Roger Federer: I Should Be Back For The French Open, That’s The Plan!
by Tom Gainey | April 11th, 2017, 2:14 pm

Roger Federer is sticking to his plan of playing no clay lead-up events to the French Open. The Swiss has withdrawn from all Madrid and Rome – though he could still take a late wildcard – and said yesterday in Zurich where he played Andy Murray. that there’s been no change of plan.

“I’ll be resting most of the time and the body needs a rest,” Federer said. “I can feel it. It’s not the youngest body but everything is good. I’m gonna enjoy my time with the family.

“Eventually I’m gonna get back to practice, and when I do, I’m gonna go full steam, and I should be back for the French Open. That’s the plan.”

Federer beat Murray 6-3, 7-6(5) in the exo. Proceeds went to the Roger Federer Foundation to help support projects in Switzerland and Africa.

Federer will play another Match for Africa on April 29 in Seattle with John Isner and Bill Gates.

Here are some highlights:

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94 Comments for Roger Federer: I Should Be Back For The French Open, That’s The Plan!

Giles Says:

LMAO. And now he thinks he’s gonna win the French Open. Dream on sunshine!

skeezer Says:

Looks like they were having a good time, and great for the fans and the Cause. Giles, sorry you’re all bwtthert that you couldn’t be there.
Glad he is skipping the Mud for the most part.

steve-o Says:

Well, I hope he’s able to play Rome. But it’s a pretty sure bet he’ll skip at least two of the clay Masters tournaments.

The most important thing is for him to recover and rest. Not just physically but mentally. The quarters and semis in Miami were pretty brutal since he had to fight like hell to survive those big-hitting players in three sets; the final was a bit easier in that regard just because he didn’t have to handle the kind of pace and power that Berdych and Kyrgios were generating.

Looks like he’s enjoying the exhos (and they’re not very draining since it’s just a couple matches and they’re just for fun). Hopefully he’ll recover more quickly than he expects.

madmax Says:

I want to say thank you to Andy Murray and Roger Federer

The interview pre-match was hilarious. Both looking fit and well, lots of laughs and bring tons of joy to both sets of fans. Great match. (Am sure Andy gave that one to Roger and Roger will return the favour in Scotland).

madmax Says:


Of course he doesn’t think he is going to win the FO.

We all know that Rafa is going to win the FO, he is top of the list, has to be the favourite. This is where he reigns as the king of clay, always will be.

Andy will be in the final,

Novak will make the semi finals

Roger will probably get to the 4th round, if he is lucky, the quarter finals. That would be a great accomplishment.

I am happy.

Kllint Says:

Roger has surprised even his greatest critics. So Giles, eff off.

J-Kath Says:


Andy vs Fed already played in Scotland… kilts.

Humble Rafa Says:

Scotland is so miserable though I am sure you can get enough drunks to watch a tennis match. They will think it’s women playing in skirts.

Aced out Says:

Nadal will not win the French Open in my humble opinion. He will be wiped clean by a big hitter. However, Nadal is the only dude who can beat Roger if he finds his groove on clay. Even with 4 wins in a row, the feds clay ghosts of past will re-surface against Nadal and things could take a turn for the worst. Djokovic will be beaten by Feds, with fed’s current game, 9 out of 10 times including on clay as Feds did in 2011. I won’t be surprised if we have Murray or someone entirely new win the Frenchh Open this year. Wawarinka cannot be written off on clay.

J-Kath Says:

Dear Humble Rafa – It took place in Glasgow – a city of contrasts indeed – but if you don’t know how to laugh then go to Glasgow – it’s infectious.

Talbot Tennis Says:

To make such a comeback at this age and then win the three big tournament of the year is a remarkable fairy tale in itself. I think Roger should rest and then comeback with bang at the French Open, however dont see him winning much on clay against the likes of Rafa and Novak.

madmax Says:

J-Kath Says:

Andy vs Fed already played in Scotland… kilts.

April 12th, 2017 at 6:55 pm

Fantastic J-Kath! I had not realised. Were you there?

Giles Says:

Fedfans get classier by the minute in the form of Kllint.
Madmax. Anything to say??

HJF Says:

He seems to be riding the crest of a winning wave at the moment, so i wouldnt be at all surprised, if he were to have a great CC season and completed a second career GS, depends on his rivals, and where they are at though ….

HJF Says:

Fantastic what Federer and Murray both did for charity ….

