Rafael Nadal: The Big 4 Won’t Be Here Forever!

by Tom Gainey | August 27th, 2016, 11:23 am

In shocking news, Rafael Nadal admitted the Big 4 won’t rule tennis forever. There will be new generations at the top of tennis for many years to come. But right now, the same guys are still on top.

“The big four, “ Nadal said Friday at the US Open. “Are getting older. Is normal that there is new generation that tries to be in that positions, no? But still Novak is No. 1, Andy No. 2, and he’s in good position in the race. I get injured, is true. But before the injury I was the third in the race with (indiscernible) distance and not very far from No. 2. Roger, is true, having is tough year in terms of injuries, too.

“It’s obvious that we will not be here forever. It’s true that Andy and Novak today are creating distance from the rest. At the same time, it’s true I have been injured and Roger, too, no? Let’s see. I am excited about this part of the season.”

Nadal also admitted that his wrist is still achy but it’s improving.

“During the wrist injury always you try to find movements to avoid the pain,” Nadal said. “So I think today I can start the forehand, I think my normal forehand, but still needs time to feel that I am more confident on my wrist. But I am practicing well and I am competing well, I think.”

Nadal starts his US Open on Monday against Denis Istomin.

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3 Comments for Rafael Nadal: The Big 4 Won’t Be Here Forever!

chrisford1 Says:

I think Rafa has one more comeback in him, but I also believe a 100% healthy Rafa will lose to a 100% healthy Djokovic OR..OR!!! ..Andy Murray now in most venues. Still have to give healthy Rafa the edge on clay, but he has still lost at times to Nole on dirt when Nadal was at his physical best. And Andy has improved since beating Rafa on clay last year in Madrid.

Willow Says:

A Healthy Nadal also had his fair share of wins against Novak even on HCs (surprise /surprise), twice at the USO ….

lakie Says:

Nobody knows who is at 100% or not . But the long term results show who is better on clay. Nadal by millions of miles. Nadal is no longer 100% healthy and hasn’t been since 2011.

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