Roger Federer In A Gucci Cobra Tuxedo? “It’s Business In The Front, Party In The Back” [Video]

by Tom Gainey | May 2nd, 2017, 10:40 am

Serena Williams wasn’t the only tennis star at the Met Gala last night. Roger Federer, who is in U.S. following his Saturday charity exo in Seattle, made an appearance wearing a Gucci tuxedo with a bizarre cobra embroidered on the back!

The charity event held at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City benefits the Costume Institue, so off-the-wall attire is the norm. But a cobra from the Swiss?

“I’ve never worn anything close to this,” Federer told GQ. “It’s business in the front, party in the back.”

While Federer is taking the spring clay lead-up off, rival Rafael Nadal has racked up consecutive titles in Monte Carlo and Barcelona, and will all but certainly be ahead of Roger in 2017 points going into Paris.

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44 Comments for Roger Federer In A Gucci Cobra Tuxedo? “It’s Business In The Front, Party In The Back” [Video]

Giles Says:

Is that a clown’s jacket? ROFL

Pamela Says:

The Met gala is huge here. the event of the year and Roger has a great relationship with Anna Wintour. I love Roger, but the cobra tux… a bit much for me. Mirka looked beautiful. Nice to see this side of them

Pamela Says:

Giles – Might not be a “clown’s jacket”… but a joke for sure

Giles Says:

Or even a motor cycle gang leader! Lol

Willow Says:

Mirka looks gorgeous, love the dress ….

Dennis Says:

That’s the tackiest jacket ever. Surprised Roger would allow himself to be talked into wearing something so atrocious.

Willow Says:

What were you thinking Roger ? ….

skeezer Says:

Met gala welcomes the GOAT of Tennis. Seems right. The Cobra represents the quick strike tennis he has done against his opponents this year. Awesome!
Fed’s jacket is mellow compared to others:

Deidre Says:

It’s the Met Gala and everything is overboard. I think the jacket rocked especially in keeping with the theme of the evening. Way to rock the boat Roger!

Willow Says:

Proof that money cannot buy you class, and im talking about Kendal Jenner whos a beautiful woman, but my goodness theres a difference between dressing sexily and looking tacky, and this is from a woman that wrote the book on dressing provocativly ….

Humble Rafa Says:

Proof that money cannot buy you class, and im talking about Kendal Jenner

Are the last two word names necessary? Sometimes Willyboy, short is better.

Okiegal Says:

That jacket scared me too……but I laughed just the same…..

Daniel Says:

Fed should have arrived in a Harley Davidson and a proper sunglass, only way to make that outfit work, lol

madmax Says:

Willow Says:
What were you thinking Roger ? ….

May 2nd, 2017 at 1:33 pm

Willow, agree. However, what will make you happy is that he was at the gala with HUGH JACKMAN!

Look at the photos Willow!

madmax Says:


May be that will bring you back! :-) …

Margot Says:

Wont comment on Fed’s jacket, best not to…..;) but Mirka looks lovely.

AndyMira Says:

“Won’t comment on Fed’s jacket,best not to…”

Hehe…Me too M!!who knows i will get a poison bite from a Cobra somewhere!!

Willow Says:

Madmax lol, OMG well that man could indeed be bald, and wear a potato sack, and it wouldnt matter, the guy would still be the sexiest man on the planet, as far as im concerned, CHEERS :-) ….

Willow Says:

^And we had a brief chat on FB last week, something i will never forget for as long as i live, saw the pictures, be still my beating heart :-) ^ ….

madmax Says:


Hugh Jackman in the background, photo 5 – and now, here’s the thing! A Challenge!

madmax Says:

It’s on Willow! (more or less!)

Hugh Jackman ✔ @RealHughJackman
Bring it @rogerfederer ! @DjokerNole you in? Just need a 4th and it’s on.
7:05 PM – 2 May 2017

481 481 Retweets 2,561 2,561 likes

Willow Says:

Thankyou Madmax although id already seen most of the pictures on FB, the guy is just irrisistible, and has James Bond written all over him ;-) ….

madmax Says:


You are talking about Roger, right? :-)

Willow Says:

Madmax nah sorry lol, but you knew that anyway, Rogers nice enough dont get me wrong, but theres only one man out there that could pull off JB , and thats HJ :-) ….

chrisford1 Says:

Djokovic of the Big 4 wears a tux the best of them, given his skinny frame and hair, and the facial features sought in male models.
With Roger a close second. Pirate look Rafa was very hot with the females. and gays like his rear end so the Armani underwear ads. Andy, though he cleans up well, is generally scruffy.
Apparently, the reason for no higher fashion opportunities for Novak is he spent 3-4 years on the fashionista black list, for the crime of wearing a jacket to a Miami Gala that was covered with bright pink and phosphorescent green so so side deals. Then Wintour started rehabbing him and he’s dong OK since 2014 with fashionista approval.
But I would say Roger’s Cobra jacket is at least as bad as Djokovics garish palm tree jacket….and worse than his gold lame` and cream outfit and tennis bags embroidered with the number 15 that Nike made for his 15th Slam trophy. The 15 on the bags was quickly noted and discussed before the match even started and Andy Roddick almost made it into a super embarrassment.
And I join all in saying Mirka looks excellent. Better than she has for 7-8 years. It isn’t just the outfit, she has lost weight and gotten fitter.

