Novak Djokovic Hilariously Imitates Fabio Fognini [Video]

by Tom Gainey | September 22nd, 2016, 1:06 pm

During his “Djokovic and Friends” exhibition event on Tuesday, Novak Djokovic brought out his imitations again, this time going after Fabio Fognini who was on the court.

That’s pretty funny.

Djokovic and Fognini were joined by Serena Williams and Flavia Pennetta.

Djokovic will face Rafael Nadal later today.

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18 Comments for Novak Djokovic Hilariously Imitates Fabio Fognini [Video]

Willow Says:

HA HA Loved Novaks impression of Fabio LOL spot on, love to see the fun side of the players ;-)) ….

jane Says:

lol, fabulous fabio via funny nole. :)

Davinder Says:

Its good to see all the great tennis players together at single court.

J-Kath Says:

Well Jane, When Novak’s Tennis career comes to an end – he’s not going to be lost for options. He should forget the catering industry as he’s a natural comic/TV host/commentator – I guess he will not be forgotten for years to come (and not just about tennis).

Giles Says:

Spot on. Lol

chrisford1 Says:

I am curious if Djokovic has the talent to develop the facial expressions, timing acting, and imitative voice skills that separate mimics from multi-millions a year comic impersonators. That takes hard work, experience from bombing, and a time commitment he can’t do at the present time as a competitive athlete at the top of his sport.
He has an innate ability to exaggerate body language and personality traits already, into instantly recognizable players and celebs. Which is a good foundation.

I’d like to see him have a go on USA’s “Saturday Night Live” as host, or one of the great Brit comedy shows. Andy Roddick hosted SNL several times. Roddick is similarly a bright guy. His forte is hilarious monologues. Andy Murray has a wicked good dry humor, not leaving him out. He’s done well as funny engaging guest on the UK “reality” shows.
Murray has post-tennis potential as a natural comic/TV host/commentator as well.
And if Ivo Karlovic was a star, him too! Naturally nice, funny, and perceptive guy.
Sky TV staff also added Milos Raonic as a natural live sports action commentator. He impressed them at Barclays YEC and doing guest stints recuperating from hip surgery/

J-Kath Says:

Chrisford 1

Yes – I agree re. Andy – but my comment was about Nole and his antics. I love Andy as a comic – especially as he is unexpectedly really amusing in that off-court role.

Milos???? You must know more than has arrived chez-moi.

chrisford1 Says:

J-Kath, Milos is no comic. He defines the term “stiff”. But he did excellent play by play in the 2014 YECs when he was on that great gig as an alternate doing tons of swag bags and free top food meet ‘n greets, warming up the 8 Chosen, and getting paid 55,000 plus expenses for the duration. He memorized the stuff in his prep package and in addition to smooth announcing, he was pulling stats and anecdotes out at the perfect time and not doing a McEnroe.

Down the road, I envision a retired Andy and Nole doing some comic stints as a team at future tennis tournaments, as talk show guests or hosts. Novak the goofball, Andy the sardonic straight man. I’ll betcha this happens!

Khb Says:

I don’t believe he can do singing imitations because he didn’t even start to learn music/singing.
Novak can recognize body language easily.
“Douche Federer head shake” “Nadal OCD bottle arrangements”
“Roddick’s butt protruding like a hippo and predictable serve” LMAO😁😭😍
I guess fraud Roddick got jealous and tried to dehumanize him just because he was told by John Mc to do comedy…
Poor crybaby Captain pat mcenroe was stuck between a rock and a hard place and had to propagandize that Novak was a phony coward. Oopsie. Pat also said Murray was annoyingly fraudulent & too weak to win much.

AndyMira Says:

Ha ha ha…Oh,i always love this funny side of Novak!He’s been gifted not only with his talent on court but with this natural gift as well..That’s what made him so special..

Daniel Says:


I still love the Nalbandian belly impression and how afraid he was after it. And the Roger chest up and hair move;-) But Roddick’s still is his best.

Van Persie Says:

Just realize now, that I miss a lot Nole’s impersonations :)

AndyMira Says:

@Daniel..I still love the Rafa and Maria Sharapova’s at USO 2008..It’s hilarious..And also his act in Charity For Haiti..

J-Kath Says:

Chrisford 1

You’ve been in my ether! – I nearly added comments about the possibilities of Nole and Andy double acts.

Daniel Says:

Yeah AM, those are priceless.

I like his reacrion after the Nalbandian one, because it gave an idea that I already had on Nalbandian persona, that he is kind of a tuff guy. I was close to him in a Miami mall once and he doesn’t seem like the friendly type (DelPo), hence Novak’s saying: “he’s gonna kill me, he’s gonna kill me” add to it, in a nice way.

J-Kath Says:


Hate “Tennis World”…sorri.

Pierre Says:

LOL! Epic Novac as always! It is refreshing to see great players do this.

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