Andy Murray’s 2016 Achievements

by Tom Gainey | November 22nd, 2016, 9:32 am

Andy Murray capped his 2016 season on top by winning all five matches at the ATP Finals including the title match Sunday against rival Novak Djokovic. It was Murray’s first ATP Finals title and first No. 1 finish. And it wrapped up an incredible season.

Here’s a list of Murray’s 2016 achievements:
* First No. 1 (26th different player)
* First No. 1 finish (17th different player)
* Second Wimbledon title
* Second Gold medal (Rio Olympics)
* First French Open final (completes set of finals at all 4 Slam)
* First Rome and Paris Indoors Masters titles
* Broke serve in all 87 matches played
* Won his 600th career match
* Played his 800th career match
* Won his 200th career Masters match
* First time over $10M in single season
* Crossed $50M career prize money level
* Only player to win a gold, Slam, Masters 1000 and ATP Finals in same year
* Older brother Jamie finished No. 1 in team rankings

Career bests this year:
* 24 match win streak
* 9 titles
* 13 finals
* 3 Slam finals
* 5 Masters titles
* 3 Masters titles
* Most match wins: 78-9
* 90% win pct
* Grand Slam match wins: 23-3
* Most Top 10 wins: 16-5
* Prize money: $13,327,821

Off the tennis court:
* Birth of his daughter Sophia

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17 Comments for Andy Murray’s 2016 Achievements

skeezer Says:

Incredible. Broke serve in all 87 matches played.

Willow Says:

Amazing stats from Andy, quite the year hes had, im so proud to be your fan ;-)) ….

RZ Says:

Onederful stats!

J-Kath Says:

Jane – Your link simply maketh my cup to run over…

RZ Says:

Thanks for the link Jane!

Truthsquad Says:

Nice that you added the birth of his daughter. That puts it all into perspective really. I’d also add that he has emerged as an articulate and forceful spokesperson for the tour, speaking out on important issues (defending the WTA, gender equality, and females coaches).

Wog Boy Says:

“… speaking out on important issues (defending the WTA, gender equality, and females coaches).”

Agree, I bet he is paying Lendl same amount of money he was paying Mauresmo, gender equality=equal pay?

AndyMira Says:

Err..for the off court section up there,i want to add one more thing..for the first time i think Andy successfully dominated TennisX Top Stories for the last 5 months[aside than Nole that is]..just look at the Top Stories up there,4 stories dedicated to Andy alone..and i think we Andy fans[1st and 2nd class] have to give full credit to Sean,Tom and ALL staff at TennisX for their continuos support for Andy and i have give the baton to My kind Angel M and JK as the Big Boss in Andy fan club to handle the arrangement of virtual flowers or virtual champagne that we should give to these wonderful staff at TennisX..

PS..Err maybe M or JK as The Big Boss want to give a speech one or two??

J-Kath Says:

Andy Mira:

I have passed the task to Farah Dibo – please chase her.

AndyMira Says:

Farah Dibo?Ha ha ha…The only Dibo i know is Dibo The Pink Dragon that my daughter used to love watching…

J-Kath Says:

Well if you insist on changing your name as often as underwear – then why should you complain?

Ouch JK – that is a toughie – do 50 Hail Mary’s to atone (the liquid kind).

J-Kath Says:

Andy Mira

I apologise I’m feeling very bad tonight. My cousin has died and my niece seems to have a brain tumour and one sister has lied to me and the other is in tears………..bad things happening – and it is getting close to my husband’s death anniversary and Xmas is coming and I don’t want to see anyone.

I’ll speak to you all in the New Year.

AndyMira Says:

JK…My lovely Angel..No need to apologize,please..I’m not offended at all..And I’M SO SO SORRY for everything that happened to you and everything that you has to endured..It’s not easy,i know but my honest and deepest thought with you all the way..Wish you all the best JK..Stay strong..

RZ Says:

Wishing you well JK. Hooe your
tough times get better.

Willow Says:

Yeah i will echo what RZ said to J-Kath, in that i know its not easy, but i hope things will get better soon, ive been speaking to Okie on Facebook and she seems to be going through the same thing, so maybe you two could chat and support each other , and make sure you get the support of loved ones and friends, im not good with words, so i will just wish yourself and Okie if shes reading all the best ….

AndyMira Says:

I would love to see Andy win the prestigous Laureus Sports Awards for the Sportsman Of The Year category next year..His other big 3 rivals already won it with Roger leading with 4 times,Novak 3 and Rafa 1..Although he’s already won it for the Laureus World Breakthrough Of The Year category in 2012 but it will be complete if he’s going to win the main category BUT the biggest roadblock certainly will come from his nemesis The Great Novak Djokovic who’s created his own history with a career slam and winning 2 majors this year..It’s such a shame after produced one of the amazing perfomance of his life and created his own history by winning 2 gold medal at Olympic back to back,he still come short behind his nemesis..I just hope,he will win it one day..That’s all..C’Mon Andy!!

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