ITF Announces New Plan For Revamping Davis Cup And Fed Cup
by Staff | September 21st, 2016, 10:15 am

The ITF has announced a new series of proposals for the Davis Cup and the Fed Cup. In the plan, the Davis Cup finals will be hosted at a neutral venue selected by a bidding process. Matches will also be best-of-3 sets under the proposal.

The Fed Cup will also see changes. The draw will expand to 16 to match the men’s competition and the semifinals and the finals will be played at a neutral site over a one week period.

“This is an exciting moment in the storied histories of these two much loved competitions,” said ITF president David Haggerty. “We have enjoyed significant fan interest in both competitions over recent years and remain determined to further grow that passion and support globally. The potential changes outlined today will help these unique international team tennis competitions to grow and prosper.

“A key goal for the ITF and member nations is to introduce a 16-team World Group in Fed Cup by BNP Paribas to ensure more nations from around the world have the opportunity each year to become world champions. The introduction of a final four will allow us not only to deliver this vital format change but also to create an even more outstanding year-end conclusion to the competition.”

If passed, changes could be in place as early as 2018.

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21 Comments for ITF Announces New Plan For Revamping Davis Cup And Fed Cup

RZ Says:

I can see why they would change to best of 3, but I think having neutral venues host the final would take away a lot of the fun of Davis Cup.

Giles Says:

Surely most of the fun is enjoyed by the host nation ATM. I like the idea of a neutral venue.

RZ Says:

I won’t disagree with that point Giles. But I can already see how empty a lot of these venues will be when they are hosting 2 other countries, unless they are smaller venues that bid for the final.

AlexB Says:

Argentina – Croatia would surely attract attention in Madrid, Beijing, or LA.

There is potential to match and exceed Hopman Cup’s popularity.

James Says:

Davis Cup needs to be made once every other year. Annual is too much, that’s why many top players don’t play or play sporadically, leading to absurdities where weaker teams reach the final 4, or even win it sometimes. If it was every other year, there is greater chance that top players would play regularly, leading to better ties.

As for venues – why not have neutral venues for all ties then? I think there is something special about the tie being a home match for one team and away for another – neutral will lead to empty stadiums and much less emotion – something that is unique to Davis Cup.

Best of 3 is a good idea. With 3 consecutive days of matches, best of 5 is a killer for someone playing all 3 days. In the slams, though, I still think they should retain best of 5 (there is a day off between matches) since that introduces very unique elements to strategy and fitness.

James Says:

Plus they should give proper ranking points for both Davis Cup and Olympics – that will lead to better participation from top players. After all, isn’t that important??

RZ Says:

@AlexB – there are a lot of tennis fans in L.A., but our tennis venues are pretty big and every time I’ve been to a local tennis event – not counting Indian Wells, which isn’t all that local anyway – at least half of the stadium seats are empty. They may be able to fill UCLA, which is large but not huge, but if they go with Staples Center, the Forum, or StubHub Center, I just don’t see how they would fill up the venue.

J-Kath Says:

Davis Cup will lose its appeal if it is moved to neutral venues. Reduce it to 3 sets and 2 days and twice a year fine – but neutral venues – No way – home venues in turn is what the Davis Cup is all about.

It’s a long time since I’ve enjoyed myself as much as I did (and the whole stadium seemed to as well) at GB vs. Argentina – irrespective of GB losing. It was awesome, fun, absolutely hilarious all the way through….no way will you get close to that on neutral territory.

Giles Says:

Best drop a line to David Haggerty then.

Wog Boy Says:

I am all for final to be played in Istanbul, the interest for tennis is huge overthere since last year, they should think out of square….

skeezer Says:

Good points mentioned here.👍

chrisford1 Says:

Best of 3, every other year, with year not to coincide with an Olympic year.
Making all Davis Cup meets go to a 3rd country location is likely unworkable.

jane Says:

best of 3, okay, fine for d.c.
but i hope they don’t do this to slams!
that would be awful, frankly mr. shankly

Okiegal Says:

I think the cup should stay at 5 just like a slam…..

J-Kath Says:


Yes, I prefer the 5-setter as well. However, the problem with keeping it at 5 sets is you will need to continue it as a 3 day event.

and Jane: I also hope GS’s stay at 5-sets.

RZ Says:

@Jane – I read that team GB will be in Canada in February for the first round of Davis Cup next year. If both Andy and Milos show up, it should be a good tie.

Willow Says:

Best of 5 seperates the men from the boys, thats why theres more prestige in winning GS, means its completely different from the Masters….

J-Kath Says:

Willow: Bang on, gal. Couldn’t agree more. Masters shows consistency, GS’s show where they all are on determination etc. … Nole, Rafa, Roger, then Andy & Stan (nods to Cilic and Delpo….we’ll see how all that that goes).

chrisford1 Says:

The players do not show up vowing to show determination for GS’s while giving much less effort at Masters events. A player not getting a title at either shows up wanting to win just as hard. Millions can be made, a pro career fulfilled by winning any premiere event the Big 4 and Stan don’t.
A Slam matters more on the woman’s side if the woman is good looking. That awakens star-making marketing forces on the business side of tennis. A single Slam win sets up an attractive woman for raking in money the rest of her career, not so a Premiere event win, even Olympics medals.

J-Kath Says:


It is proportionate.

A Slam on the women’s side is hardly different than any other match – still the best of 3.

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