Djokovic Comes Back To Deny Del Potro, Kyrgios Next In Acapulco; Nadal Sharp So Far
by Staff | March 2nd, 2017, 9:23 am

The marquee match of the day lived up to the billing in Acapulco with Novak Djokovic taking the last three games of his match against Juan Martin del Potro to win it 4-6, 6-4, 6-4 in two hours, 38 minutes.

After a tight first set which saw del Potro take the final break at 4-4, Djokovic seized control in the second racing out of a 5-2 lead, then hanging on to level.

But in the third it looked like del Potro would collect his second straight win over the Serb, breaking Djokovic to lead 4-2. However, Djokovic broke right back and took the last three games of the match for the win.

“I am very happy and proud to win this match, even though I was close to losing when he was serving at 4-3 up in the third set,” Djokovic said. “I just tried to get as many returns back in play as possible, which isn’t when he has a big serve and a massive forehand. It was very, very close with one or two points deciding the winner. I cannot believe that the stadium was full at 1 a.m., so I want to thank all the people who came to watch us and support tennis.

“I think I played well, and only in some situations maybe I didn’t play tactically correct. I didn’t make a lot of mistakes and I was getting a lot of extreme balls back. When del Potro hits his forehand and serve as hard as he does, no one can really be quick enough. I just tried to anticipate and in the important moments, in the final set, I got some important balls back.”

Djokovic now leads del Potro 12-4.

“I think the crowd enjoyed it very much,” del Potro who played a 3-setter the night before. “It has been another battle between the two of us and this time it ended up in Nole’s favor. I had my chances during the third set, but he stepped up his level and didn’t make any mistakes in the decisive moments. He deserved the win.

“There are always positives to take. The season just started for me and I have to keep working hard. I really hope that one day my rivals will play to the shot that now is my weakness and I can get back to the way I want to play.”

Djokovic is back on the court today against Nick Kyrgios in a first-time meeting. Kyrgios beat Donald Young yesterday.

Meanwhile, Rafael Nadal continues to look strong. Through two matches the 2-time tournament champion has dropped just nine games, after pummelling Paolo Lorenzi yesterday.

“I played a complete match today and I’m feeling great after a month without playing,” said Nadal. “I think I played a very solid match … some great shots, some good winners.”

Nadal now meets qualifier Yoshihito Nishioka.

Marin Cilic beat Borna Coric in three and Dominic Thiem took out Adrian Mannarino. Sam Querrey upset No. 5 seed David Goffin. Querrey will now face Thiem tonight.

CANCHA CENTRAL start 4:00 pm
ATP – S. Johnson (USA) vs [3] M. Cilic (CRO)
ATP – [Q] Y. Nishioka (JPN) vs [2] R. Nadal (ESP)
ATP – [4] D. Thiem (AUT) vs S. Querrey (USA)

Not Before 10:00 pm
ATP – [1] [WC] N. Djokovic (SRB) vs [6] N. Kyrgios (AUS)

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78 Comments for Djokovic Comes Back To Deny Del Potro, Kyrgios Next In Acapulco; Nadal Sharp So Far

SG1 Says:

Wow! Not a single comment. This was a battle between two of the world’s best and it went to the wire. More proof that unless it’s a major, no one really cares.

Van Persie Says:


Honestly, I appreciated this win from Nole, like he would have won the trophy but was a bit ashamed to say this here…was only the 2 round, hehe.
Watched the match one hour ago, cuz I saw only one set this morning…am impressed, that Nole was the crowds fave today…so unexpected…and then the lovely cuddle at the end of match… amazing.:)

Berghain Says:


honestly maybe its the camera. I Thought the match was boring.

Nole playes to delpo backhand, delpo plays slice – repeat. Till Nole plays a down the line backhand. Every time I switched on this was the case.

honestly dont see how Del potro can win anyrhing playing those slices.

Berghain Says:

VP loce for u.
Geht eine dicke Frau in eine Bäckerei und sagt:
“Ich möchte gerne Rumkugeln!”

Darauf der Bäcker:
“Aber nicht in meinem Laden!”

Top 100 Witze gibts hier:

Berghain Says:

Liebe natürlich nicht ‘love’, weißt du ja. :)

Van Persie Says:

Haha Berghain,

Weisst du, was 71 ist?

Van Persie Says:


Of course that match was boring. Was not so much choking in this one, comparing to yesterday’s blockbuster :D

Berghain Says:

Neh was ist 71?

