Novak Djokovic Says He Has No Expectations As He Tries To Win 30th Masters Event In Toronto

by Tom Gainey | July 26th, 2016, 10:09 am

World No. 1 Novak Djokovic is playing down his chances of winning a fourth Canadian Open title and 30th at the Masters level this week in Toronto. The Serb is the big favorite after the withdrawals of Andy Murray, Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal.

“I don’t expect anything. I just try to get myself ready for performing as best as I can,” Djokovic said about the week. “I had a bit more time because of the early loss at Wimbledon to spend some quality time with family, regroup a little bit and start training on hard court, which I enjoy the most. So I look forward to it.”

Djokovic enters the Canadian Open following a shock loss at Wimbledon to Sam Querrey.

“Everything happens for a reason so obviously I didn’t enjoy losing the first week of a Grand Slam,” Djokovic said. “On the hand, the next day it was already behind me.

“Obviously, you can always learn more from your losses than your wins. I had to look back and try to understand, not just what happened in that match, but what happened in the six months prior to that that led to those kind of results and circumstances. A bad loss at Wimbledon cannot overshadow the results I’ve had in the last 15 months.”

Djokovic opens play tomorrow night in Toronto against lefty Gilles Muller. He is the top seed at the event for a sixth straight year winning in Montreal twice (2007, ’11) and Toronto in 2012. He also was runner-up in Montreal last year (l. to Murray). He has a 19-3 match record in Montreal and 11-3 in Toronto.

“I have a wonderful history in the Rogers Cup in Toronto and Montreal. That’s what goes through my mind right now. Just enjoy, play well, play singles and doubles and get as many hours in as possible.”

After Toronto, Djokovic will head to Rio and then to Cincinnati as part of a very busy summer.

Djokovic playing ball hockey:

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17 Comments for Novak Djokovic Says He Has No Expectations As He Tries To Win 30th Masters Event In Toronto

PJ Says:

I just read on Facebook that Roger is out for the remainder of the year (my apologies for placing this in the wrong thread)

J-Kath Says:


Is there an explanation?

J-Kath Says:

New thread started re. Fed. So understand. Thanks for your posting.

Daniel Says:

This is just tune up for Olympics for Djoko, ig he wins it without much effort the better for him. He will probably have a bunch of big serves before finals so even if he loses won’t be a bog deal. At least get 3-4 matches to get ready, preferably the title to remind the world who is the #1 tennis player and enter Olympics full of confidence. What really matters is Olympics, Cincy and USO.

jane Says:

novak looked rather abysmal during his doubles match today, and he’s had his elbow worked on during his last 2 or 3 practices so i am not sure what to think about his form. maybe he’s still carrying some kind of injury on that right arm. don’t know.

RZ Says:

@Jane – it would be understandable if he is still injured, though with him it’s hard to tell in doubles as he isn’t as good a doubles player as some of the other singles players who do double duty.

BTW, did you think he was shortchanging himself when he said “A bad loss at Wimbledon cannot overshadow the results I’ve had in the last 15 months”? He’s had tremendous results for longer than that.

jane Says:

short-changing rz? not sure. but maybe he just meant the run to capture the 4 slams in a row specifically? and agree: dubs are not his forte, so i hope it’s just that. it’s more because his serve seemed off that worries me that it may still be an issue. and of course, the physio.

RZ Says:

@Jane – I guess I think he could have gone back a few months further, at least to the Aussie Open 2015 (that would have been 18 months) or even back to Wimbledon 2014 (that would have been 24 months). The blip there is the US Open 2014 semi loss to Nishikori, but I think of Wimbledon 2014 as the event that kicked off Novak’s post-2011 domination. It’s also possible that Novak isn’t as focused on timelines as I am. :-)

chrisford1 Says:

The Djokovic Domination started after the 2014 USO. He won everything or at least made the finals in all but a few events up to the present time after that. Been in 10 events, won 6 titles so far in 2016. 2 of 3 Slams, 3 of 5 Masters 1000s.
Right now though, it seems something is bothering his shoulder or elbow. “Past results do not guarantee future success!”

Willow Says:

Feds a none factor,and theres still a question mark over Nadal, so hopefully whatever injury Nole has with the shoulder is nothing serious, but then again im some secret hater with an ulterior motive *ROLLS EYES * ….

J-Kath Says:

RZ & Jane

Given the question about shoulder etc. it is beginning to sound like Nole is using Canada as a warm-up/testing period prior to Olympics. Guessing that an Olympic gold in singles is important to him, I’m beginning to buy into the opinion that a few matches (rather than the final win) in Canada will be OK for him.

Overall with recent Fed. news/Andy willing to drop 1000 points/ Nole with a possible injury/Rafa still on the maybe not as fit as hoped……it is a very strange situation.

J-Kath Says:

I remember saying at Wimbledon that Nole seemed to be experiencing some restriction in his shoulder (which would have affected his arm/elbow/wrist).

Anki Says:

Novak was pathetic in the dubs match. Don’t know what to make out of it as he is usually terrible in doubles. With his return not clicking he can be in trouble with servebots in his half.

BBB Says:

Holy smokes. Watching that game against Muller, I realize I’ve missed watching Djoker play. His contortions are absurd.

BBB Says:

J-Kath – the Olympics is really wreaking havoc with player participation in the other tournaments. I can’t believe they can’t figure out something more sensible. It’s not good for tennis when the choice is drop out or risk injury.

J-Kath Says:


Certainly looks like Nole is going to win in two sets. His plan to avoid injury working so far.

And we have Andy preparing off stage – doing circus acts in the name of fitness….and dropping 1000 ranking points as we speak.

Rafa is becoming confusing: Is he or is he not playing singles?

BBB Says:

Djoker looks even thinner to me, and I thought maybe it was me, but Gimelstob just said the same thing. I hope he doesn’t go too far with it – why mess with success….

I have to say, I like Andy’s decision. It would be very easy to get obsessed with hoarding points after the tremendous year he’s had, but it seems he’s being thoughtful about managing his schedule.

I haven’t followed the Rafa telenovela, but I hope he’s fit for the Olympics….

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