3-Time Champion Andy Murray Withdraws From The Canadian Open
by Staff | July 18th, 2016, 2:58 pm

Wimbledon champion Andy Murray has officially withdrawn next week’s Canadian Open in Toronto.

“I always look forward to coming to Canada and it’s the first time I’ve missed the tournament, the guys there do a great job and always look after the players,” said Murray who has won the event three times. “My body needs some recovery time after reaching the latter stages of tournaments over the past few months. I’m sorry to my fans in Toronto but I look forward to being back in Canada next year.”

The tournament is part of a very compact summer which includes the Olympics in early August in Rio, and Murray is the reigning gold medallist.

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35 Comments for 3-Time Champion Andy Murray Withdraws From The Canadian Open

chrisford1 Says:

EeeeK! Andy won it last year. Bye bye 1000 points on the rolling 365 #1 ranking and a chance in 2016 to narrow the margin between him and Novak to contest year end ranking.
Tough on all the players that usually go deep. Too packed a summer schedule. Something has to give. Evidently, skipping Davis Cup was not enough respite for Andy.

Honfleuraise Says:


No reply forthcoming from RD so will revert to plan B. Stand by tomorrow and I will post an address on this thread.

J-Kath Says:

Chrisford 1

Or, you can put it another way….contesting for no. 1 was evidently not Andy’s main goal.

There is an article pasted on another thread re. Andy’s Canada withdrawal (from me to Anki)….not that it says much more.

Dennis Says:

Why leave a Masters 1000 in order to play a glorified exhibition? Is someone at IOC paying him?

tennismonger Says:

Pretty simple – If you’re Murray, you have a shot at winning the Canadian Open every year, the Olympics every 4 years.

2 Golds would look nice in that expanding trophy case of his…

Wog Boy Says:

Well, I would look at it the other way. The window of becaming #1 is closing fast on Andy, particularly year end #1, and by all tennis standards (that is not track and field sport) it is far more important to have in your resime that you were #1 in the world than that you won Olympic gold, not even two gold can replace #1 achievement specialy year end #1.

By saying this, he will still have a good shot #1 if he does well in Cincinnati and USO, particularly if Nole is in little slump which was bound to happen after almost two years of unseen domination in tennis.
Before certain fanatics jump on me, I am not talking about overall results and overall domination, just last two years.

Daniel Says:

That is interesting.

Canada ends Sunday Aug 1st and Olympics for tennis only start on Aus 6th.

I feel that top players should play Canada and just see how it goes. Curious to see if anyone else will follow wothdraw. Pretty sure Federer will play, not sure Nadal (actualy think he won’t) and Djoko still not sure. Thibk Djoko should play but not kill himself for it, juts have 3 or 4 matches under his belt on HC. If draw opens up maybe he can win it all without much sweat.

Raonic sure will play now that he’ll skip Olympics, and play it to win it.

By the end of this week we’ll know for sure who elae is gonna skip.

chrisford1 Says:

Djokovics domination started in 2011, but he has dips and peaks, so bother Fed and Rafa were able to get #1 back for a short while. Andy has a shot, we will see how the rest of the year and next year up to Winbledon goes. I’d like him to get some time with the title of the best tennis player over a year sometime (Admittedly hoping a short time – my being a Novak fan, of course!)I do not want Andy to have the title “Best player of the Open Era never to make #1”. He deserves his moment. But he has to bust his butt to win points, fighting Djokovic for the Top.

I agree with Wog Boy that a second medal for
Murray would not mean as much at the end of his career as “Former #1 Player….Which is almost rote in the beginning of public intros of players like Lendl, Fed, Connors, Agassi, and so on – before the intro goes into SLam Count and championships and DC..”

I’d sort of like to see Rafa get a YEC as well. 3 solid years as #1, just about the toughest player ever. But he has never seemed to have the confidence playing indoors that he does outdoors, especially in his dirtpens.

tennismonger Says:

I’ll go out on a (admittedly short) limb as say that as far as a Murray #1 ranking goes, it’s not a question of if but a question of when.