Ich weiss was 69 ist xd

Berghain Says:

Meine Woche war scheißen. Bin jetzt in Zurich und gehe Mittwoch wieder zurück nach Berlin.

hast du kopfhörer?

Hab das live im Berghain gesehen. Omg.

Berghain Says:

Muss glaub keine korrektur machen, aber – Scheiße, nicht scheissen :)


Berghain Says:

I thought it was great of Nole to win. Love him.

Now, I must tell you the history. I was on my way to bh ith a gf of mine. We call all friends that are girls gf in german. Anyway – we are in the tram, listening to this on head phones wondering if we get in. 30 hours later I walk down the stairs of Bh and I hear UVB playing this track live. Went back up! omg. Was so insannne!

Berghain Says:

Giles? is the music to much for u? in german they say hammer! if it is like a hammer. It is pronounced different. I think Nadal is fantastik also…. dont hate me.

Van Persie Says:


Lol. Naja. 71 ist 69 mit 2 Fingern in Ar’ch.

Bin jetzt raus, habe Besuch. Hoere morgen dein Lied.

Bis bald

Berghain Says:

hahahah oh mein goT!! ICH WILL DICH TREFFEN! :)))

Viel spass. Ich gehe jetzt eins trinken. Bin schon besoffen. Du bis geil :)

Wog Boy Says:


Agree, watched the match last night (I recorded it) and was really surprised, pleasantly, that. majority of crowd were for Nole, it was great atmosphere and great match, but as you said anticlimax was that it was inly second round. I think it is just fair that in IW and Miami Roger and Rafa share Delpo, particulary IW where Delpo is more dangerous. Forgot one thing, Nole’s serve is awful, it must be something else reason for that, it is not only about confidence, it’s been a year since he is struggling with serve.

Truth Says:

What’s boring is the slobbering praise for Federer.
There’s nobody more overrated than him.

Djoker hangs on by a thread to his career. He literally lost over 8000 ranking points.
Don’t EVEN pretend he needs luck to have a career against Kyrgios the Doctor, Fed the Best Athlete of All Time & Saint, and Nadal the Humblelito.

Berghain Says:

hjey WG are you upset with me? Im used to more replies. Me and Vp had the most lovely dirty conversation in german – tip. 69 plus 2 hahaha

VP ( for tomorrow) stories will continue

HAHAH been soking up juces with my hand vacum… off to bar,,,:{P crayz night ahead.

Peace out too u 2

Chrisford1 Says:

SG1 – MOst commentors here are in Europe and N America , and one well known Serb expat in Australia. Given the match started around 11:00 PM Pacific Time, the people at TX who would have commented were asleep.
It has nothing to do with your direction of belief that TX fans only watch the 4 ATP 2000 events.

Hug after the match, because the Nole-Delpo “bromance” that started in 2008 continues. Each likes the other a good deal. Gladiators.

J-Kath Says:

To Sean:

Part of the reason I decided not to continue on your threads is because of the language difficulty. I thought it was supposed to be “English” – rightly or wrongly this is a mainstream world language…especially when related to tennis.

I believe that most of us don’t mind an occasionally comment in an non-English language, but every time “Berghain” appears the majority of posters are faced with a Tower of Babel situation. Perhaps this should be re-directed to specific social media where those who understand it can benefit.

What is the point of alienating long-term posters when they are being excluded? Nobody minds a few phrases e.g.VP + Wogboy recognise the need to limit and explain and that is fine – but when it is abused, as it is being abused….well you decide what is fair..

I should add I have no problem with off-tennis-news when we are all able to discuss, agree, disagree – but come on – who is supposed to respond to your threads if they end up in mostly in non-English.

Wog Boy Says:

“Wow! Not a single comment. ”

What’s new here? There is nevere (many) comments when Nole wins, not even when he won noncalendar GS, we have to twist Sean’s arm to even open a thread about a feat that nobody achieved since RL:)

Wog Boy Says:

Delpo said few times that Nole is his best friend, they genuinely like each other and have huge respect for each other. I personally liked Delpo from the moment I saw him first time on the court, he has something sheepishly in him, though he can be very foxy, that made me like him.

