February Off Topic Thread
by Staff | February 8th, 2017, 7:41 pm

Want to talk non-tennis? Talk it here.

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16 Comments for February Off Topic Thread

skeezer Says:

Thank you!

Margot Says:

What an excellent idea. Thank you tennis staff.
It means I can talk about the deranged orange toddler, AKA The President of the US of A, to my heart’s content.
Not so much “draining the swamp” as creating a sewage farm.
Of course fortunately he’s not really the president….. it’s really the agent of death, someone to the right of Genghis Khan, aka Steve Bannon, you lucky, lucky people.
Hmmm, not really “fortunately” tho is it?

Giles Says:

Margot dear, don’t you have the Sunday papers to get through? All those reams and reams of paper! You might even catch a mention of Sir Muzz! Lol

Giles Says:

Feel so sorry for the poor umpire.
These acts really have to stop. Racquets and balls are lethal weapons when misused and yet the atp are doing absolutely nothing about it. Fining a player is just not enough. Players like joker have plenty of $$$$$ so will just carry on with their on court tantrums knowing that at the end of the day the fine will not dent a hole in their bank balance.
The first step is to severely punish the racquet abuse and I don’t just mean monetarily. They should have to face disqualification at some point!

HJF Says:

It will not work, unless the thread is there to actually be seen

Margot Says:

Lol Giles love, what is this “paper” of which you speak?

SG1 Says:

There are literally thousands of places on the web to discuss other topics. An interesting idea…but I’ll pass.

Berghain Says:


Oh WG did you see Flynn (national security advisor resigned) resigned? For talking to the Russian ambassador. Ridiculous. MSM and liberals will be jumping with joy. This is the World we live in now.

Wog Boy Says:

Thanks Berghain,
It is little bit late here, and I have early start tomorrow, I’ll check your link tomorrow.
Yes, Flynn is all over the news here, I checked his career and education on Wiki, very very impressive, but something caught my eye, he worked for Obama and Clinton administration before and later turned against them, that is very telling!
Have to go to bed, too tired.

Chrisford1 Says:

There probably will be a thread later, but Genie Bouchard is making good news for a change.

Made her debut in the SI swimsuit edition and there will be much commenting on her in a “wow!!” kind of way.
And she delivered on her date bet.
And enjoyed the night.

Berghain Says:


No worries, we in different time zones. Its only sometimes im up at crazy times like 4 in the morning. Maybe I be on this weekend. Cheers :)

Margot Says:


Phew….can stop worrying about the deranged orange toddler AKA POTUS now.
Banning certain unacceptable media? Getting more and more like his beloved Putin by the second.

Berghain Says:

Wogboy for you since you showed me how you party. :) – quick 5min mini doc about my favorite club in Berlin. Cant film there unfortunately.
Also here is some footage of my 2nd favorite club Sisyphos

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