Andy Murray Outclasses Milos Raonic For Second Wimbledon Title And Third Grand Slam

by Jeremy Davis | July 10th, 2016, 2:08 pm

The new King of Grass?
Andy Murray thrilled his homecountry fans by claiming a second title in four years at Wimbledon on Sunday, defeating first-time Grand Slam finalist Milos Raonic of Canada 6-4, 7-6(3), 7-6(2).

The Murray return of serve was key in deflecting the power of the giant-serving Raonic, winning a second title at the All England Club after ending Britain’s 77-year title drought in 2013.

“I feel happier this time,” Murray said. “I feel more content this time. I feel like this was sort of more for myself more than anything, and my team as well. We’ve all worked really hard to help get me in this position.

“Last time it was just pure relief, and I didn’t really enjoy the moment as much, whereas I’m going to make sure I enjoy this one more than the others. You just kind of get dragged in all sorts of different directions afterwards. I want to spend this time with my family and my closest friends, the people that I work with. That’s who I want to be around right now. I’ll make sure I spend a lot of time with them over the next couple of days. Yeah, look forward to that.”

Murray improved to 3-8 in Grand Slam finals after his first title match against someone other than Novak Djokovic or Roger Federer.

“This is the most important tournament for me every year,” an emotional Murray said. “I’ve had some great moments here, but also some tough losses. The win feels extra special because of the tough losses.”

Raonic averaged more than 25 aces a match during the tournament leading to the final, where the Murray return limited the Canadian to eight total (Murray finished with one fewer at seven). But he didn’t bring the high heat as much as he did leading into the final. And the nerves may have got the best of him.

“He moves incredibly well, he returns well — those are his two biggest strengths, and he’s been playing well,” said Raonic, whose movement looked stilted in comparison. “Every time you play him, you know he’s going to get more returns back than anyone else, along with Novak [Djokovic].”

After his stunning win over Roger Federer in five sets on Friday, the 25-year-old Raonic was the first Canadian man in history to reach a Grand Slam final. Eugenie Bouchard did the same on the women’s side in 2014 when she lost to Petra Kvitova.

“I’m going to work on everything. I’m not going to leave any stone unturned,” Raonic said. “I’m going to try to get myself back in this position, try to be better in this position.

“I’m going to try to get fitter, stronger … There’s not one thing that I’m not going to try to improve.”

Murray broke Raonic only once, and gave little ground on his own serve, never facing a break point until the third set. Murray finished the match with only 12 unforced errors while Raonic had 29 compared to 39 winners for both guys.

“I played really good stuff today,” Murray added. “Milos has had a great few weeks on the grass and had some unbelievable wins. His match against Roger in the semis was a great, great match. He is one of the hardest workers out there, always trying to improve and get better.”

Murray improves to 7-3 against Raonic winning their last six including all four this season dealing Raonic and new coach John McEnroe both of their grass losses.

In a light moment, the normally-tightly-wound Murray lost his composure midway through the match, gesturing wildly and spouting obscenities when apparently his coach Ivan Lendl left his players’ box to go to the restroom.

Under Lendl, Murray won the 2012 US Open and the 2013 Wimbledon titles. And now since rejoining forces he’s 12-0 this grass season with the former tennis great.

And during the fortnight Murray lost just two sets in the event winning his last seven without facing a single set point.

The win also puts Murray, who has reached the finals at his last five events and all three Slams this season, within a reasonable striking distance for Djokovic for the No. 1 ranking.

“If I want to add to three Slams, I’m going to have to find ways to win against them,” Murray said. “It’s very rare that you get through a Slam without playing Novak, Roger or Rafa. But I still feel like my best tennis is ahead of me, that I have an opportunity to win more. Everyone’s time comes at different stages. Some come in their early 20s, some mid-20s. Hopefully mine is still to come.”

Several dignitaries were at the match including Prince William and Kate, British Prime Minister David Cameron, Bradley Cooper, Irina Shayk, Benedict Cumberbatch, Hugh Grant and many former tennis greats.