Wog Boy Says:


No, why would I be, it is time difference as CF1 pointed out, I am staying out of that conversation, I am senior citizen;)

Berghain Says:

MMmm Well J kath thx for commenting. If you have a problem with non tennis news or what I say go and say it. I find it dumb that you only say something now. You can anytime write comments about tennis. What is stoppig u? Any time you can write what u want. So a few words in german upset u? If its against me say it. I love WG and VP. And sorry this site is dead a lot and we all have lives. So u like it if its dead or of ppl talk. Why complain? bring something to the table and then complain. Very upseting. U read and judge. WG VP. Hope u defend me im off.

Wog Boy Says:

One more thing, I saw the picture Acapulco settings, stadiums, it is very much like Monte Carlo, with a sea behind, elevated, absolutely beautiful.
Ok, I am one, we managed to improve number of comments on Nole’s thread.

Berghain Says:

I miss Wimbledon with out the roof, looked so much better. Wogboy, Im off. later.
and J kath – I will include you in any way, but public posts to the moderators makes you look very childish.

Berghain Says:

Oh I have to let it out. the percentage of non english posts is like 0.2percent. its Serbian and german. And hardly ever. If that upsets u J kath… no words, are u one of those that campaigns against trump and for gays and dreamers? unreal!!!!

You wanna know what me and vp where talking about?

69 – + 2! its arimthmatic. work it out for yourself if you are old enough. Tip – 2 fingers. So much for Multi culti. Pathetic.

Truth Says:

Djokertro should be a marriage. Sad that they are straight. Heeehee!
It’s not disingenuous/greedy/leeching and talentless like Ben and Jen, or overrated and non-rivalry as Fedal.

J-Kath Says:


Childish I doubt it but – ok but arrogant not. I don’t have a problem with non-tennis news – absolutely not – apologies if that was not clear – what I do have a problem with is an assumption that what is an English speaking tennis link can be ignored and used as a private link. I can’t have a problem with what you say because you are not posting in English.

Don’t worri – I shan’t be back….it’s all yours.

Berghain Says:

J kath! No, Im off for drinks with friends. I always Enjoyed what you say, pls dont leave. I dont really know what you mean. All my links are directed at ppl. Thats why I say WG or VP at the start. That should be obvious to you! And gosh if its to much german and serbian we can have a foreign laugnuaged section. We maybe dont agree but I like different ppl and opinions. think its stupid to leave. I dont reaqkky understand your reason. U said Fed would never win and since u dissapear. No you come back and complain? cmon. we can all live in harmony and be accepting. I am also. Just chill and stay! pls.

Wog Boy Says:

The best way to make a peace is a food, I remember my grandfather who lived in village on the small farm told me once “if you see man walking towards you really upset, first feed him than asked him why is he upset with you”, very good advice and it works, so today you will have another cooking lesson in the calming and beautiful nature, the set up and food will bring you to nirvana state, you don’t have to smoke weed for that, money back guarantees:

Berghaim, JK didn’t disappear because of Roger winning AO,but for personal reason, she is fair poster the rest is between two of you. One more thing, the best way to get back your Serbian GF is to ask her to take you where she is from, it is probably place like in the video, we don’t have a sea, but plenty mountains and rivers, you will love it, I use to bring my German friends from Bielefeld (I lived there on and off) regularly to Serbia in my holiday house which was very similar as in the video, Germans loved it and home made plum brandy. and piglet on the spit, enjoy the video and COURBON, if you are around, try to make to your lovely French wife one of these dishes she will love you even more..if that’s possible:)

J-Kath Says:


Acknowledge your olive leaf with thanks. I did decide to leave before today but nothing to do with Federer. ????

I returned because I needed to ask Margot a question about viewing. Taking that small step was helpful because Margot was helpful – but to contact Margot I had to find out on which thread she was posting – in doing so I allowed myself to become partially involved again.

I consider myself friends with WB and VP. Even though some posters can be pain-in-the-derriere I don’t dislike anyone (even the guy called Berghain).

I have a lot of work to do so….a bientot.

Sleep well – dream in English.


Ptr Says:

I’d love to see a head to head between Novak and Rafa. Rafa is clearly confident and although Novak is unsure of his level knows how to beat Rafa. Fingers crossed

J-Kath Says:


As I close down again, I saw your post. As I try on most days to walk down the beach and (often collect driftwood) I shall think of you. Why? Not sure….just strikes me as some kind of natural connection.

Hugs to you and yours.

Wog Boy Says:

Hugs back JK, stay safe.