Honfleuraise Says:


Here goes – my identity uncovered


Margot Says:

Hi Hon :)

Anki Says:

It may be good for Andy going in to Cincy and USO. He has a good chance of winning USO this year. Novak is usually invincible during indoor HC season post USO and has struggled a bit last few years in the American HC swing. Even though he has reached the finals last few years. Looking forward to see how he does post his shock Wimbledon exit. Reckon a dip in form is bound to happen.

J-Kath Says:

According to one article, Andy and Rafa are going to be practising pre-Rio. If this is the case, seems unlikely that Rafa is playing Canada either.

J-Kath Says:


Nole is playing both singles and doubles in Canada.

Honfleuraise Says:


Have you responded yet?

Honfleuraise Says:


I am lost in the quagmire of my alternative address :-(

I got your response with your address but cant call it up. Will you resend to the private sfr address

We’ll get there eventually lol

Daniel Says:

Thanks J-Kath,

So the only one yet to confirm Is Nadal, but that seema almost 90% surr he won’t play.

As for Murray agree, at this point another Olympics won’t chamge much, only if he beats Novak for gold in finals. He should focus more on getting #1, which he still has a shot at this year. But if Djoko wins Canada, pretty much bye bye.

Ronn Says:

Wow, with all this talk about Murray overtaking Djoko for #1 (Not that I thought he could, but…)I’m surprised Murray would basically throw away 1000 points like this. Maybe getting closer to #1 isn’t a top priority of his or…?

AndyMira Says:

@M..ha!ha!ha!..did u saw it..’the poor C’ is on it again!Very glad the poor C didn’t notice us the other day!

J-Kath Says:

Andrew Castle is on BBC’s “Celebrity Pointless” right now. He’s on the right show as long as you remove the word “Celebrity”.

Daniel + Ronn: Andy evidently enjoys competing for his country. He’s also said he’ll play the DC in September 16-18 DC.

J-Kath Says:

I won’t be surprised if Nole meets Milos in the Canadian final. Evidently John Mac. has extended his “advice” role with Milos.

jane Says:

fed’s bailed on canada now too

Margot Says:

I knew he’d never find us hiding in the shed at the bottom of my garden…;)

AndyMira Says:

@M…please say THANK YOU to your shed at the bottom of your garden for me!

AndyMira Says:

@M…speaking of garden,try listen to this if you can..it’s very soothing..https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jf8k7FKpczw

Willow Says:

Not entirely sure why Murray wouldnt be interested in winning another gold medal, its for your country after all, and something you only get a chance at every four years, and Wozniacki was number 1 for ages, and never came anywhere near to achieving what hes done, so not the be all and end all ….

J-Kath Says:

Yes Jane: The articles on Fed. & Rafa (Rafa’s wrist) – still doesn’t sound healed.

Nole vs Milos Final may indeed take place.

Khb Says:

Novak wasn’t playing enough events, was personally troubled and mentally on vacation in 2012-13, despite being in finals many times.
If that Novak version plays today, he would be losing all Slams.
This year, he only struggled a little bit and shut the haters up.

Their idols had no real issues except for long injury time outs.
Fedal still reached semis but had to beat #200-700 ranked players
to hear glowing praise.
That’s why novak’s defiant and well respected, without the propaganda shoved in the audience’s face. No easy ride for him.

jane Says:

hi j-kath, i am not sure about rafa’s wrist, but i do know he’s been practicing on hard courts for at least 10 days; there have been plenty of photos circulating.

J-Kath Says:

Jane: I’ll see if I can find a definite thread re. Rafa.

J-Kath Says:

Jane: It seems to be accurate as there are a couple of others that state so categorically. Plus he and Andy are supposed to be practising together for Rio.


AndyMira Says:

I’m definitely sure Andy’s knew what he’s doing,like he said..he’s still tired from the 2 months of his incredible journey,he has to plan his schedule wisely now..save his energy as much as he can..although he will lose an amount of points from skipping canada but i think he has a bigger sight on cincy and uso..he knew he has a chance to go deep in both tourneys this time..right now,he’ll go to Rio and play freely without any pressure because he’s already won it once although i’m sure he’ll do the best he can to retain it.. and with his new believe and confidence as high as a rocky mountain atm,not to mention the strong aura of lendl by his side..i would say he made the right decision to skip Toronto..

madmax Says:

Not really that shocking. Thought a little surprising considering the ranking points.

Bigger fish to fry.

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