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71 Comments for Andy Murray Outclasses Milos Raonic For Second Wimbledon Title And Third Grand Slam

J-Kath Says:

Oh come on – whoever you are Jeremy Davis – trying to make trouble?

Margot Says:

What a terrible title. What a terrible write up.
Effing disgrace.

BBB Says:

Congratulations Murray fans.

If you win in straight sets, I don’t think the photo should be of you in the hospital.

Margot Says:

Glad you’ve changed the title, the write up and the photo.
Ho hum.

Markus Says:

I did not see the title, the write-up and the photo. Just as well. The articles here are mostly tabloid type anyway.

Andy Murray is a class act and a worthy champion. Glad that he got his 3rd slam title.

Stu Says:

Hmm? What did this article used to say that was so offensive?

chrisford1 Says:

Markus – Andy is a class act off court, but on court, let’s just say that is a work in progress…Just as Fed is a class act except sometimes when he loses. our faves all have flaws. Probably less flaws than we have..

In all his pro career, Andy has been in a time of intense competition
It is remarkable that this is the first time in 11 times in Slam finals he did not have to face Djokovic or Federer. And same story in many Masters 1000 finals. (sometimes having to get through both to hold a trophy). Plus tough Rafa Nadal encounters in the last week of many tournaments.

SG1 Says:

Two time Wimbledon Champion Andy Murray…has a nice ring to it.

SG1 Says:

Wouldn’t surprise me if Andy went on a run of his own over the next 12 months. I think Novak will be a little empty after winning the FO and four in a row. Perfect time for Andy to pounce and get some slams. Rivalries have ebbs and flows. Maybe Andy can use the confidence from this win to beat Novak/Fed etc. over the next while.

Travis Bickle Says:

Murray deserved this title! His fans on this site too!
Of course I’m talking about his true fans, not phoneys who support Murray only when Nadal is out of commission.

Murray was better player than his opponent in all 7 rounds and that’s all you could ask from a player. Took care of the business like a true champ!

Willow Says:

J-Kath, Margot, The DA, CDP Here i am, sorry i couldnt blog while the match was on, as i was working, the old dears had the match on, and most didnt want to come out of their rooms at tea time, as they wanted to watch the tennis lol, contrary to what some say Murray always has been my second favorite anyway, and it has nothing to do with Nadal being out, i didnt actually know there was some rule about who you were allowed to be a fan of, but there you go !, anyway im absolutely thrilled and so happy he did it again,THREE CHEERS FOR ANDY MURRAY, NOW I WILL WATCH THE RECORDING AND ENJOY, YIIIIIIIPEEEEEEEEEEEE;-)) ….

J-Kath Says:

Agree,Travis. Murray certainly deserved this title. As one of his fans, I am still in a very good mood. I hope he will not play Davis Cup though.

BBB Says:

I love the rotating charities that Andy has on his left sleeve.

J-Kath Says:

Ah, good to hear from you Willow. Remembered you were working. Always knew Andy was your no. 2 and look forward to hearing your views after you digest the recording.

J-Kath Says:

BB: I admire him also for his intention to help build a strong UK future e.g. money going into new entreprises.

Willow Says:

J-Kath true i will get a better indication when i watch the recording, the bits i saw Milos served very well so it was always going to be tight, and Andy was clutch serving whenever he got in trouble on his own serve, what bits i saw ….

Willow Says:

Thanks to Jalep for the congrats as well ;-)) ….

jalep Says:

Your welcome, Willow. You’ve always been an Andy fan.

Having more than one favorite makes one a phony fan. You haven’t been drinking enough monogamous fan Kool-Aid. :D

Danica Says:

Sincere CONGRATS to Andy and ALL his fans. The best player of the tournament, a well deserved victory. Well done! Bravo!!!

Unfortunately, I was unable to watch the match :(, but hope for a rerun.

