Rafael Nadal Wasn’t Happy With The Court Yesterday In Rio, And His Wrist Still Isn’t Right
by Tom Gainey | August 8th, 2016, 1:02 pm

In his first match in over two months since a left wrist injury. the scorelines were good for Rafael Nadal yesterday at the Rio Olympics winning both singles and doubles relatively easily. But his review of the courts were not so good.

Speaking about Court 1, Nadal had issues with the sight lines.

“There is a sign, where they show the results, that’s too centred. When someone hits the ball from that part of the court, you completely lose sight of the ball,” Nadal said.

“That shiny blue behind the player makes you unable to see the ball. Speaking clearly, that was badly planned.

“I couldn’t hit an open serve because I couldn’t see the ball coming. I lost sight of it. You can’t play like that. It’s not a matter of the facility being better or worse, but it’s something that directly affects the game.

“The screen was in the middle of the arena and when my opponent hit the ball in this region, I couldn’t see it.

“It’s something that needs to be fixed. You can’t play losing track of the ball. You can’t play like that.

“The low intensity light is a bad idea. The International Tennis Federation should forget it.”

Nadal also admitted his wrist is still not 100%. But he’ll keep playing.

“If there was not Olympic Games here I would not be competing,” Nadal said. “The wrist need a little more time to be 100% recovered. It’s only one chance every four years and is something unforgettable. I missed London so I didn’t want to miss this one. I am enjoying a lot, I am happy, I am doing the best thing I can do every single moment to be ready for the action and today was a great feeling on court.”

Nadal is in doubles tonight with Marc Lopez against Jan Martin del Potro. And he returns in singles tomorrow to take on Andreas Seppi.

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11 Comments for Rafael Nadal Wasn’t Happy With The Court Yesterday In Rio, And His Wrist Still Isn’t Right

Tennis Vagabond Says:

I hope Rafa does well, and hope his comeback returns to where it was before the latest obstacles, but his constant carping about tournament conditions, year in, year out, is unbecoming for a sportsman.

First of all, you can’t say “you can’t play like that” when you just DID play, and won. What would be more honest is, “We can play like this, but it adds an extra challenge.”

Second of all, its not even like Madrid or rainy conditions where Rafa could at least claim safety was an issue. Its just bad lighting.

Third, it’s the same challenge for both players.

lakie Says:

What makes you think Rafa is saying the problem is only for him? If it gets fixed, it benefits all the players.

Giles Says:

Exactly lakie

Pamela Says:

Tennis Vagabound – not to mention there were many players who had to play on court 1, yet Rafa is the only one hitching about it. He won. Just be grateful for that and move on.

Giles Says:

Shut up Pamela!!

Debby Says:

He is an expert on tennis conditions and has a right to ask for things to be changed for the benefit of ALL the players. It is the Olympics, after all.

BBB Says:

Was the interview in English or Spanish? I’m not sure I’d pick apart his word choices if it’s the former.

He’s pretty blunt in his interviews, including self-criticism, so I don’t find this indicative of much other than he speaks his mind.

AndyMira Says:

And BBB..since you said you impressed with he’s participating in all 3 event..how about this…http://summergames.ap.org/article/after-missing-2-12-months-rafael-nadal-plays-3-matches-1-day?

BBB Says:

Thanks Andy! I hadn’t seen those.

AndyMira Says:

You’re very much welcome BBB…

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