Novak Djokovic’s New Coach Is Andre Agassi!

by Staff | May 21st, 2017, 12:38 pm

Following his 6-4, 6-3 loss today to Alexander Zverev, Novak Djokovic confirmed that Andre Agassi will be his new coach starting at the French Open.

Djokovic told the press that he has been in talks with Agassi for a few weeks and that he will be with him in Paris.

“I spoke to Andre the last couple of weeks on the phone and we decided to get together in Paris,” Djokovic said. “He’s going to be there. We’ll see what the future brings. We are both very excited to work together and see where it takes us.

“We don’t have any long term commitment, it’s just us trying to get to know each other in Paris a little but. He will not stay the whole tournament, he’s going to stay until a certain time then we’ll see what’s going to happen.

“Andre is someone that I have tremendous respect for as a person and as a player. He has been through everything that I’m going through on court. He understands the game amazingly well, I enjoy every conversation I’ve had with him. He’s also someone who nurtures the family values and philanthropy work.

“He’s a person who can contribute to my likf on and off the court a lot so I’m very excited to see what’s ahead of us.”

The 47-year-old Agassi has never coached before and has been out of the game since retiring a decade ago. As a busy man how much time will he have for Djokovic and how will he mesh with Novak’s spiritual advisor Pepe Imaz? More details on the partnership are expected later this week.

Djokovic, who turns 30 tomorrow, has just two titles since winning the French Open last year. His French Open title defense starts in a week.

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16 Comments for Novak Djokovic’s New Coach Is Andre Agassi!

skeezer Says:

“He’s also someone who nurtures the family values and philanthropy work.”
I thought this was a key statement. Novak fans have been wondering why the changes in him?
He now doesn’t just think and do tennis 24/7 like before. Other values are just as important, so you are going to have lapses in you game naturally if you don’t learn another way to compete. He is looking for help in adjusting so he can compete at the highest level but yet take the time to enjoy his family life and his other work that is now in his life. Makes sense to me! Best of luck Dude.

RZ Says:

This will be interesting to see how it works out. I had gotten the sense from Agassi from previous interviews that he wasn’t that interested in traveling on the tour, but maybe he will be like Lendl is with Andy, just dropping in occasionally for the bigger tournaments.

Van Persie Says:

He will work a while with Agassi and will rehire BB, have a feeling

Van Persie Says:

P.S. He can forget about winning FO, but wull do better in the 2 half of season.

Giles Says:

BB will never return as long as that Pepe dude is around.

Miles Says:

Giles, I agree – that ship has sailed. Thiem could do a lot worse than recruit BB – DT is lacking tactical astuteness and BB could transform his game.

chrisford1 Says:

I think Novak wants Agassi because Andre had some hard times with balancing life and facing tennis burnout and cam back from it and had several fine years after he turned 30.
Can’t see it as full time. He has ruled it out before saying family and his Academy means he wants to spend most his time in Las Vegas. No way would Steffi hit the road again.
It likely will be just as RZ says with Lendl. He will attend the big events talk to Novak and whatever is working with him on Tour, and give Novak directions on play and conditioning/training that both have to be satisfied with. Or it ends, just like Lendl walked away from Andy for a few years.
Maybe Andre’s first move will be to say Novak better hire GG back and do what he says, as well.

Giles Says:

Team Djokassi !! Lol

Humble Rafa Says:

The Bald One will ask him to re-marry and get on with drugs. Basically steer what the Egg Lover worked for him 15 years ago.

J-Kath Says:

Chrisford 1

I get your gist – but how many years did Lendl walk away from Andy – your exaggeration would equal mine if I said “yesterday”.

Wog Boy Says:

Not just new coach, but new sponsor too, Lacoste. Contract with Uniqlo is just about finished.

Van Persie Says:

Happy B-day, Nole!

chrisford1 Says:

J-Kath, my memory is fairly decent, something poor Skeezer hates when discussion involves me and heads to the Weak Era stuff. I checked good ol Wiki just to be sure when I saw what you wrote:

“On March 19, 2014, it was announced that Lendl and Murray would be ending their two-year coaching partnership.

On June 12, 2016, Lendl rejoined Andy Murray’s coaching team”.

About 2 years, no over exaggeration. Or under exaggeration, either. Two’s a few years. Wish I had said a couple years. Lendl was before my time, but even if he wasn’t Mr nice guy, I admire him for his high intelligence, being the 1st to use advanced physical fitness training, fighting with the jerkish old school communists in Czechoslovakia..and bailing on them. Then they burned him at the Olympics from competing..And all those great Lendl stories.

J-Kath Says:

Chrisford 1

Let’s say both of us are correct – especially as time flies bye in the blink of an eye.

chrisford1 Says:

OK, J-Kath. Happy to say you are in the right in what you say most the time and right enough on the Lendl hiatus from Team Murray.

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