I like how this run made Milos more determined to work on all parts of his game. He seems really motivated.

Again, job well done Andy!!! Enjoy! :)

AndyMira Says:

This message especially for MARGOT attention only!I happened to stumble an old thread read my comment at 9:32 am and yours at 10:53 am…bingo!heh!heh!heh!..yum!yum!

Tennis Vagabond Says:

Congrats to Andy! What a great tournament he played. I was very frustrated for Milos. He let the occasion get the better of him and didn’t play up to the form he had been showing, his serving speeds were way down. It felt like he didn’t finally click until the 2nd half of the 3rd set. But Andy still beat him. I’m not taking anything away from Andy, he played flawlessly, but I wish Milos could have brought some more to the fight. I think he will if he ever gets this opportunity again.

I also find it bizarre how all these commentators – whose job it is to follow tennis – are crediting McEnroe for Milos’ net game, when he has been doing this since January.

I hope Andy can bring this self-belief, and especially the aggression, in future major finals. It really is incredible that this is his first non-Novak or Fed opponent. SG1 said ‘Andy Murray, two time Wimbledon champion, has a nice ring to it.’ I agree. He deserves it.

Hope we’ll have some excitement in the hardcourt season, it will certainly be busy. Wonder who that will help or hurt the most.

RZ Says:

Hi all – tried posting this morning but for some reason none of my posts made it. I am of course very, very happy for Andy winning today. It was a long time in the works and I’m so glad he finally won a slam. Thanks to all who sent good wishes my way, and hugs to Margot, J-Kath, Willow, and Jalep. I didn’t cry (Andy cried on my behalf) but I have to admit to getting a little teary eyed when Heather Watson won the mixed doubles with Henri Kontinen, as it was such an incredible day for British tennis.

RZ Says:

Also congrats to Daniel for winning the Tennis-X ATP bracket! (The site hasn’t updated the winner yet, but based on all the scenarios our big winner is Daniel).

Tennis Vagabond Says:

There was a graphic shown regarding Milos’s age – 25.5 I think? regarding his status as a ‘young gun’. By 25.5, Borg had won 11 Slams, and I think Rafa and Fed had 10 each.

For Milos, Cilic, Nishikori to be considered young guns is absurd in terms of tennis history. We have the oldest top 5, top 10, top 20, ever. Is it a coincidence? Did we happen to get a superb crop of late-twenties at the same time as a weak cohort of early 20’s?

Or has tennis changed? Is the physicality and endurance beyond what an 18 year old can do?

Or is it technical? Are today’s players so thoroughly trained that, like jedi masters, no young can hope to attain likewise mastery, only years and reps?

Okiegal Says:

Who says you can’t have a second fav if your guy is injured??I am so glad Andy won….but get well Rafa!

Margot Says:

Andy got 74% of returns in play, including one at 147mph which he hit back as a winner. Probably contributed, just a bit, to Milos not having such a good serving day….;)

Some great responses, including a short clip of Ivan showing….emotion :0

Willow Says:

Jalep @ July 10th 6.17pm lol, should be a tennis-x written criteria, thou shalt not be a fan of more than one particular player, thou shalt not have a second favorite lol ….

Willow Says:

Margot thanks for the link, nice to see old stoneface showing some emotion lol, couldnt believe my eyes ….

Michael Says:

Hearty congratulations to Andy and all his fans. Once Novak went out early, Andy automatically became the favourite considering that Rafa was not in picture and Roger was in his twlight years and a pale shadow of his former self when he dominated Wimbledon like no one ever had or ever will.

That said, it is Andy’s era now and the guy has earned whatever he has achieved. It was also poignant to witness Andy surcharged emotionally right after winning with tears rolling from his eyes which just went on to show as to how much this victory mattered for Andy.

Raonic had just no answers to Andy’s consistency on court, more so especially his razor blade return of serves which just pulverized him into submission.