.rog Says:

Giles , Humble Rafa:

While guys sit in the fence and comment on these great like Roger or Rafa , dont stoop low and make a mockery of yourself. agreed u dont like him but have some class and accept when he has done what no player has done at 35 and is still motivated to play. even his fellow peers marvel him and why are guys like sitting in front of the TV maaking a shame of ourselves. got to grow up. critics or haters never had any statues . unless we want one for being stupid.

Humble Rafa Says:

A guy whose name begins a period..Hmm.

A guy whose name is rog..Hmm.

Looking down on others..Hmm.

Wonder where he got that attitude from..Hmm.

skeezer Says:

“Looking down on others..Hmm.

Wonder where he got that attitude from..Hmm.”

Sounds like you described yourself well HR.

J-Kath Says:


I didn’t know until the last minute that Andy was indeed going to play – I knew he held on to the commitment for ages – but then there were lots of wobbles re. his health (didn’t play Davis Cup). So I was caught out. But have been to Davis Cups in Glasgow and the crowd is hilarious. (Worked in Glasgow approx. 5 years and never laughed as much in my life.

Travis Bickle Says:

The latest news from the Tennis Purist…

Apparently there is a link between mononucleosis and blood doping – the cycling community had an epidemic and looks like many tennis players had mono. Roger Federer had it, and was tested the most that year due to suspicious blood tests, according to Tennis Purist.

Here is the link:

skeezer Says:

In other news, Novak opened a Vegan restaurant.

lakie Says:

Dear madmax you are obviously worried Fed will be exposed and you try to divert our attention by asking irrelevant questions about Rafa.
Don’t worry madmax, Fed has ITF’s blessing since 2003 and his chief rivals Rafa, Djok and Andy are subjected to rigorous anti doping tests to protect Fed’s legacy.
By the way, when you next ask irrelevant questions as a diversionary tactic, please read up ITF’s anti doping policy so that you make sense. In your present state of ignorance of doping policy, your questions are absurd and make you a laughing stock.

skeezer Says:

This argument has been debunked, give it up.

lakie Says:

Who debunked which argument?

kjb Says:

Lakie is the most butt hurt Fed hater the world has ever seen. Grasping at straws……18 and counting baby!

lakie Says:

khb grasps at straws to construct a strawman comment. I thought it was only 14 years of Ped for Fed but khb says 18 and counting…I think there are 4 babies

Tony N Says:

Travis Bickle, here is the latest news about the ‘tennis purist’…

The self-proclaimed ‘tennis purist’ claims to be 27 years old. Yet he rants and describes his views as “Anti-imperialist. Anti-capitalist. Pro-DPRK (North Korea). Juche is beautiful (Juche is North Korean ideology). The revolution will be launched from the Global South. May tweet about tennis during relapses.”

Travis Bickle claims to be 27 years old. And keeps parroting the ‘tennis purist’. Question: Is Travis Bickle and the ‘tennis purist’ the same person?

Here’s are the simple reasons why the ‘tennis purist’ claims are ludicrous and irrational.

The ‘tennis purist’ and Sergio Cruz are not qualified on the subject of doping, nor do they have any rational evidence worth considering.

If Federer had suffered the side-effects of doping, a real sports medicine expert would know it. Federer suffered mono in 2008, which was an Olympic Games year. The chief medical officer of the entire Swiss Olympic team was Dr. Walter O. Frey – he was also the renown medical director of the Swiss Olympics medical centre Balgrist. Dr. Frey personally reviewed Federer’s case because Federer was one of the few Swiss athletes expected to win a gold medal. In March 2008, Dr. Frey confirmed in Swiss newspapers that (a) Federer had suffered mononucleosis (Pfeiffer’s disease) while he played the 2008 Australian Open; (b) Federer’s spleen became dangerously enlarged due to his playing effort; (c) Federer would take longer to heal the mononucleosis because he had over-taxed his body by playing the Australian Open with mononucleosis; and (d) mononucleosis is a difficult illness to overcome and its effects will linger for some time. If Dr. Frey suspected Federer of being a doper he would not have spoken to the Swiss newspapers.

For many years, Roger Federer has been leading the calls for biological passports and other measures to catch drug cheats. Why would he promoting tougher measures that can eventually detect in future any currently undetectable drugs he might be taking today. Why would he risk his annual “$60 million in earnings from deals with blue-chip companies like Nike, Rolex. Mercedes-Benz and Credit Suisse” by continuing to play and risk a scandal?

