Rafael Nadal To Play Olympics Doubles With Marc Lopez And Mixed With Garbine Muguruza?
by Tom Gainey | June 16th, 2016, 9:54 am

According to the Royal Spanish Tennis Federation, Rafael Nadal right now is officially slated to play in singles and both doubles events at the Rio Olympics in August.

Nadal will team with French Open winners Marc Lopez in men’s doubles and Garbine Muguruza in the mixed event.

Captain Conchita Martinez did say teams could get changed before the events begin. But as of now on the submitted list of participants for the Olympics Nadal is teamed with Muguruza.

Nadal, who withdrew from Wimbledon last week, is recovering from a wrist injury, so there’s no guarantee he’ll be ready.

The Rio Olympic tennis event begins on August 6.

The full Spanish Olympic tennis team:
Garbine Muguruza
Carla Suarez Navarro
Rafael Nadal
David Ferrer
Roberto Bautista Agut
Albert Ramos Vinolas
Anabel Medina Garrigues
Arantxa Parra Santonja
Marc Lopez

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16 Comments for Rafael Nadal To Play Olympics Doubles With Marc Lopez And Mixed With Garbine Muguruza?

Giles Says:

Good luck Champ.
3 Golds will do nicely!

Giles Says:


RZ Says:

I guess Feliciano Lopez must have decided not to go to Rio. He’s the 4th ranked Spanish man in singles so he would have made the team, and he is Marc Lopez’s current doubles partner on tour.

For Rafa, that seems like a heavy load considering his wrist. I would think he stands a better chance for success playing men’s doubles with Marc Lopez (they have won tournaments together) than mixed doubles with Muguruza, so if he drops something it is likely to be the mixed.

Pamela Says:

RZ, I was wondering the same thing about Feliciano. I can’t help but wonder what would make him miss the Olympics

RZ Says:

@Pamela – several top players are skipping the Olympics. The reasons vary but seem to include the zika virus, no prize money at the Olympics, no ranking points, and strife with their federations. I don’t know which or if any of these apply to Feli.

Willow Says:

Looking forward to the Olympics and having Rafa back, with it been HCs i doubt his chances of another singles gold, but so what he already has one, but i think he has a chance of a doubles, or mixed doubles medal though instead ….

chrisford1 Says:

RZ – I don’t understand it either. Tennis had become a marquee Olympic event by the late 90s, enormously popular, nations having several tennis players be their flagbearers. Peaking in London with the Andy-Federer Final. But then, for Brazil’s Games – the tennis organizing bodies and national federations backed off in supporting and promoting the sport via it’s greatest global showcase. No points, no money, a jammed in Tour schedule, politics by Olympic Committees.

J-Kath Says:

Both Nadal and Federer have confirmed they will play all categories at Rio (Singles, Doubles, Mixed). Anybody needing proof please holler.

Andy Says:

John Isner is not playing for the USA just like Lopez is not playing for Spain. It is all about points and money. Also the schedule for the summer is jam packed for tennis players. Plenty of players are skipping the Olympics.

senorita Says:

Rafa/Garbine = Team Cuteness.

Hope Rafa is fit and ready to compete at the highest level. I don’t think he would have signed up for 3 genres if his doctor didn’t think he was fit enough. Keeping my fingers crossed that he does make it. Can’t wait to see him as the Spanish flag bearer AND playing his scintillating tennis which his legion of fans have missed so much.

senorita Says:

Willow, why do you doubt Rafa’s chances on h/c at the Olympics when he won Gold on it in 2008, the only time he competed at the Olympic Games.

Willow Says:

Senorita i think hes a very different player now to what he was then, and there are better HC players now, im sorry to say, however Rafa being Rafa nothing would surprise me, and ill be delighted to be proved wrong, and unlike the tiresome know it alls here, i dont state my opinion as a bona fide fact ….

chrisford1 Says:

Seniorita – “why do you doubt Rafa’s chances on h/c at the Olympics when he won Gold on it in 2008, the only time he competed at the Olympic Games.”

One of the nicer hidden gems in the Djkovic-Nadal rivalry was the Olympics 2008 semi between the two. Which, like 2013’s French Open semi, was essentially the Final. Tight 1st set, Djokovic destroyed Rafa in the 2nd and looked the better player in the early part of the 3rd. Then Rafa took his defense to another level, and Novak couldn’t hit through anymore and came to net. And didn’t play well there. At 5-4 Nadal, Djokovic couldn’t serve his way out of trouble with his then average serve. Saved 1 match point, had AD, but Rafa won 2 points. Then on 2nd match point, a thrilling one, Djokovic hit a pussy smash from mid court Nadal ran down and lobbed back, and 3 feet from the net, Djokovic hit his 2nd bad Djokosmash in a row, this one out.

But that was eight years ago. Much has changed.

Willow Says:

This thread was supposed to have been about Rafa and the Olympics, yet some posters always steer the conversation around to their favorite lol, anyway for what its worth there was some superb tennis played at the 2008 Olympics, Gonzo won silver (miss him), and Novak won bronze, would love a DVD to watch it all again, hate that 2013 FO semi though, and would prefer to forget it, although some dredge it up ad nauseum, the match was tainted, much like Maradona with the world cup handball ….

Willow Says:

And it still comes down to indirect sly digs about Rafa been lucky in this match, or that match, and Novak been unlucky and his level dropping ….

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