Uncle Toni Says This Will Be The Last Year He Travels With Rafa

by Tom Gainey | February 11th, 2017, 8:12 pm

According to an article on an Italian tennis website, 2017 will be the last season Uncle Toni travels with his nephew Rafael Nadal on the tour.

“This is my last season with Rafa, and since next year I will not continue to Rafa and I will dedicate exclusively to our academy in Manacor,” Toni was quoted as saying to Il Tennis Italiano.

Rafa just hired Carlos Moya a few months ago in a partnership that has started well, with Nadal reaching the Australian Open final.

However, Nadal turns 31 in early June and with 15 years of pro tennis already on his weary body, Uncle Toni’s departure is yet another signal to the end.

Toni has been beside Rafa for virtually every event since Day 1 at age 17.

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9 Comments for Uncle Toni Says This Will Be The Last Year He Travels With Rafa

skeezer Says:

Don’t see anthing wrong with this. Kudos to the unc in working on the future of tennis in Manocor through their academy. Hopefully he’ll lay low on the illegal on court coaching.

Margot Says:

Not before time.

Alexandra Says:

Funny how badly some want to retire Rafa. Not even mentioning how many People wanted Rafa to ditch Toni before, those same People act shocked now.

sinha71 Says:

It was (overdue) time for a change (but not for another year).

On-court coaching goes down for one player but another player picks up the slack with sketchy MTOs (after complaining about others in the past).

Even Steven.

Chrisford1 Says:

Happen to agree with Skeezer, for once. It is a transition time. The Academy is now open, Rafa is a few years, most likely, away from calling it a career save for lucrative exos playing fellow marquee and retired players down the road.
He has the staff that know how to signal Rafa what Uncle Toni wants during a match as well as Toni can if he was actually there.
So the people are there to help Rafa in his wind down or “glorious twilight” as it may be, while Uncle Toni gets the Academy up and running well..

Chrisford1 Says:

Meanwhile, Xisca remains on the sidelines, waiting for that call…

Giles Says:

Cf1. In the meantime, you are still FOS!

Daniel Says:

Now the Moya adding makes more sense, if this holds true next year he will be the sole Nadal coach.

Humble Rafa Says:

Moya man has lots to learn..carrying bags, operating knee machines, coaching secretly during matches, being my doctor, being a mentor..I hope the Moya man can stand up to the challenge.

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