What’s Novak Djokovic Doing? He Went Skiing Earlier This Week [Video]
by Tom Gainey | February 10th, 2017, 9:59 am

Novak Djokovic might not be having much fun lately on a tennis court – just one title in the last six months – but he sounds like a very, very happy man on the ski slopes of the Kopaonik mountain range in Serbia.

There’s some Serbian spoken along with German and Italian. So feel free to translate.

Following a shock loss to Denis Istomin at the Australian Open and shoulder issues during the Davis Cup, Djokovic is taking about a month off before returning for his title defense at Indian Wells on March 6.

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19 Comments for What’s Novak Djokovic Doing? He Went Skiing Earlier This Week [Video]

Giles Says:

What’s he doing? Lol. That’s easy, he attends cult meetings and meditates with Pepe!

Chrisford1 Says:

Guy loves skiing like Rafa loves golf. Core part of their lives.

In Serbia, skiing is a little different, according to Novak. In certain areas, snow cover has to be a certain depth to allow skiing oncertain run on the mountain.
Not due to rocky terrain.
But skiing over still uncleared mine fields. Mines cannot be tripped if there is enough snow cushion.

Wog Boy Says:


That’s correct, the only inaccuracy is that they are not mine fields and not mines, no reason for them since it is in the heart of Serbia, but leftovers from cluster bombs and depleted uranium ones that were dropped in the area in 1999. by …..?, even they are banned by all conventions, but that doesn’t apply to …?

When the snow is gone the sheep farmers let the sheep in the fields and every now and then you can hear BANG, one sheep less, but one cluster bomb less too.

Most of those hotels that you see in the clip were bomb to the ground too by …? and had to be rebuilt from scratch, but that’s ok, we are used to it.

Chrisford1 Says:

Just a correction Wog Boy. Cluster bombs are not banned by convention. The big powers all use them since napalm was banned. Even Yugoslavia and several medium sized powers – be it aerial bombs or artillery rounds utilizing cluster submunitions. (Serbia itself used cluster mortars, artillery shells, and Katyushka type missiles against neighbors)

The “warfare covention” restriction is they not be used in or near civilian areas unless there is a legit military target being attacked. Israel caught proper hell from the US and NATO over use of cluster bombs in S Lebanon against civilian neighborhoods that were at best, used by Hebollah to sleep, eat and hide out in. They were not hit because there was a missile battery being taken out and a few stray submunitions fell in apartment building areas.

And DU is used as a direct fire non-explosive inert kinetic energy round used against armor. It’s less radioactive than naturally occuring uranium and has a toxicity less than the element “lead”. It’s a great bugaboo of the Left, however. So to make mainly Euro-Leftists happier, we use more and more precision guided missiles in lower intensity conflicts….while we, the French, Brits, and Russians have DU in reserve mainly for antiarmor use in a big war.

Wog Boy Says:


When you have time check out this documentary, it was made by American journalist:


skeezer Says:

Boy & CF1,
When you have timel check out this;
And post to your hearts content there.

Wog Boy Says:



Okiegal Says:

@Wog Boy……Are you suggesting Skeezer concentrate on the French Open?? Lol

Wog Boy Says:



Eric W. Says:

Skeezer is right to concentrate on the French Open. Might be an opening there for him, now that Nole has lost interest in tennis…

RZ Says:

Maybe Nole has been reading Tennis-X and decided to follow my sage advice that he take a long vacation.

Okiegal Says:

@Wog…..I like the fact that you are using sign language now……I was waiting patiently for
a response…..

Wog Boy Says:

Okie, since you are so kind to me tell me what’s your favorite food (meat) and I’ll give you best dish on the best food channel, you’ll ❤️ it.

Wog Boy Says:

^^^ and unique food channel

Okiegal Says:

My favorite meat is rib eye steak or a filet……I love beef…..preferably Angus!! Hook me up dude!! Lol My doctor is trying to turn me into a vegan…….but that ain’t gonna happen……I am cutting back on beef some and eating more stuff from sea ………..

Wog Boy Says:

This one is for you filet mignon cooked in the nature with a help of his side kick Mr Ramsey the Owl:


Okiegal Says:

@Wog Boy…….That’ll work and I do love mushrooms! This looks delish………I hope the snow wasn’t yellow!! Lol
I will go look at your favorite now!

Okiegal Says:

@Wog…….The pork looks good too! We call pork roast gravy “red eye” gravy…..minus the soy sauce. Letting the fat drippings get really charred makes it extra special good! Great choice!! I love pork tenderloin too. Since Byron passed away I just don’t cook much anymore……no fun cooking for one………

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