Chrisford1 Says:

Good omens for Rafa and Delpo for this season, following Rogers good omens going huge in Australia. Both the former are playing very well. The Djokovic-del Potro game was played at what both guys thought was excellent levels of performance.

Which of course brings up if PrimeRafa and primeNole will be back fighting with Andy and Roger to dominate the season, vie to hold #1. Rafa looks hungrier, but the only guy really able to stand toe to toe with Rafa at his best is Djokovic, and each match on any surface, if both are in good shape, you don’t know who will win.

Wog Boy Says:

According to this interview, filmed by RTS (Serbian TV), Nole is not going anywhere anytime time soon, he said he’s got same love, fire and desire for tennis as when he picked the racquet for the first 20+ years ago, we’ll see.

Wog Boy Says:

I stuffed the thread, sorry:( anyway, nicely done story, Nole looks extremely relaxed (he is really good in skiing), that’s what family and friends are for, pity you don’t understand.

Wog Boy Says:

Just after 32:00 Nole is interrupting interview to walk in the little ski shop and say hello to two older blokes who were there when he was a kid, it was tennis shop then and now is the ski shop. You might pick one famous word when unshaven man is talking about Nole as a kid, “Federer”, he sad that he had a big Federer poster in the shop (its a business not love, it was tennis shop), he told little Nole that if he succeeded he would rip Roger’s posters apart and put his on the wall. Reporter asked him “and what happened”, he sad Roger’s poster has bern thrown away long time ago and even it is now ski shop, only Nole’s posters and memorabilia are inside and then they walked in the shop.

Wog Boy Says:

^^ after 31:00

Berghain Says:

Well J Kath I must be honest, Just got home. I am not an easy person, very hard life. Perhaps thats why I am attracted to certain ppl. Just wanted to leave some really nice songs for you and wg and vp. These touch my heart and always bring tears! so bad. :) right now too as always when I am induldging.
I love Rodriquez.


Berghain Says:

J Kath you are so cute. Just read what you wrote. I will consider u a good pp or shell buddy from now on. :)

BBB Says:

Hm. JK I will be irritated if you depart on any sort of non-temporary basis.

Vince Says:

25 aces against so called best returner

Wog Boy Says:

Congratulations Nick, well, 25 aces in two sets gives you six free games. Now he’s got win over Rafa, Roger, Nole…

kjb Says:

Nick really plays his best vs. the best. Not much Djokovic could do tonight. Nick makes some really bad shot choices though. I doubt he will ever reach his full potential. When he is serving like he did tonight no one can beat him.

FedExpress Says:


heeee. Kyrgios can reach his full potential. And he showed it tonight.

Van Persie Says:

Yep, Congrats to Kyrgios. His serve was unreturnable (saw only the 1 set but I guess it was enough)


I see you were very active here last night :)
Agree with WB , what is between JK and you, stays between you both. Am also sure, you will solve this. You are reasonable enough to do it without help.

Will be out now, I have a really busy day. Have to solve my tasks at work in order to leave earlier. Planning to leave town during weekend.

Thanks for the nice songs and have a lovely weekend.


I would also feel sorry, if you left Tennis X.


Van Persie Says:


“Forgot one thing, Nole’s serve is awful, it must be something else reason for that, it is not only about confidence, it’s been a year since he is struggling with serve.”…his serve was a weapon during last years and unfortunately is unreliable at the moment, that’s a fact.

skeezer Says:

Now the Crickets will come out, Nole fanatics will be gone(again) and the english language will return.
Tennis talk will resume.

skeezer Says:

Another case for the H2H idiocy. What some were hyping for the potential H2H matchup with Novak/Rafa, didn’t happen. What matters is you win through the field of players, whoever they are. Rafa is through to the semis, Novak is not. Rafa can win the title, he still has a chance, Novak can’t, he’s out. Thats all that matters.

Wog Boy Says:

Uhh, uhh, somebody is butthurt, grab some vaselin, rub it in and calm down. For h2h you need a sample, like 24:12. Sample is not few matches, you are knowledgeable enough to know that, though you are badly failing with your tennis knowledge as of lately, you are truly desperate and unhappy person.

This is only Acapulco and Kyrgios is top player, not qualifier, what was his name again, somethong like Don…?