Coincidentally, this win happens at a time when this reunion between Andy and Lendl has just been formalized and naturally more than Andy, it will be Lendl who will hog the credit being such a lucky mascot for him.

Van Persie Says:

“Coincidentally, this win happens at a time when this reunion between Andy and Lendl has just been formalized and naturally more than Andy, it will be Lendl who will hog the credit being such a lucky mascot for him.”

I am sure that Andy would have won this Wimby without Lendl in his corner.

J-Kath Says:


The Daily Mail Online has loads of pics of the celebs. at the match. Best pictures are the players and partners at the Winners Dinner. Plus Kim (and Andy) Loads of you will love Serena’s pics. RZ: Also Heather Watson who I had difficulty in recognising (and her wee face framed with a very slick hair-do). I know Dail Mail is a bit of rubbish sometimes, but it seems to have beaten the rest (also Lendl’s rather wet eyes).

RZ Says:

@ Van Persie – agreed. This was the highest quality 2 weeks I had seen from Andy.

BBB Says:

Lendl will hog the credit? Lendl barely opens his mouth and was quick to leave his seat after Andy’s victory at Queens, NOT wanting to be the focus. Maybe you meant that he’ll be *given* too much credit. I am not so sure – Andy was already playing extremely well for two months.

Interesting interview with ESPN – Andy said he thought Lendl softened up working with juniors.

Markus Says:

That’s fine with me if Lendl is given too much credit, yes, even all the credit, as long as his association with Andy continues to give him slam titles.

Willow Says:

Michael your post sounded nice and polite, but i absolutely knew straight away that Andy would not be given full credit, without the old DIDNT BEAT NOVAK, DIDNT BEAT NOVAK cliche coming into it, absolutely knew straight away from the minute Querry beat him, posters here are certainly predictable ill say that for them lol ….

Willow Says:

J-Kath lots of famous people cheering on Andy, no Mr Jackman though im gutted lol :(( ….

madmax Says:


J-Kath. Marcus Willis. Great that you and others were able to see the lighter side of things. I couldn’t and still can’t. Yes, it’s wonderful that he no longer has to charge 30 quid a lesson. He has sold his story to Hello Magazine. It was the just the hype J-Kath. Day in, day out. Got to me. All over the place. And incorrect details. Girlfriend was not a Dentist. A Dentist’s nurse. Big difference. Both important jobs, but the British Press go over the top and that is what irritated me.

J-Kath, the tumble. Thought it was a crap headline to be honest. It was a great match, and Sean’s humour was a poor attempt for me, could have said a lot more about the match. But hey.

Willow. No axe to grind with you. Just when you said, How dare they, the federer fans, plural. Perhaps you should have addressed it singularly to the person in question. As I have said to you many times in the past, be yourself. Some trolls coming over here, don’t know them from any other sites. Not the energy nor the time.

Daniel, my point was simply, wanted the slayer of Fed to go on and get the maiden Wimbledon. Murray has grown on me the last couple of years, but not there yet. Don’t like the screaming, shouting and swearing on court, that is the downside of him, the person. Of course, there is so much more positive things to say about him, but I leave that for his fans, hey?

Anyway, this is Murray’s time now to celebrate and I was genuinely happy that his daughter would be involved in the photoshoot, eventually, somehow. That would be a cutie.

Willow Says:

Madmax i am myself, as i said was being sarcastic towards Ron and TB, and TB and i have had loads of arguments just lately when you were not even posting, i was generalizing, i thought you wouldve read between the lines ….

Markus Says:

Willow, you write a lot like somebody I used to know here. I hope it’s you. And if it’s you, I’m glad to see your new incarnation. As long as you reincarnate, that’s fine with me.

Willow Says:

Thankyou Markus lol, i used to be a Hippy Chick, a Gypsy Gal, and a Green Lady, even a HJF for a short time, now im a Willow for the moment got from my favorite cult horror film The Wicker Man, it was the name of Brit Eklands character, anyhow they all fit my real life personality, but im always honest about who i am CHEERS, and i like you too ….