According to Wikipedia: “an athlete biological passport is an individual, electronic record for professional athletes, in which profiles of biological markers of doping and results of doping tests are collated over a period of time. Doping violations can be detected by noting variances from an athlete’s established levels outside permissible limits, rather than testing for and identifying illegal substances… Many believe that the athlete passport provides an excellent alternative to ensure fairness in elite sports. While a new drug test must be developed and validated for each new drug, the main advantage of the athlete passport is that it is based on the stability of the physiology of the human being. New drugs are produced at an unprecedented pace today and there is often a lag of several years between the availability of a new drug and the application of an effective detection method. In contrast, the physiology of the human being remains the same through several generations and all biomarkers developed today in the athlete passport will remain valid for at least several decades… Also, while a negative drug test does not necessarily mean that the athlete did not dope, the athlete can present his/her passport at the beginning of a competition to attest that he/she will compete in his/her natural, unaltered condition.”

Van Persie Says:


Like you I am a huge Djoko fan. Hope you do not share the political views of Chris de Waard. Have to agree with others on that, he seems to be a bit weird…

Van Persie Says:

Happy Easter to All, who will celebrate it!

HJF Says:

Well its good Friday here in GB, Easters Sunday ….

Van Persie Says:

I will not post during next days, Willow, that’s why I mentioned “will celebrate”.

Berghain Says:

VP thx Dear :)

You too. No work till tuesday. Gonna be a great weekend.
Fröhliche Ostern :)

Leo Says:

Good to see Andy back and both of them having fun.

Wishing Andy a great year ahead, and continued success to Rog!

Humble Rafa Says:

All I can say is I am glad my name is not associated with doping.

RR Says:

I had mono when I was 18, omg does it mean I doped too?

I wonder if novak fans who are hanging on tennispurist lips realize that he thinks Novak dopes too.

Tony N Says:

Travis Bickle: In Monte Carlo, your idol Djokovic has been training with a player who was banned for doping for two years from 2016 to 2018. Your self-proclaimed ‘tennis purist’ twittered that the banned player’s excuse for doping was “still a better story than Sharapova came up with”. Your not so pure ‘tennis purist’ showed his double standards when he omitted to publicly chastise Djokovic for associating and practising with a player banned for doping.

Since he became No. 1 in 2004, Federer has taken a hard stance on players suspended for doping and avoids associating or practising with banned players during their suspension. In 2007, Federer was asked about Guillermo Canas’ doping suspension: “I don’t know how the whole process of how something like that happens. They always fight for it anyway, everybody that was tested positive. That’s, for me, just not understandable. Everybody who gets caught always says, ‘I didn’t do anything’. It’s just not right.”

The founding president of the World Anti-Doping Agency criticised Novak Djokovic’s claim that tennis is not affected by drugs cheats. Djokovic attitude to doping is ‘the Lance Armstrong approach’, said Dick Pound.

lakie Says:

Don’t worry Tony N, Fed is taking a hard stance against others doping so that they do not pose a threat to him. He wants to have monopoly on doping.

Giles Says:

Lakie. ROFL

madmax Says:

Tony N, your research is to be commended.

lakie’s comments are to be humoured.

madmax Says:

lakie Says:
Dear madmax you are obviously worried Fed will be exposed and you try to divert our attention by asking irrelevant questions about Rafa.
Don’t worry madmax, Fed has ITF’s blessing since 2003 and his chief rivals Rafa, Djok and Andy are subjected to rigorous anti doping tests to protect Fed’s legacy.
By the way, when you next ask irrelevant questions as a diversionary tactic, please read up ITF’s anti doping policy so that you make sense. In your present state of ignorance of doping policy, your questions are absurd and make you a laughing stock.

April 13th, 2017 at 9:39 pm


I am not worried in the slightest. More worried about your state of mind.

madmax Says:

Giles Says:
Fedfans get classier by the minute in the form of Kllint.
Madmax. Anything to say??

April 13th, 2017 at 11:36 am

Only when you begin answering my questions directly Giles instead of conveniently sidetracking them for the 10th time.

I can wait though.

