don’t matter, it’s the Olympics man!! However, those stars are fairly secure in their ratings and most, if they have good agents, have endorsement contracts with performance “kickers” – big pay boosts if certain goals are met – making the O2 Finals, a QF or above at 2 majors, cracking Top 10, Davis Cup heroics, Olympic achievement, etc.
The middle of the pack guys who are not stars do not get the “kickers” say a Milos Raonic would get from endorsers or Tennis Canada for an Olympic medal. Just glory and a long plane ride to and from with standby economy air tickets.

Jun Says:

Ranking points have been the metric by which tournaments are rated in terms of importance (exactly why Cincy Masters is most prestigious!). I don’t think it would ‘cheapen’ the idea of playing for one’s country, if that’s what some are saying. They would still be serving their country. No amount of points can take that away from them.

Is the ATP trying to reduce the Olympics’ prestige? Is tennis on the chopping block from future Olympics? Not sure what’s going on here.

James Says:

for tennis, Olympics don’t matter that much anyway. Its even less than a masters 1000 in terms of true overall competition.

Van Persie Says:

Hai Simona!!

Van Persie Says:

Bye Simona!

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