Pamela Says:

ha ha!! Good to know Willow.. I wondered what happened to “hippy chick” and always thought of you as a “hippy sister”! I thought you had stopped posting!!

Willow Says:

HA HA Thankyou Pamela ;-)) ….

James Says:

Tennis Vagabond – good questions.

It IS quite bizzare how there are no great young players or slam winners, and older players (at ages when past players had retired by then or were irrelevant) are winning almost everything. WHY?

I really think at least part of the reason is the “homogenization” of tennis across different kinds of surfaces. Grass courts are now harder and bounce higher. Rackets generate so much speed and spin that one can blast winners from 10/15 feet behind the baseline. Players are, of course, investing more in fitness than ever before. Combine the three and its clear that the game has become just about baseline rallies and making less errors, rather than hitting more winners. Serve and volley died more than 10 years ago. Slice and one-handed backhands are such a liability now.

Djokovic epitomizes this style of play – just enough aggression, good serve, good forehand, strong backhand, amazing movement and stamina (and mental toughness too). There’s not much in his game that is truly outstanding or beautiful to watch. but he has no weaknesses. Its almost robotic. Murray (when Lendl can fix his head) becomes a bit like that too.

Perhaps that’s why younger players are not winning slams – it takes years and years of practice to reduce unforced errors from your game – raw talent can make you hit quick winners, but that is not a winning strategy in tennis today. the winning strategy is making less errors. Just stay at the baseline and grind away. Young champions like McEnroe, Becker, Edberg, Sampras – all had a totally different game. That game is a losing proposition today.

Plus the game is so physical due to players in general investing more in fitness and so many longer rallies – that a young 18 year old will just not have the physique to handle that.

Djokovic and Murray grew up with this kind of tennis, so that can continue to reap the rewards for some time. Players like Fed did not grow up with this game and mindset. That’s why Fed has won just a single slam in the last 6.5 years, that too 4 years ago on grass, which will be his last slam won.

Its actually quite pathetic/sad to see tennis evolve to a game with LESS vareity. its not there yet, but is headed towards becoming almost like women’s tennis, where there is even less vareity across players.

Margot Says:

Nole fans can stick up for Nole but a) Andy is one of the least “robotic” players on the ATP tour. Commies repeatedly say that Andy’s opponents frequently don’t know what’s coming towards them and b) by “variety” I assume you mean playing style because, Andy has enormous “variety” within his defensive game.

Markus Says:

I like that analysis, James. That “homogenization” theory explains why the top players now appear to be better all-court players than players of the past.

About women’s tennis, before the courts were “homogenized”, it was still interesting to watch. The best example was the rivalry between Navratilova and Evert which clearly showed two contrasting styles where certain courts favor one over the other.

Markus Says:

I think what James meant with “robotic” is the repeatability of their actions on court. They have perfected their skills to such an extent that you can expect them to move or hit their shots with the same precision and accuracy almost all the time. I think he meant robotic in a good way, not the boring way.

chrisford1 Says:

Michael – “…..and Roger was in his twlight years and a pale shadow of his former self when he dominated Wimbledon like no one ever had or ever will.”

Huh? Pete Sampras dominated in a more competitive era, over fellow great serve and volleyers. There was this guy named Borg, as well, and a young guy (then) named Becker who played awesome grass court tennis. Federer was a great there, but aside from the Grass Slam Count, most experts say Pete was the most dominant Wimbledon player that ever saw.

Markus – “I think he meant robotic in a good way, not the boring way.”
No, fans never use ‘robotic’ in a good way when describing an athlete. Some writers fall on it when describing some athlete that has repeatable precision, but get heat from fans and editors when using the word for say, Steve Curry’s 3-pointer prowness. We all know what is going on when Andys precision cat and mouse counterpunch groundstrokes force errors or when Nole constructs a point with progressively harder angles for a foe to hit being described as ‘robotic” – while the same people describe Fed’s precision, repeatable inside out forehand as “genius from the Maestro Himself”.
Andy and Novak are emotional players who fight to master control of themselves, regroup. Part of Novaks past success is that he has been better at that than comparably talented Andy.