J-Kath Says:

There’s a saying that: “the lady doth protest too much” – there is certainly a gentleman who equals the lady on these threads apart from anything else,bores me stiff.

lakie Says:

madmax before you expect anyone to reply to your questions please ask sensible questions. Hint: read up doping policy and what are banned substances before asking questions. Currently there is serious doubt about your comprehension skills.
Besides your questions about Rafa are irrelevant. What has it got to do with Fed on Ped? Are you trying to justify Fed’s doping by alleging his rivals are doing it? Two wrongs do not make a right. tut tut!!

lakie Says:

Kllint is right. Roger has surprised even his greatest critics. They did not know he was doping!

lakie Says:

If RR had mono when he was 18, who cares whether he was doping or not. But if Roger had mono…

skeezer Says:

Tony N,
Nice post :)
These recent Fed hater posts are now more obsessed wth Fed than Fed fans!

jatin Says:

Just stop it already.. Enough of this nonsense.
If you don’t have proof, then who are you to accuse anyone of anything ?
You keep on posting day and night about fed DOPING. Are you this obsessed with him ?
Its quite obvious that you clearly hate fed. We don’t need to hear it over and over again.
Fed is the only player who keep pushing for more doping and blood tests consistently.
If you want to spread these allegations, then make a twitter account or a blog and do it there.
We are here to discuss tennis, its amazing players, their playing styles, to share the joy of being a Fan. Hate has no place in one of the only few legimate tennis forums like this. Please SPARE US…

Ross Says:

So the ghosts of past defeats will stop Roger if he plays Rafa at the FO? This would be the same player who was down 1-3 in the fifth set at the AO, where he has never beaten Rafa, or the same guy who smashed Rafa twice on slow HC, the second time after playing a three setter that was nearly as long as his AO effort? The more I hear Rafa fans going on about how Fed will lose to Rafa, the happier I feel. I tells ya, if those two do get to face each other at the FO, it won’t be Roger who is worried…

Giles Says:

Oh look another new fed bandwagoner! Where were you guys when fed was in the doldrums , eh?
Hey Ross, did you know AO quickened the courts for fed?

madmax Says:

lakie Says:
madmax before you expect anyone to reply to your questions please ask sensible questions. Hint: read up doping policy and what are banned substances before asking questions. Currently there is serious doubt about your comprehension skills.
Besides your questions about Rafa are irrelevant. What has it got to do with Fed on Ped? Are you trying to justify Fed’s doping by alleging his rivals are doing it? Two wrongs do not make a right. tut tut!!

April 14th, 2017 at 5:21 pm

lakie, you are on the rebound from a disastrous relationship. I can tell. This being the case, you have way too much time on your hands.

Jatin has given you some great advice. I suggest you take it.

Tony N Says:

Don’t worry Lackie. We know you desire to have the monopoly on irrational hallucinatory postings on Federer. Fortunately for you, there are only a tiny minority here who can pose a threat to you (since the vast majority are normal people who have rational opinions about Federer and therefore do not post irrational hallucinatory comments).

Madmax and skeezer: Much thanks! :)

Longtime fedfans on this blog have been proven right about Federer. What we said 8 to 10 years ago about Federer’s greatness and sportsmanship has been substantiated since by history.

lakie Says:

yep fed pushes doping tests for others. His, as is well known, are by appointment only, so just a sham. Fed fans are the ones obsessed with doping. Because their man dopes, they think everybody dopes. They had started whole websites devoted to allegations of Nadal doping . Later when Djok became a threat, they accused him of doping but not so aggressively because their main argument that Fed was clean hinged on his skinnyness. But Djok is more skinny and in fact really skinny unlike Fed who has heavy back and shoulder muscles. So they were not sure how to claim Djok is doping but Fed is not!!! So these are the normal, rational fans who had for years clogged websites with their doping accusations. What goes around comes around.

lakie Says:

The irony is, most of the big names caught have all been super skinny, Sharapova, Cilic and much earlier Petr Korda. So according to the logic of Fed fans, Fed being skinny proves he is doping! Don’t cry Fed fans! Your man is safe. There is so much of corruption in sports. So why should we expect tennis to be not corrupt?

skeezer Says:

Do you and giles go to the same school, hang out, have play dates, etc?

lakie Says:

do you and tony n go to the same hangouts?

skeezer Says:

No, we don’t and I don’t invent imaginary accusations either.

lakie Says:

oh you do but more subtly than madmax or tony n. Remember the

references to muscle mass?

The point is, Fed’s resurgence this year is definitely very suspicious.

skeezer Says:

“I thought it was only 14 years of Ped for Fed..”
“He wants to have monopoly on doping.”
“Roger has surprised even his greatest critics. They did not know he was doping!”
“Because their man dopes…”

Read it here folks, lakie wants you to know. Don’t forget to ask about where she/he got her/his facts from.
Meanwhile, in other news, Fed is still the GOAT, no PEDs required.