We are not going anywhere and will speak the language of our choice, we are multilingual for difference of you, so pick one of next, STFU or FO, clear?

courbon Says:

“so called best returner”…you are right-Novak can not return-period.He can’t do overheads, can’t serve well, fprehand crap, backhand so so…he must won those 12 slams on tennis lottery…

” and English can return and tennis talk”…
Well, I’m happy for your Skeezer-for a while you learn to count to 17 ( you been keep repeating that number ) and now you learned next number-18!!! That is awesome! Let me spoiled for you-after 18 comes 19 and then 20, and then 21 and then 22….send me your adress and I will send you algebra book-much quicker to learn that way then counting on Roger…

Congrats to Nick-played very well.
Novak still have not found his A game…
C’est la vie… ( oups, I used foreigh language again;;damn , I better watch-it irritates some people …)

Chrisford1 Says:

Skeezer, use of a foreign language is rude if people are talking in front of you, about you, in a language you don’t understand.

But that is not the case. They are not talking about you. People rarely talk about you except in hope your cats are being treated well.

Don’t confuse that with your Slamcount argument being shredded.

On Novak and “best serve returner ever” – Sometimes he will initially flail about at the beginning with an ace artist, then get the full read and measure of a Roddick or Isner serve variety and do far better. And that title has more to do with what he does with returnable serves vs. blocking back aces. Certain other players have less aces against them because they have a strategy to simply block and keep the ball in play even if most of the aces stopped are floated back to midcourt and are easy putaways.
That is what made Agassi different than others Pete Sampras faced. It wasn’t about lowering aces, it was returning deep to lower Pete’s 1st serve percent.

Berghain Says:

Oh xd yeah I was! So much so its embarassing. Yeah all good, I guess I can be over sensitive. Re your weekend – Well that sounds lovely. Im doing a detox health weekend. I have holidays and monday I fly to visit 2 of my girlfriends in vienna. They are both single now! best girls ever and we are gonna cook and chill and also party our ass off. So I need to be in tip top shape! Both from sweden – awesome ppl! I am so excited to see them again. Since August I havent been with them. I once even crashed at there place for a few weeks :)))

So sorry to hear about your man djokovic. But cmon, its an atp 500. I would be eye balling the french if I was u. Dont see why he cant do it. Honestly somone has to win it.

Berghain Says:

Fans or no fans of a certain player I think this shows that all big 4 are in decline – last few months. The field of players is not very good IMO so they can still win. All in all though it has to end someday. Fed has been on the bus for a while – thats why it was a miracle and such a joy to see him win. Nadal also, perhaps Djokovic now too, Not saying he cant win slams or anything. Just think in the furture all atp points will be distreubuted among more players. Sad day s but true! What next? we will see. Dearly hope Fed can Win Wimbledon. For Djoker Fans Maybe US and Nadal French. One of these days a new player is gonna win a slam andi t will be such a shock! then I think the new era will kick off. Hopefully not for some years.

Berghain Says:

Wg thx for your advice. I havent talked to her in some days. I still need to become a bit more brave! I am scared if I dont approach her right she will run. Baby steps, I will ask her about what you said. Ill keep you updated ;).

Berghain Says:

Cf1 you gonna hate me for this but I think you even have to admit this weak era argument makes no sense. At there age these ppl have no business winning anything. Specially Fed! I mean hes so old its just redicelouse. Same players for so meany years. There is just no real new talent that has the skill to dominate.

If you took a prime Djpokovic, Fed or Nadal they would Mop the floor this year and not loose a match against the field of players. What does that say about the competition? But lets not start this again pls:).

skeezer Says:

“we are multilingual”.
Goody for you. Go to a multilingual site. This one I as I read it uses english words for its website. At least you try to use English Capital letters. Progress….

Apologize did not mean to offend you. You are not a provoker and was not intended to be directly at you(the others know who they are).
The repeat number is now 18.
Why? It is the answer to a lot of reasonings here. No need to write a novella on the GOAT subject.


“Don’t confuse that with your Slamcount argument being shredded.”
Shredded? LMAO…….CEMENTED in 18!
Don’t confuse that with you Weak Era argument constantly being shredded.

skeezer Says:


sinha71 Says:

Devil in the detail Berghain.

Roger won on the fastest hard court slam conditions of all time. It was designed for him and credit to him for capitalizing.

On a slower (but still med-fast my modern day standards) he loses to a qualifier outside Top 100 at a tournament he has won 6 or 7 times.

