John McEnroe: Roger Federer And Rafael Nadal, You Can’t Imagine Them Playing Two More Years!
by Staff | December 16th, 2016, 7:44 pm

John McEnroe was on New York radio earlier this week promoting a senior tennis stop. Always opinionated, McEnroe hit on a variety of topics including the changing landscape of men’s tennis.

“There’s a void that’s about to occur because of what’s happened with Federer and Nadal,” McEnroe told WFAN’s Marc Malusis on Tuesday. “I mean, they’re at the end, right? You can’t imagine them going on more than a year or two. Djokovic, Murray are the two best, but they’re not getting younger. I know 29 sounds young, but they’re going to have another couple years, you anticipate. So there’s these young guys.

“There are actually some young Americans that potentially could for sure get in the top 10. Whether they can be Grand Slam champions, that’s the issue I wonder with right now.”

McEnroe was also on 1010 WINS with Brigitte Quinn as part of the media blitz. And he talked about who he thinks is the greatest.

“Federer, Nadal would be my first two,” McEnroe said. “It’s tough to say. I think Federer overall has stayed healthier longer and been more consistent. On a given day if the two guys were playing their best against each other, I would take Nadal over Federer, I think his game matches up better against him.”

“You are talking about amazing players,” he added. “Rod Laver was my idol growing up, so I always throw in the group.”

“Sampras would be the greatest fast court player,” he said. “He was the most difficult guy I had to play.”

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28 Comments for John McEnroe: Roger Federer And Rafael Nadal, You Can’t Imagine Them Playing Two More Years!

skeezer Says:

Finally! Talk other than Pepe Le Pew.
Fedal rocks.

Margot Says:

Lol Skeeze shouldn’t it be “Pepe Le Poop” according to some on here….
After all these years of being set in stone, the top 10 suddenly looks different. As an Andy fan of course it looks grand…..but still a bit weird.
Andy and Nole probably a couple of years at the very top? Wouldn’t like to 2nd guess what awaits Fedal.

Danica Says:

I think that Johnny Mc is a bit harsh on Fedal. I mean, “a year or two”? If Rafa is finally healthy, why would he stop in a year or two? He is only a year older than Nolandy. Roger’s durability at the top level is amazing. He may not be able to play the full season, but some smart scheduling can give him nice time to recuperate. As long as he is enjoying the game and time on court, I’ll applaud him coming back for more titles.

And I would hope that Nolandy have a few years more.

Giles Says:

Big gob just like BB! 😎

Skeezer Says:

Andy is workin it for the new season, puttin in the hard yards. By golly I think he is takin tennis real seriously for 2017 and is gonna bring some serious thunder and lightning to the tour. Have fun a watchin this Cowboy ride on top of the Tour!

Your one of the true Nole fans who gives nice shade and respect to other players. I love you. Hoping the new year gives you plenty more Nole wins and good memories.

Margot Says:

YAY Skeeze! I certainly hope so. “Been so long waiting, waiting for youooooo.” ;)
I’ve read Calos Moya has joined Rafa’s team…..but must wait for Giles to confirm of course ;) If yes, I guess it’s gonna make Rafa fans on here happy? And will be some welcome eye candy in his box too…;)
Danica: completely agree with Skeeze.

AndyMira Says:

@M…Do you think Skeezer also affected by Dani’s ‘SAINT’ virus?I think it’s already in critical stage coz the words I LOVE YOU were uttered with such honesty and humbleness…Skeezer,if i ever hurt your feelings before,please forgive me okay?And don’t worry,i’ve long ago forgave your sin to me!

Margot Says:

AM: Let’s just hope that virus is highly contagious, t’is the season of goodwill after all.
BTW Skeeze is fine, been on here even longer than me. His self-appointed job is to torment all fan fanatics……but he is very, very gentle with Fednatics….;)

AndyMira Says:

@M…Thank God,Skeeze is fine…but you have to urge him to go to the hospital for further check up..he’s your new driver for Andy’s Tour Ride To The Moon And Back yes?I don’t want to be affected by his luurrvve virus..I’ve got enough already!

Alexandra Says:

I suspect John saw it all in his crystal ball. Let them play out their careers in their own terms.

AndyMira Says:

@M….Ha ha ha ha..oho oho ho ho ho…

” I can’t get enough of your love”…But M!I don’t want skeeze love..i’d rather have yours!Aaaoooooooo!!!

Frank frankovich Says:

The FED is still the GOAT

Willow Says:

Oh god yawn, so what, theres more to tennis than GOATs, sheep, pigs, whatever, so tedious ? ….

madmax Says:

Let’s hope so JMac, and much more beyond.

madmax Says:

No doubt about it, will be great to see Federer back on the court in Australia. The news seems promising, but nothiing like seeing the maestro back in action in what seems a lifetime of wait.

Pouille has also been full of praise for his practise partner, but we need to see it with our own eyes!

Truth Says:

FraudEnroe is back to his crap best. He declared Fed the best player, despite Fed’s lack of success without injured opponents in Slams. He can’t discuss the matches. He’s so desperate on TV too. “You know I LOOOOVE Fed”. They have something in common. Washed up and old age excuses at age 27.

Danica Says:

Skeez, Margot and AM,
Thank you for nice words. Really surprised (blushing a bit).

xoxox :)

Margot Says:

Why darling? You are a tennisx STAR!

Danica Says:

Ooo, no, no, no. I don’t want any stardom, please :)

Van Persie Says:

“Ooo, no, no, no. I don’t want any stardom, please :)”

Why not, Danica? Twinkle, twinkle, little star! ;)

Danica Says:

Hahaha, VP, that’s actually the meaning of my name – Danica = Morning Star :). And that’s all the connection with stars I need :)).

AndyMira Says:

@Dani…I’ve decided i want to take example from Skeezer..If he just said I LOVE YOU…I want to top him more by saying..DANI,I LOVE YOU TODAY,TOMORROW AND FOREVER…And added with this..

Danica Says:

Ok AndyMira,
Now I’m really, really blushing :))). I love your positive outlook and good nature, too.

AndyMira Says:

@Dani….I’m a lover and not a hater…I’d rather LOVE people than HATE them Dani..No matter who they are..Good night Dani..

Giles Says:

Vogue Editor Anna Wintour – that explains it. Lol

skeezer Says:

Vogue is a fan a RF? Even better!

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