Tony N Says:

Lackie: “But Djok is more skinny and in fact really skinny unlike Fed who has heavy back and shoulder muscles. So they were not sure how to claim Djok is doping but Fed is not!!!”
It’s obvious, using your thinking. Novak Djokovic’s skinny body, long face and pro-doping comments resemble the icon of dopers: Lance Armstrong. You’re absolutely right that Federer does not look like a doper.


Federer pushes tougher doping tests for everyonel, including himself. These tests can detect advanced drugs for which tests are not yet available and hard to detect. These are the kind of drugs that super rich athletes like Djokovic have the money to buy.

Now, prove your claim with credible facts: Lackie “His (Federer), as is well known, are by appointment only”

Lackie, you and giles have been aware of each other and posting much longer than skeezer and me. So skeezer’s question is valid: “Do you and giles go to the same school, hang out, have play dates, etc?”

lakie Says:

Federer is richer than Djokovic and he has Swiss Banks for the shady transactions. I did not say Fed does not look like a doper. That is what Fed fans claimed pointing to his skinnyness. But now that we find all the big names outed as dopers are all skinny, it is proved that Fed looks like a doper.

lakie Says:

skeezer from where did you get the news that Fed is the GOAT without PEDs?

skeezer Says:

Novak is very rich, rich is not a problem. Lakie lacking knowledge is a problem hiwever. Go read and research what doping actually does, then come back and tell everyone how it benefits a player.

skeezer Says:

Novak is very rich, rich is not a problem. Lakie lacking knowledge is a problem hiwever. Go read and research what doping actually does, then come back and tell everyone how it benefits a player.

lakie Says:

Everyone knows how it benefits players. See how it helped Fed to win 18 slams!!!

skeezer Says:

True, everyone but lakie….👍

skeezer Says:

Lakie refuses to give factual data about all this stuff when asked (see 9:54 post). So, unless otherwise proven with irrufutable evidence, you are debunked.
Gonna just have to live that Fed is the GOAT. Enjoy!

lakie Says:

Skeezer, a nearly 36 year old man sweeping the first quarter is all the proof that is needed to prove that Fed is doping. You have no proof for Fed not doping, only your belief which for all Fed fans is based on irrational faith in the church of Roger. Without Ped , Fed has zero slams. Definitely not a GOAT but maybe GCOAT?

skeezer Says:

Your delusional. YOU are the one with accusations, not
me, nor anyone else. The burden is on you…. Bring the facts or stfu. Oh wait…..
You can’t.

DC Says:

I feel bad for Lakie. Can’t digest the greatness and GOATness of Federer.
Hope Lakie gets well soon.

Tony N Says:

The reason why the minority of extreme Djokovic fanatics like Lackie are always ranting about Federer has to do with what happened in 2013 over Viktor Troicki’s suspension.

Djokovic knows that the rules require every player to provide urine and blood samples when asked, no exceptions. No serious doping control system allows a doping test to be postponed for a day – since there are ways to remove drugs from the body in less than 24 hours. So Djokovic knows that athletes must give samples when asked – they cannot get to pick and choose their testing days and times. Yet Djokovic abused his position as World No. 1 when he irresponsibly read a prepared statement to the news media at the major event World Tour Finals, where he blasted the doping system “It proves again that this system of WADA and anti-doping agencies does not work… I don’t have trust in them any more. I don’t have trust for what’s going on.” This embarrassed the entire tennis world.

Federer, as president of the Players Council, publicly rejected Djokovic’s pro-doping position: “Overall I trust the system. I think they’re all very professional… When you are asked to give a sample, you have to give the sample. It doesn’t matter how bad you’re feeling. Doing the test the next day is not a test anymore because what could have happened overnight. I don’t believe anything. I believe whatever they decided on. I think it’s just very important to give the sample when you’re requested to give it because there you are in front of them and there is no way to escape anymore. That’s where we just need to be extremely firm.” That’s Federer – not just the GOAT but also the Leader.

One of the fanatics is poor Lackie. Lackie hallucinated “His (Federer’s doping tests), as is well known, are by appointment only” — when I challenged him, he was unable to provide any credible evidence to back up his delusional claim.

Tony N Says:

Here’s the real answer from Federer’s renown fitness and conditioning coach Pierre Paganini on how the GOAT Federer achieved his success this year. Translate from French:

madmax Says:

Tony N,

Thanks for all the supporting evidence here. It cannot be argued, can it? Poor Lakie seems to be rolling in dust right now. Yes, I did read that article. The head line from Paganini says it all:

Federer’s physical preparation for seventeen years, Pierre Paganini tells how and why the champion has returned to the top. Exclusive maintenance.

