Is Andre Agassi Coaching Novak Djokovic For Free?

by Tom Gainey | June 2nd, 2017, 4:37 pm

During a sponsor function today at the French Open, Andre Agassi revealed for the first time his relationship with Novak Djokovic.

And the tennis great said that he doesn’t expect Novak

“For me, I do it on my own time, I do it on my own dime, my own money,” Agassi said. “I don’t want anything, I don’t get anything. I want to help him and it helps the game. Him at his best is good for the game and it’s a way I can contribute.”

So Andre’s coaching Novak for free?

“I’m not going to get into that,” Djokovic said of the price tag. “But everything that he said is completely true, so it’s completely his decision. You know how much he wants to get involved, how often he wants to be in person there with me.

“I hope that that’s gonna stay for a long time that we can create something that is going to go long term.”

Today was scheduled to be the last match Agassi will be in Djokovic’s coaching box in Paris. But Agassi said, “as long he feels like I can help him, I will.” So sounds like there might be more Djokassi!

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24 Comments for Is Andre Agassi Coaching Novak Djokovic For Free?

RZ Says:

Maybe Agassi can coach me for free. I could be good for the game if I develop a good game. :-)

Giles Says:

Wonder what these two are up to -NOBODY works for free so what’s going on???

Wog Boy Says:

How lucky Nole is, Pepe is doing it for free, Marko is doing it for free and now Agassi…
… “gde je mnogo babica tu je dete kilavo”.

I know one thing, when ever I was given something for free it ended up costing me much more than if I would have paid for it. Don’t accept freebies anymore.

Colin Says:

Giles, your cynical remark may seem worldly wise to you, but in fact it’s simply untrue. Plenty of people work hard in local politics at a time like this (Brexit and General Election), knocking on doors, distributing leaflets etc.
There are plenty of other examples, though I’ll agree that most Americans don’t pass up any opportunity to make a few bucks.

It’s now established in the language, alas, but “for free” is an ugly and ungrammatical phrase. It ought to be simply “free” or “for nothing”.

RZ Says:

This is another reason why I don’t think Agassi is in this for the long term. It’s one thing to do this for free for a few months, quite another for a few years.

Travis Bickle Says:


You’re bang on!

I have always wondered what’s going on with Rafa and his coach when I read Uncle Toni worked for free.
I am sure Rafa was compensating his uncle in another way ever since he was a teenager. Like you said: NOBODY works for free… and definitely not someone like uncle Toni ;-)

J-Kath Says:

Hi there All Top Tennis Players:

I’m an excellent Chef, Can Carry Heavy Bags, Can Write Speeches and Articles; Can drive like a trained Chauffeur; Know how to play Tennis; Can do Spread Sheets (including my expenses – no salary of course but perhaps a few gifts – e.g.I need a new car) – I can discuss all current and historical issues. Can be very discreet – wink, wink.

First reasonable approach will be accepted. My address: Please contact me via Facebook c/o Okiegal, Willow and Andy Mira.

Yours sincerely

JM01 Says:

Not for the long term then. Becker was perfect for Novak

J-Kath Says:

A serious possibility:

Nole offered a seriously generous contribution to Agassi’s charity. Really no other answer.

Humble Rafa Says:

I don’t pay Uncle Toni. Uncle Toni teaches me for the love of the game and lovely nephew. No inside games. No gotchas.

Colin Says:

J-Kath, in three short sentences you have gone from “possibility” to “no other answer”.

Margot Says:

Sounds like a very informal arrangement, in which case Agassi can walk away when he likes.

J-Kath Says:

Colin: I’m practising to be a politician.

gonzalowski Says:

Uncle Toni had his cap of Iberostar Travels, for advertising :)

Giles Says:

TB. Hardly a comparison. Rafa and Toni are relatives. Joker and Agasssi are?????? Lol. I don’t think they even know each other.
There’s only one explanation IMO and that is joker has pledged vast sums of money to Agassi’s Foundation in lieu of a coaching fee.

Giles Says:

Colin. Vast difference. What you have put forward is called voluntary work.

Willow Says:

I Heard Steffi persuaded Andre to coach Novak, maybe they are both making donations to each others foundations ….

Deidre Says:

So he’s coaching for the love of the game and not money….fits right in with Pepe!🙄

Giles Says:
Lol. Is he perchance joker’s long lost uncle?
Come on Agassi, now tell us the real reason why joker is the chosen one. No BS please!

Wog Boy Says:

I love what Agassi is doing, pulling everybody’s legs, leaving them in dark and guessing:)
I am even more sure now that him and Nole are perfect fit.
The fact is that he was approached by quite a few players in the past and his answer was always “NO”, apparently by Andy himself before he opted to bring Lendl back. That fact tells a lot and why some “fans” are going green.
He is there to stay and will be with Nole whenever Nole needs him, next Wimbledon, but Nole needs second coach to be with him all the time and to get rid of Pepe and particularly Marko who has very negative influence on Nole, so visible when he is in the box in that ugly T-shirt with a smile on his face believing, falsely, in his own importance.
First thing first Andre, kick them out of that box.

Emily Crow Says:

So is Nike not paying Agassi for wearing their clothes?

J-Kath Says:


What Agassi said on a TV interview seemed to indicate that he’s not bothered about Nole’s rag-tag support team. He seems to understand Nole’s situation and special needs some of which resonate with his own philosophy.

If the new “Mix” works for Nole and leads to an improved life/work balance, it may be just what the Doctor ordered.????

Be interesting to see what, if anything, occurs in the near future.

Giles Says:

Agassi already FOS!! It’s catching.

madmax Says:

Apparently, he is. Coaching him for free. It is not as if he needs the money, nor the kudos. He believes in Novak’s game. There is talk of Novak taking a break from tennis. I don’t believe this will happen. Every player goes through a dip in form. It has happened to Roger and to Rafa many times.

…but look at them now! Incredible form!

Novak will get back to his winning ways. I am certain of it. I see this as a blip. Nothing more.

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