If you go on “Roger being a pale shadow of himself”, then you have to say it started at the end of 2007 when he was 26. Ignore all the semis and finals he made after 2007. And say the pale shadow benefited from Novak and Rafa being injured in 2009 after Madrid, Rafa absent from 2010’s AO, etc. My own thoughts on Federer is that he was playing better tennis than his earlier days but the other members of the Big 4 began posing competition on all surfaces starting in 2007.

Humble Rafa Says:

I feel sorry for the cats that have not been fed since Friday. I hope the good meal they had on Wednesday will help them survive until their Master gets his senses back.

Humble Rafa Says:

Andy said he thought Lendl softened up working with juniors.

He was crying. What is this, children’s volley ball?

Purcell Says:

Raonic: ‘I’m not going to leave any stone unturned……….or any lavatory door unopened………’Well done Andy for flushing away Mr Toilet Break. From day one I was never in any doubt that our lad would win irrespective of the Djokovic and Roger exits. His standard of play is better than ever and who knows where he’ll go from here. There’s always a feeling of sadness when Wimb comes to an end and this year was a strange, compelling and at times emotional one. Success in mixed doubles and wheelchair added to those feelings.
Coverage was like Wayne’s World…..BBC 1 BBC2…….sycophantic and embarrassing – Madmax I agree about Marcus Willis…….and celebrity obsessed. Someone needs to switch off the monotonous droning McEnroe and stop parading him around like a national treasure. Annabel, Marcus and Mark are sorely needed to bring some incisiveness to the commentries.
James @ 12:27- I think the words uninteresting and predictable could well be added to or even substituted for robotic. You’ve written very succinctly in relation to what many tennis fans feel.
Roger’s tumble? It’s well-known that Fed likes his sleep and it looked like he might take forty winks while he was down there or perhaps beaten Djokovic to a mouthful of grass. Sticking one leg in the air added to the surreal pose. He did remarkably well considering what an unprepared year he’s had.
I’m looking forward to the rest of the season but have no particular interest in the Olympics. I hope to see Goffin consolidating his 2016 with some good wins, Heather continuing to enjoy her doubles, Serena sailing sublimely forward, Stan putting in more effort, Roger winning something, Belinda, Gilles, Reechard and many more just being there.

James Says:

I meant robotic as being more predictable and having a lesser variety of shots, but being more precise with the shots they have practiced over and over again. Then it becomes, for many points, a war of attrition. Even grass is now like that, especially in the second week when much of it is worn out. Coupled with racket technology and different balls – it makes for less need for variety, more need for precision and fitness.

Low bounce has vanished. that has made players hone how to deal with higher bounce, and that’s it. Slice has largely disappeared.

What would be nice is a true, longer grass season (with true grass courts, not the harder courts of today with the different grass that is sturdier), and a true fast indoor season to go along with a proper clay season (which we have) and a proper outdoor hard court season (which we have too much of). That way there are 4 quite distinct surfaces requiring much more variety, and then we can see who overall is better – rather than being a two-shot wonder that many top players are today.

Sampras’s game would have evolved differently if he was growing up today – but his game today would not win that many wimbledons or US opens. And Wilander and Lendl would have most likely won wimbledon’s today. No way could the Becker of 1986 beat the Lendl of 1986 on today’s center court.

Its actually quite sad when you come to think of it.

BBB Says:

“He was crying. What is this, children’s volley ball?”

HR, you often make interesting comments.

This is not one of those times.

jane Says:

love that picture of andy’s dogs.

chrisford1 Says:

In chippier news, one person sorta happy they fell in the Wimbledon finals so they could have last weekend free to themselves –

Mighty Fine Mite looks gorgeous. No surprise there. Domi is one of the hotter WTA players. Longtime boyfriend, now married to her, is Michal Navara. Looking Mighty Fine himself with that studly beard.