Tony N, the google translation is understandable. Key word here is Passion.

The man is a tavern, his word is rare. To the media hubbub that surrounds the icon, Pierre Paganini prefers the silent silences of the private sessions. This is not the price to pay to be Roger Federer’s fitness trainer for seventeen years, it’s just his nature. By the time the best player of all time pauses after a phenomenal return to the top this year, he tells. How and why is this all possible for the 35-year-old Swiss champion? He speaks as much about the past, the dark year 2016, as about the present and the future. As well as Stan Wawrinka, the other “monster” he entails.

Frank Paganini, did you think Roger Federer able to win the Australian Open for his return to competition after six months of stoppage?

No. I thought he could play well and I was convinced, like the rest of the team around him, that it was good to resume the competition for the start of the season. It basically meant he was like other players. Except that the others had stopped for a month and he, six months. But he is so strong to find solutions that when he has to take his bearings, he does it faster than everyone else.

Tell us about this radical decision that was taken by Federer last year, this six-month break …

We are a team, we are lucky to be with him for a long time. Even Ivan Ljubicic knew him before. So we exchanged opinions with Rodge so he could make his decision. In fact we are all interested in the same thing. Each one brings, in the discussion, what he thinks is good for Rodge.

What was your opinion?

It does not matter. In fact, everyone gives his opinion according to his field of action. The physiotherapist will think according to his specialty, the tennis coach will speak according to the game, the return to the game. And I will more express myself according to the time necessary so that the athlete becomes the athlete again ‘It must be to return to the courts. It is for this reason that we must discuss in groups before making such a decision.

When Federer decided in favor of a big break, did that surprise you?

No. When you do something, you have to do it thoroughly. Including in this case. When he decided to finalize these six months of break, we were in fact all happy to have time in front of us. Because we needed it. Because we had to put all the chances on our side for Roger. If a champion like Roger Federer decides such a break, then we had to take that time he gave us to offer him the best conditions, all fields combined. So that it returns to the top after. All this was logical.

At that time, how did you organize, with the staff around him, to set up the program of his return to the courts?

A longer periodization was proposed, initially close to rehabilitation. With her physiotherapist, exercises. After he gradually moved to my home, for the athletic side. And in such a context, we had to rely on more sessions than usual. Because we had the time. But especially so that Rodge regains the form that was his before his problems. And making sure that he does not get hurt. Because he was there precisely because of an injury. So there were two trains left: one that was to prevent the wounds and one that wanted to bring it back to the top level.

Were you afraid that he would be injured during the preparation, precisely?

If there is not a little fear, if there is not this kind of tension, this adrenaline is not good. There is always a risk, and it is the player himself who assumes it. But we are here because we have convictions. That’s why I particularly appreciated the fact that the team tightened even more during those months. We have seen each other, more than usual, with Rodge, two, three or more. With hindsight, it’s easy to say that it was the right method since he made the return that we know. But it was important. And exciting.

But how was he able to do so many exercises to get back to the top, he who had already won everything?

Passion. It is a simple word, which many use. Except that does to him what goes in connection with. Passion is a philosophy of life, every day, that allows him to live tennis while breathing life. He found a harmony between the two. It is the same person who lives, it is the same person who plays, it is the same person who trains. So it never needs to adapt. At home, it’s natural.

Has there ever been a day in those seventeen years, or the latter

lakie Says:

yep, it is not just overnight that Fed started doping. It has been going on for 17 years as per Paganini.

Daniel Says:

Period of dominations always have some luck to it.

Thos time Fed didn´t have to play Djoko and Murray in those 3 events. He only have to deal with Rafa and Stan which he done beautifully.

Had his share of luck against Berdy and Kyrgios.

Same happend to Nadal in hs 2013 run a dn with Djoko in early 2015 where Fedal where nowhere to be seen.

Just use “doping” becuase you can accept or think it is incredidble because you had Fed done and dust, hence can and will never accept he is the GOAT is your opinion and an easy wait out to explain things, that basically, you just don´t accept.

What if Djoko decides to retire, Murray declines and Nalda never able to beat Fed again, and Federer keeps playng and winning, will that be doping? A lot can happen with main competiotrs as well. He took advantage of a strange 3 motnhs and improved his mind and game agains his nemeisis. And as usual, taking anothe rlong layoff, as he always had reduced schedule.

He turned the tide on Nadal, which was vastly explained here, totgether with Nadal decline as well. Beat Wawa on HC (which is nothing new to him, Wawa never beat him on HC), payed Berdy tough on HC (which is nothing new as well) aAnd beatt Kyrgios in a nail bitter.

