Nasty Ilie Nastase Should Be Banned From Tennis

by Sean Randall | April 22nd, 2017, 4:45 pm

Ilie Nastase is in the news and he’s in it for all the wrong reasons.

The 70-year-old 2-time Grand Slam champion and former No. 1 is, or was, the captain of Romania’s Fed Cup team this weekend.

First, Nastase dropped this on news of Serena’s pregnancy on Friday:

“Let’s see what color it has. Chocolate with milk?” Nastase was quoted as saying.

And then today, after getting slammed in the press for those remarks, he unloaded on the referee, the British team and then the press during Romania tie against the Brits.

And earlier he went after the journalist who published the quote. Unreal.

The ITF has since released this statement:
“This is unacceptable behaviour by a Fed Cup captain. No player, official, member of the media or fan should have to endure any kind of abuse, and Mr Nastase will rightly play no further part in this tie. A formal investigation is already underway and any decision or sanction will be made by the ITF’s Adjudication Panel. We are unable to comment further on an ongoing investigation.”

So Nastase is banned from the tie but when you take the Serena comments he should be banned from tennis for life. It’s that simple. There’s just no place for that kind of behavior and those kinds of insults in tennis. None.

Back in the 70s, Nastase gained notoriety not just for his achievements for also for his antics. Times have changed and that behavior no longer flies in this social media age. Good riddance.

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14 Comments for Nasty Ilie Nastase Should Be Banned From Tennis

chrisford1 Says:

Let’s get it right, Sean Randall. Nastase deserves a booting and probably fine for his lowlife comments at the umpire and a player and the coach of the Brit Fed Cup team.

But banned for life for bemused speculation on the color of William’s mixed race baby?? Sean, you poor delicate snowflake! Since when has speculating about what a kid will look like when born – milk chocolate, cafe au lait a Thought Crime? Even making jokes about still another ethnic Armenian (like the Kardashians) with a taste for dark meat??

I think people have seen the crest of the leftist BLM, safe spaces, Muslim victimology, shutdown speech, threats of career destruction of people they disagree with, snowflakes, PC&Green campus Gestapos…and are sick of it.

RZ Says:

@Chrisford – There are standards the tennis world has in terms of behavior, and Nastase has clearly crossed the line time and again. It’s one thing for him to make comments about Serena – those comments were racist and offensive, but while they relate to a tennis player, they were not part of a tournament. But during this Fed Cup tie, as the captain of the Romanian team, he sexually harassed the opposing team’s captain, cursed at the chair ump, and cursed at both the opposing team’s captain and on-court player. That behavior is not acceptable. If the Romanian tennis federation members are smart, they would never bring him back in a leadership position.

Van Persie Says:

As much as I admire him for his talent, never got it why he got in that position in the first place. Agree with RZ

Van Persie Says:

But I also read now, Nasty got angry because the umpire allowed Jo Konta, when Sorana Carstea was in the lead 3-1 in the second set, to leave the court for 20 minutes? WTF are these rules??

Van Persie Says:

They allowed Konta to leave the court, because she started to cry…

This is not an excuse for what Nasty said, but 20 minutes pause during a set????

Van Persie Says:

Hai Simona!!

Nobody Says:

Sean, I completely agree with your outrage. But you don’t even need the Serena comment to get a life ban. Calling members of the opposing team b* is just as bad. And sexually harassing the other team’s captain (putting his arm around her and asking for her hotel room number), should be dealt with in court!

Van Persie Says:

Not a fan of Fed cup, but watched now Simona vs Konta, since Nasty gained my interest. Lol

After the 1 set Konta cried again. Very sensitive girl. Suh a drama queen..
Glad Simona won this.

Danica Says:

I read Cirstea’s presser and totally agree with her. Glad Simona won over Konta.

Van Persie Says:


Always liked Konta until now. Considered her decent, talented…bu she just left the court yesterday. The superwiser had no explanatin for this, when the Romanian team asked. She should have bewn disqualified.

Mike Says:

If Ilie should be banned for the Serena comments, shouldn’t Serena have been banned for threatening physical violence on that line judge at the US Open years ago??

madmax Says:

My God!

‘The man is 70 years old! Has he learned nothing about decorum and etiquette through the years?

Unbelievable ignorance. Just not funny.

SG1 Says:

Scum bag

Truth Says:

Lol at the double standards.
Roddick was foul mouthed and mocked Serena by faking big breasts on his chest. No one was outraged.
He insulted lines judges, umpires, players and promoters for his own amusement every week.
Fed fans love the buffoon’s behaviour all the time.

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