Rafael Nadal Confirms He Will Play Singles At The Rio Olympics

by Tom Gainey | August 3rd, 2016, 11:09 am

Rafael Nadal confirmed that he will play singles at the Olympics in Rio which begin on Saturday. Nadal had been nursing an injured left wrist which led to speculation the former 2008 gold medallist would be unable to play in the singles. But Tuesday, Nadal announced he would play in singles as well as doubles, and possible in mixed.

“The team and I decided that I am going to play,” said Nadal. “It’s obvious that it’s not the ideal situation but at the same time my captain had the confidence today that the best option is to try to have some positive results for our country.

“The best thing is doing the six hours of practice that the wrist is not worse than yesterday – that’s great news.

“I’m excited to be in the Olympics – this [happens] once every four years. You never know what’s going on in the future and I lost London. I’m excited to be here and I am motivated to play.”

Nadal will partner with Marc Lopez in the doubles and if he feels good enough will play in the mixed with fellow French Open winner Garbine Muguruza.

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15 Comments for Rafael Nadal Confirms He Will Play Singles At The Rio Olympics

Daniel Says:

Most brazilians love Nadal, this is great news.

Even if he doesn’t win the whole thing at least back on court and Flag carroer which must feel amazing in Maracanan Stadium.

Travis Bickle Says:

My sources (they are rarely wrong) tell me that besides tennis singles, doubles and mixed doubles that Rafa has already confirmed of playing, he will also compete in taekwondo, archery, kayaking, rugby, sailing and fishing.

He will also try to fit some coaching in between (it is rumored he will be the head coach of Spanish women field hockey team).

skeezer Says:

Your no HR, just a shallow wannabee.

Sivaji Says:

Good to hear from Rafa that he is participating in Rio2016. Hope he won’t aggravate his wrist tendon

Wog Boy Says:

“Your no HR,…”

Funny, aren’t you the one who complains about HR all the time, saying that he/she is not funny and asking numerous times (in my seven years here) for him/her, to be moderated, banned and saying “that you don’t understand why is he allowed to post at all since he/she doesn’t contribute to tennis talk?” As you do with all posters you can’t handle, asking to be banned or moderated. Don’t try to deny it, I’ve been here since 2009…and now HR is funny…that’s really funny..

skeezer Says:

Funny, WB chooses to engage.
“Funny, aren’t you the one who complains about HR all the time, saying that he/she is not funny…”
Absolutely, so it speaks volumes how TB is suppose to be funny., no? That was my point. Keep up!
Oh but wait, you do think TB is your funny bunny. Doh!

Wog Boy Says:

Two rules for crybaby:

1) Never miss a good chance to shut up.

2) If you find yourself in a hole,
stop digging.

skeezer Says:

Typical comeback answers from the CON cult;
1) Name calling
2) Childish insults (always a poor attempt)
3) Cheer on TB, second love to Novak.
4) Cheer on HR, that gives you more credo lmao.

Wog Boy Says:

Follow the first rule first:

1) Never miss a good chance to shut up.

BTW, who after Rogers cup is named, million dollars question..haha…sorry can’t help it:))

skeezer Says:

“Follow the first rule first:”
That is your invented rule, not mine. You can follow tha rule for yourself if you feel led.

Wog Boy Says:

“That is your invented rule, not mine.”
Apart of lack of humility, honesty, decency you are showing lack of education too, but no lack of ignorance. It is little bit, jus little bit, embarrassing particularly beeing an American not to now that I didn’t invent that rule, though I am flattered that you credited me, it was “Oklahoma’s favorite son” who invented it, very wise, witty and clever person and since you are slower than I originally thought you are, I’ll give you a hint, Rogers cup is not named after him..so there you go..

Wog Boy Says:

^^ and before you say anything, take a deep breath and think about second rule:

“If you find yoursef in a hole, stop digging.”

Okiegal Says:

@Wog Boy

Oklahoma’s favorite son was a wise man. Byron’s great grandmother’s maiden name was Rogers. After doing some genealogy research there is evidence that her ancestors originated out of the same clan, but can’t prove it…….but it was a very interesting study. I told Byron that there was no way that he could be kin to Will Rogers and he asked me why and I told him he had never met a man he liked…….he was partial to the women folk! Lol

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