Giles Says:

Hey Daniel. Last year and the year before you were saying joker is the GOAT. You were counting his Masters titles (you said he would more or less win them all) and he could win 4 slams per year, huh? You’ve changed your tune now. #Bandwagoner

Giles Says:

lol skeezer. Fed should do the same to all those in this forum and beyond, who are accusing him of juicing, no?

skeezer Says:

Coric( yeah the toddler who beat Rafa ) just won a title. Congrats!👍

J-Kath Says:

I vote for brevity. I’m bored stiff by lectures.
Giles: Apologies for leaving sooner than I intended.

Giles Says:

Hey skeezer. Rafa was a year younger than the ” toddler” when he won the French Open for the first time. # genius

Giles Says:

J-k. You don’t owe me any apology. Pleased you’re staying tho. :)

Willow Says:

Completely agree J.Kath, one of the reasons im not that bothered if i post here, one way or another anymore, much prefer to just enjoy my tennis away from this rotten forum ….

TalkTennis Says:

Guys like Giles, Humble Rafa, talk pure tennis and not what can be happening on the background thats when u lose it . Roger wasnt the best player for the past few years. clear that Nole and Andy were the best, He has had an impressive comeback and winning oz at 35 against probably his toughest draw. credit where due . is that fair to ask or no? While Rafa himself said whats up with u guys ?

chrisford1 Says:

Tony N resents an alternate reality on the 2013 WADA-ATP mess, and what I thought was Novak Djokovics fine stand in favor of clearer rules, a players union advisor being available to contact if any question about tennis protocol, and championing Troicki and Cilic as innocent of wrongdoing.
In this one, Djokovic was on the side of the players, Fed the “suits”. Djokovic was warned he was risking endorsements and risking WADA wrath, but said then and now he had to take a stand for what he believed…that rule changes were needed and Cilic and Troicki were no drug cheats. One of his finest moments may be his denouncement of the system and WADA management – both needing reform – right after trouncing Fed in the WTF semis and sending Fed packing.
He paid for that during Davis Cup, when WADA dragged him off for “random testing” during the crucial doubles match and kept him away the course of the match and incommunicado due to “several faulty urine samples” needed to be redone. And banned Troicki from attending any of his teams matches as a spectator.

Time passed. WADA was forced to make the rule changes Djokovic advocated because Djokovics position was backed by the appeal decision. And he actually gained new corporate sponsors as agents said his involvement enhanced Novak’s image as a standup guy that says what he means when he thinks he is right, a very bright guy who sticks up for comrades unjustly punished far to excessively for the infraction.

Daniel Says:


I think you are confusing me with soemone else.

I never said Djoko is the GOAT, I’ve said at begining of last year he had the potential to be so, more than Nadal as I still think his resume is better than Nadal bar 2 Slams with his other records and #1 credentials.

Also said I thoguht he would win minimim twi, possible 3 and maybe even 4. He win 2, AO and RG.

Also, after RG said I was very curious to see how he would fare in wimbledon as a let downs could happen (as it was the case) and hence picked Murray to win Wimbledon in bracquet challenge, which I won.

Wasn’t expecting him to drop as he did this last 11 months nor Fed has the year he has ao far. Nobody did

I pretty consistent with what I write.
Alaways said Fed has a chance in slams if he goes deep, specially if the Big 4 are out.

But he again surpised is all this AO. And think he has a chance for wimby ans USO.

By what I saw him playing agasint
murray in that exo, the same game tbat got him AO/IW/miami was all there.

Tony N Says:

The real reason Federer has the fitness and conditioning: his fitness coach Pierre Paganini

Roger Federer’s fitness guru Pierre Paganini

November 2016: Pierre Paganini on Federer’s passion for work (translate from German)

Tony N Says:

chrisford1: You believe too much in the alternate reality created by Djokovic’s publicity agents that you are even hallucinating it as the reality. Time to wake up from your (alternate reality) slumber. Djokovic was not on the side of the clean players (the vast majority) – Djokovuc was on the side of the ‘doping players’ (the tiny minority of cheaters).

Federer and Nadal disagree with Djokovic on Troicki’s doping case
“Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal, however, both stand by the rules… Nadal was sympathetic with Troicki’s plight but agreed with Federer. “We have rules,” Nadal said. “We can like [the rules] or not, but we have rules. I am very sorry for Viktor… But he knows that he has to pass the doping [test].”