J-Kath Says:


There was an article I read that supports/explains Andy’s on court “self-distractions” so to speak. The writer explained it beautifully. I’ll see if I can find it tomorrow.

Apart from the above, there were two extra incidents on Sunday: He was pissed off with Milos and his lengthy bathroom break where he evidently also changed his clothes. The second was also Lendl’s absence – said to be for the same reason. If I had a suspicious mind I might think Lendl was checking Milos wasn’t getting some extra advice from Mac. who maybe slipped away from broadcasting at the same time.

PS: I’ve read some increasing murmurs and irritations at Mac. broadcasting when his player was playing.

BBB Says:

J-Kath, the conflicts of interest are very annoying. Cahill and McEnroe, and in the past Gimelstob, Navratilova, Davenport, and I’m probably forgetting others. (I don’t think Cahill commentates on women’s matches, so maybe he’s on more solid ground.) Mary Joe Fernandez is married to an IMG agent, I think.

While Gimelstob was Isner’s coach, he actually started – during a match – talking about how Courier as Davis Cup captain was contradicting Gimelstob’s advice.

McEnroe commentating on a final with his player in it is particularly bad. And you can’t be sure you’re getting McEnroe’s full view, as he may feel an obligation to hold back.

danica Says:

who cares if Andy didn’t beat Novak? He won and that’s ALL that matters. The achievement is not any lesser because Nole was in the draw for three rounds.

AndyMira Says:

@Danica..agree..with Andy in full’s very interesting to see this new he’s gonna fare towards his old nemesis at Olympics and USO..can’t wait to see the fire cracker..

Humble Rafa Says:

British PM was so embarrassed by a Scotsman’s win that he resigned in 2 days.

Van Persie Says:


You forgot Mouratoglou :)

skeezer Says:


Found this gem, now who is the best returner ever? Solid return off a 147 MPH serve. And…. who wins the point? That was Murray Curry.

Van Persie Says:

Not my intention to diminish Andys achievement. He had a great tournament, he was the best player at this Wimby, but let us not forget, the Indian Wells ginal from this year, where Djoko has crushed Milos ;)
I would not be in a hurry to call Andy best returner ever, Skeezer. But then, sure, you are entitled yo have your opinion :)

Margot Says:

@Skeeze: Fabb :) There’s some stats somewhere about how many aces Milos served in his other matches and how many he didn’t against Andy. In fact I think Andy equalled him in that department.
@Van Persie
Not being claimed, by Andy fans, on all surfaces, but on grass there’s a very good case. LLeyton also said this during the final. Now he was a decent commie …;)

Van Persie Says:


Yep, perhaps on grass. To be honest, I consider both Novak and Andy best returners of the tour atm. Some consider Novak a better returner, others Andy. Agassi was also good at that. Do not like this “best ever” :)

Van Persie Says:

P.S. for Margot,

If Novak and Andy will dominate in the next 2-3 years, perhaps we will have debates on “Who is the best returner ever?” and no more GOAT discussions, hehe ;)

Margot Says:

Agree Van Persie and reminiscent of that dreaded GOAT debate…eek! Best ROS of all time? Suspect that could turn as tedious.
Blame that dear little Lleyon, he started it….;)

Van Persie Says:

Lol Margot,

Well, I cannot be angry with Lleyton, always liked the guy :D

Willow Says:

Danica true, but try telling that to some other people ….

J-Kath Says:

Humble Rafa

And with the boos of the tennis crowd ringing in his ears.

PS: After Cameron gave his “I’m leaving everyone” speech. He turned around to walk back into No. 10 and he was….would you believe…Singing very happily.

J-Kath Says:


Won’t get into the ROS debate.

But if there’s an ROBS debate Andy is the best.

Top story: Tsitsipas Streaks To 10 Straight On Clay, Gets Rematch With Ruud In Barcelona Final