RZ Says:

Hi all – quick note to say that I’ll be on the raod for a couple of weeks and won’t be on Tennis-X much, if at all. If Andy suddenly starts playing better, I will take credit for it :-)

I will TRY to set up a French Open ATP racquet bracket on May 20 but can’t promise that I will get to it. If someone else would like to do it, please feel free.

AndyMira Says:

@RZ….Good luck with your trip!..Hey,i remember last year u’re also made a trip and Andy won something…is it Queen or Wimby??Hope history repeat again this year RZ!!Oho ho ho!!…

Danica Says:

Well, Roger in this tux and Mirka in her pink tiger (also Gucci, some 2000+ US$) disaster of a sweater. I thought I’ve seen it all :)))

Talbot Tennis Says:

Roger Looking good as always. GOAT

chrisford1 Says:

Danica – It may be some fashion faux pas, but most people don’t care if the dress and the person in the dress (or suit for guys natch), looks good.
And Mirka looked better than she has for years..

Just a passing thought. Roger is not considered as “snake strike fast” as Djokovic, Rafa, Murray, guys like Monfils and Nishikori – but he is still very fast as a court mover with near perfect balance and footwork, and fast reflexes. And when he wasn’t fast enough when he got tired and was shanking and spraying balls all over the place, he got fast again by getting a bigger racket.
Fast enough, though, that wearing the cobra is appropriate.
And mongoose fits the defense into offense style of Rafa, Novak and now Andy…better than the snake comparision.. What’s faster than a snake strike – a critter that usually dodges them.

Margot Says:


Willow Says:

RZ From me too ;-) ….

Markus Says:

If you know the occasion, you would know the rationale for Roger’s cobra tuxedo. It is most appropriate for the affair. Of all tennis players, Roger is the most at ease and best suited (pun intended) at any place one puts him in. Man of the world.

J-Kath Says:

Something a bit different (I think) – 6.30pm – to 10.30pm this evening on UK TV LIVE TENNIS: TIE BREAK TENS. Coverage of the event from Madrid in which only tie-breaks are played, as the players try to win each match by being the first to score ten points.

No idea if worth watching or how many players….anyway: it’s on Freeview 12; Sky 111 and Virgin 127 (HD194).

PS to RZ: Behave yourself and if you can’t don’t get caught.

J-Kath Says:

Willow, Margot – this “TIE BREAK TENS” quite interesting. PS: Grigor sitting with Maria.

Truth Says:

Lame and arrogant personality. Hideous outfits. Shocking, really.

Speaking of overrated, disgusting & fake, Roddick is perfectly suited for the weak era “rival” Fed.
Fed fans have no understanding of why these two are always mentioned together. Get a clue.
Everywhere Fed goes, Roddick is always talked about. Roddick depended on him to look like a Fed victim, and not what he truly was, a clown that didn’t belong in tennis with real tennis players and legends. Roddick was obsessed with Fed.
He continued hosting shows and bashing Djoker because he was so jealous that less wealthy people from war-torn countries had better personalities and GOAT talent. More than Fed.
Fed depends on genetically unfortunate and injured opponents to capitalize in Slams.
The lucky “gentleman” had to be praised & voted sportsmanship man of the year,year after year, to make it look like physically inferior, washed up old players and Nadal were worthless… LMAO

Leo Says:

I’d never wear it, but Fed pulls it off. Good for him for having a sense of humor: Business in the front Party in the back. Lol!

Deidre Says:

Compared to many outfits Roger’s was pretty tame but good for him for getting into the spirit of the party and enjoying himself.

Markus Says:

I’m really starting to enjoy Truth’s posts. :-)

Margot Says:

Oh dear Markus, just lie down in a darkened room and pray the moment will pass quickly….;)

Willow Says:

^ LOL ^

Markus Says:

I tried that, Margot, but it did not work. Now that I have accepted it, reading Truth’s posts makes me pass gas instead. It feels good. It may be gross but what can be more befitting?

Margot Says:

^ expelling a giant t**d perhaps?…;)

Bruce Says:

must be for publicity… ghastly, common looking

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