Tournament organizers are to blame themselves if they do not make courts super fast for Roger (he is a huge revenue pull to say the least so it is a savvy veteran business move) — like they did for Pete in exhos vs Fed. That is the only way Pete could compete against Fed and manage a match win at the same age Fed is now. Knowing how serious Sampras is even in exhos, it was probably required for him to participate.

courbon Says:

Skeezer, no problem-I do not take seriously “turf” wars on TX.
Number 18-like him or not, your guy is GOAT…is that simple.
Speak soon, have to cook late dinner.

Wog Boy Says:

“Go to a multilingual site.”
Apart of tennis your English is failing you too, reed again, we (me) are not going anywhere and you can go…well, wherever you want.

Talking about “provoker”, you obviously don’t have mirrors at home, go buy one in two dollars shop, look at it and you will see one. That’s only thing you’ve been doing here for the last 8-9 years since I joined it, if not Rafa than Nole fans and sucking up to the people you think they can benefit you on TX, and throwing the bone, you are one big peace of ..well, your english is good enough to finish my sentence.

sinha71 Says:

^^Haha! AKA the DT of TX LOL.

Fake news. Bad.

Daniel Says:

Haven´t watch any tennis this last week, travelling running away from Rio Carnaval.

shock Fed defeat after so many MP´s. Not that surprised with this Kyrgios win. He is very trick, and best of three when he decides to play he can beat almost everyone. First time and DJoko not used to his serve.

Wanted to watch Djoko x DelPo, seems they will be playing a few close ones still, hope so.

Just checked and Murray already in finals agaisnt VErdasco, can´t see him losing that one, not in a final in a tourney he never won. All other Big 4 have won Dubai before.

Nadal in a good position to his first HC title since Doha 2014. Bu if it is Nick in finals watch out. Usually when he goes this far he delivers.

kjb Says:


“Roger won on the fastest hard court slam conditions of all time. It was designed for him and credit to him for capitalizing.”

You have obviously have not been watching tennis very long if you honestly think that Aus Open was the fastest court ever.

sinha71 Says:

You didn’t read what I said kjb. That’s not what I said. The quote is obviously. But not your interpretation. You didn’t read a critical qualifier. Try again.

skeezer Says:

“It was designed for him and credit to him for capitalizing”
I can read what that says. Fake news.

kjb Says:


I have no idea what you are talking about. Your posts rarely make any sense, and are never rational. That is exactly what you said. I copy and pasted it directly from post.

18 and counting!!

sinha71 Says:

If you disagree kjb then name a slam hard court that played as fast or faster than this year’s AO.

Hope this helps.

kjb Says:


Any slam played on hard court or grass before 2002 was way faster than Aus Open this year. You said fastest conditions of all time, which is hogwash.

sinha71 Says:

No that’s not what I said.

You are right about grass but I didn’t say grass did I.

And you are FOS regarding SLAM hard courts.

Now go have yourself a coke and a smile.

sinha71 Says:

Aces are a very good indication of court speed.

No surprise that a new ace record for AO was set this year. Any 50% more than the previous record.

Fastest slam hard court of all time:

“The 37-year-old Karlovic also fired down 75 aces, another Australian Open record – bettering Joachim Johansson’s 51 aces in 2005. It was just three aces shy of equalling Karlovic’s record 78 aces versus fellow veteran Radek Stepanek in the 2009 Davis Cup semi-finals.”

skeezer Says:

Who cares about this anymore? Old news, debatable.
Murray just won his title, congrats.

Markus Says:

Si Berghain ay tarantado, mayabang, bastos at walang modo.

There Berghain, you like posting here in non-English language so that’s for you.

child Says:

Ugh. Skeezer struggles with spelling in his only language.
Poor Fed fanatic and phony Novak fan.

Van Persie Says:

Hi Berghain,

Thanks for the nice words. Well, am not very disappointed about Nole in Acapulco. He managed to win against Klizan and DelPO, so not very bad. He just lost against Nick, who served amazing that day. Nole did not play so bad like he did in the autumn last year.
Honestly, I would be very glad, if he won the FO again this year …but there are many contenders, Rafa and Andy among them :)…do not have high expectations from him at the IW and Miami, I would prefere him to focus on the clay season.

Watched yesterday the documentary “Searching for Sugar Man”. Tbh, never knew about Rodriguez’ existence…so thank you for the links. I was very impressed.

Viel Spass in Wien ! ;)

Top story: Murray Overcomes Hurkacz In Vienna; Berrettini Gets Into Turin