The Court Speeds Of The Nine ATP Masters 1000 Events

by Tom Gainey | October 15th, 2016, 10:35 am

masters court speeds

The Masters TV production team released a cool graphic Friday showing the court speeds of all nine Masters 1000 events.

As you can see, this week’s Shanghai event is by far the quickest, followed by Toronto and then Cincinnati. At the bottom, are the three clay Masters.

According to TennisTV, here’s the formula for the Court Pace Index:
The CPI is calculated as follows:
Where ฮผ is the coefficient of friction and e is the coefficient of restitution

Note that the measurements are just for the surface and do not reflect altitude, weather conditions or even ball type.

Taken as a total, the overall average speed of the nine Masters is 31.1 which is in the Slow to Medium Slow range.

Leaving out the three clay Masters, the average speed rises to 34.4 which is almost Medium. Surprisingly, the Paris Masters is the slowest of the non-clay Masters. And where are the truly “Fast” courts?

Now we need this information on the Grand Slams!

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14 Comments for The Court Speeds Of The Nine ATP Masters 1000 Events

Daniel Says:

Have to take in consideration ball speed as well and conditions. Paris indoors always strike me as the the second fastest agter Cincy.

jalep Says:

Yap, they’ve been chirping on Tennis Channel all week about how fast Shanghai is now.

It was supposed to help Isner and Sock. In a way maybe it has: in doubles :D

jalep Says:

Where’s the WTA thread, dang it, Tennis-X?

Willow Says:

True Jalep it seems theres some great finals in prospect on the WTA this week ….

jalep Says:

Hey Willow…buddy ol’ pal. Interested in joining the WTA bracket challenge for Singapore? Gotta get you into our group of 2.
Anyone else is welcome, as well, I mean it. You can’t take yourself seriously is the only requirement.

Hey Skeezer, wherever you are, please allow me possibly embarrass you and wish you a happy birthday, bro. Hope it’s a good one. ๐Ÿ‘ ๐ŸŽ‚

jalep Says:
Make your picks now for WTA/ATP

Novak was supposed to save me this week. He’ll be fine – it’s just a passing phase.

Willow, the WTA is nuts. But it’s more fun than ATP.

Willow Says:

Jalep i never take myself too seriously anyway lol, i will try to get in if i can, as i seems to always have trouble with these brackets for some reason,always end up with a migraine,anyhow post the link and ill give it a go ….

And yeah i will also join you in wishing Skeezer a Happy Birthday, maybe hes out celebrating it ? ….

jalep Says:

We have the same Birthday ๐Ÿ˜‰
Rarely have met anyone with the same birthday. It’s a big deal, lol

As many times as you ask, you shall receive, Willow:
Pick jalep_wildguess group

I’m busy not filling out the nonsense — it’s a weird hobby. I know, nutz.

jalep Says:

Now filling them out – the 250 brackets. If I disappear for awhile… (what I meant) I never thought I would go this deep or dreamed life would come to this hahahaha

Willow Says:

Well HAPPY BIRTHDAY ELIZABETH, you should be out there celebrating ;-)) XXXX ….

jalep Says:

The twisted part is that I told George, (mr. jalep) that this is what I wanted to do….nothing.

But thank you very much, Alison! Andy You will remind me when you have your birthday won’t you? Isn’t it coming up? Nov, Dec….

Willow Says:

Jalep as long as you enjoy your day thats all that matters, actually though as it happens theres another wee lassie on TX that shares a birthday with little me, a Scottish lady, a Murray fan, hmm goes by the name of J-Kath i think ? December 7th ;-)) ….

jalep Says:

OH Yes, I do remember. Quite odd to have internet Birthday buddies… Quite odd what I remember and what I forget too.๐Ÿ˜„

J-Kath Says:

Yes, Willow – we share the 7th Dec. as a birthday – not looking forward this year as no huggy hubby to share it with. Last year was before his accident which happened on 15th Dec. and led to his death 3/4 weeks later.

Xmas…trying to think how I can help others at Xmas, if I’ve got the will to do so.

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