Read “Andy Murray: Viktor Troicki and Marin Cilic unprofessional” in BBC. “Andy Murray says Viktor Troicki and Marin Cilic were “unprofessional” for the actions which led to them being banned for doping offences… Wimbledon champion Murray believes there “almost has to be zero tolerance” so that players do not think they can get away with cheating, and so the sport can regain the public’s trust… The British number one says players need to know the rules, and that there can be “no excuses” for accidentally taking a substance on the banned list. “Whether either player was intentionally cheating or not – we don’t know that, and I don’t think either of them are like that – but both of them were unprofessional,” said Murray… Troicki’s good friend Novak Djokovic labelled the doctor in question “unprofessional” in an emotional statement delivered on Tuesday night. But Murray takes a very different view. “We don’t know exactly what was said in the room between the doping control officer and Viktor but the reality is that there are rules and you need to stick to them,” said Murray. “When we’re asked to go and give a drugs test, we must do that. “I’m happy that the drug testing is going in the right direction: they’re starting to increase it, they’re doing more blood testing and we’ve got the biological passports in place. “There almost has to be zero tolerance on that stuff because, if not, people are just going to think they can get away with anything.”… Murray is encouraged by recent moves by the International Tennis Federation (ITF) to step up its anti-doping programme… “Obviously tennis has had a few problems as well, so to get the trust back from the public and from everyone we need to show that we are doing the right things, and when people break the rules that they are punished and that they don’t get off.”

Read “Why Viktor Troicki was suspended for anti-doping violation” by SI’s Courtney Nguyen (she has a law degree)

Yup, here’s Djokovic again on the side of the (doping) players: Andy Murray and Novak Djokovic disagree over tennis’s drugs problem

Truth Says:

Yawn. Why would Djoker care about your opinions? Cnn and BBC are not important to Cilic or Troicki.

Fed’s 2003-2006 weak opponents wish they were doped up to win anything without cheating.
Didn’t Safin require “elderly GOAT” Fed to choke away 4 Australian Open Match Points?

Even with doping, Roddick and Hewitt would’ve been humiliated in almost every tourney.
The same players that Fed needed to choke in Slams.
As usual, without Djoker injury, Fed would fail as usual in 99.8% of Masters and Slams.
Fed could barely beat Roddick, the one dimensional server and worst shot returner of all Slam flukes.
Fed didn’t care about Djoker until Djoker demolished his “friend Roddick”. LOL
That’s why Fed hated Djoker the most. Fed was still annoyed that his disrespect for Djoker was mentioned in 2016. Truth hurt Fed. Poor guy hopes no one notices that he’s no GOAT.

J-Kath Says:


My problem is that I object to lengthy lectures delivered by a starry-eyed, particularly doting Federer fan who, makes me squirm ever time he feels the need to constantly praise Roger as though Roger is a deity. Tx is supposed to be an exchange of views rather than domination by one besotted fan on one particular player.

By now Sean should have served several cautions. Have you noticed how many regular posters have and are withdrawing?

Markus Says:

I don’t mind lengthy posts. Some of them make a lot of sense and I learn something. It’s very easy to skip over them if I am not in the mood. I may not always agree with what these lengthy posts say but I don’t resent the writers. Some of them do a lot of research work about what they post. I appreciate that.

Tony N Says:

I too don’t mind lengthy posts, as long as these are substantiated with credible facts and rational arguments. Personally, I prefer it to short posts spewing hateful lies about a player.

An individual who does not like any post – long or short – can easily solve her/his personal problem: just use common sense to skip the post. Problem solved.

However, instead of exercising control over what she/he reads, the individual chooses to keep reading new posts that she/he so despises, then repetitively whines about it and selfishly demands the preclusion of posts that other readers may find interesting and illuminating.

This is the internet: no post on a screen can foist a view, deliver a lecture, bore a person or spark a squirm. Such reactions are imagined in the mind of the individual. A reality check might help.

lakie Says:

By now I have forgotten which Fed fan said Fed is an angel and Djok is Satan. Was it you Tony N?

Tony N Says:

lakie, watch your language. After all your fairy tales we know you are substituting facts with fiction by claiming Djok is Satan.
Gosh, you really are terminally jealous of Federer that it hurts you from your butt today to your dreams tonight. Poor lackie.

lakie Says:

Poor Tony N! Maybe all these interactions have been too much for your poor brain. Some fuse blew or something got short circuited resulting in the above confused post of yours. Sit under a cold shower, man,and let the overheated brain cool down.

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