Tommy Haas Among Wimbledon Wildcard Recipients

by Tom Gainey | June 21st, 2017, 12:25 pm

Tommy Haas’s wish for a Wimbledon wildcard came true today. The 39-year-old Haas who is in his last season was among the recipients of wildcards for the grass which begins in 10 days.

“I’m hoping for a Wild Card in Wimbledon which I think I have a good chance at,” Haas said yesterday in Halle.

Haas will make his 16th appearance at the club. He reached the semifinals in 2009.

Brits Laura Robson and Heather Watson were among the women’s wildcards.

Seven more wildcards (4 men, 3 women) are still to be allocated.

Tommy Haas (GER)
Bryan Klein (GER)
Cameron Norrie (GBR)
Denis Shapalov (CAN)

Katie Boulter (GBR)
Naomi Broady (GBR)
Zarina Diyas (KAZ)
Laura Robson (GBR)
Heather Watson (GBR)

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11 Comments for Tommy Haas Among Wimbledon Wildcard Recipients

RZ Says:

Surprised that Heather Watson’s ranking has dropped so low that she needs a wild card.

chrisford1 Says:

Good move.
Tommy has has some wondrous days on grass (courts), and this is his last year. Just lost in the Halle QFs today to Tomic.

A long career of promise, unfortunate injury to himself plus a year when he stayed out of tennis to care for his parents who were badly injured in a car accident. And Moments of Glory. In his career he has beaten Sampras, Agassi, Hewitt, Federer, Djokovic, Murray…sometimes in title matches. Everyone but Nadal.

My wife argued with a friend for years on who was better looking – Haas, or Safin.

Wog Boy Says:

Safin by miles…and he is still going, on the other hand Haas became son in law of some rich dude, filthy rich dude, and that’s what he will stay, son in law of “that and that person”..never had pedigree of real macho man, just poster boy..

Willow Says:

TH Is a handsome guy , with alot of talent, nice to see him back playing, but i dont expect anything much from him anymore, and i doubt any of the WC to be much of a factor, probably the exception would be Shapovalov, the rest seem to be there to make up the numbers, a bunch of Brits losing in the first round as per usual (yawn) ….

FedExpress Says:

chrisford, is your wife not aware of your good looks?

RZ Says:

@Chrisford – there are some questions, like your wife’s, that don’t have a correct answer. Both are good looking men! :-)

@Wog Boy – Haas may have never won a slam, but he is well known among the tennis community (including fans). I’ve found that a lot of my friends who follow tennis know who Haas is, but have no idea who David Foster is. Plus now that David Foster is producing the Haas-Federer-Dmitrov boy band, Haas’s renown will grow. :-)

Daniel Says:

CF1, Both my sister love both equaly.

One may say Haas is more better looking, but Safin defintlyhas more macho mojo going on, bad boy. Which women love

Willow Says:

Daniel definitely Safin for me too the tatooed sexy bad boy, Haas is nice looking but a bit too Mr Clean cut for me, i like a man with a bit of an edge to them, just me ….

Wog Boy Says:

You missed my point, it is nothing to do with winning GS, but I won’t go to details, it might end up as XXX rated post:)

As for David Foster, it doesn’t matter how many people know who DF is, what matters is that Haas knows who David Foster is …

As a man, I would go out (to socialize) with Safin any time of day and night, you know it will be filled with action not so with Haas..

As from tennis point, I rate Safin, and Nalbandian for that matter, BH arguably the best in the game.

Okiegal Says:

I love a man who is a beast on red dirt and loves to 🐟 and eat 🍦!!! Lol

RZ Says:

@Wog Boy – what, you don’t consider bad singing with fellow tennis pros and accompanied by David Foster on the piano a night of action? :-)

Story about Safin that someone told me (completely unverified but it sounds like it could have happened) when I used to volunteer at the Los Angeles tennis tournament that is held at the UCLA campus. I was on the transportation squad, where we would drive players, coaches, and/or umps to/from their hotels, matches, practice locations, etc. The players would come to the transportation table and ask for a ride, and a volunteer would go to get a car from the parking lot and pick up the player to take to wherever. The whole process of getting the car would take 5 minutes. Apparently in a prior year to when I volunteered, Safin showed up for a ride but didn’t want to wait the 5 minutes. He instead went out onto the college campus, flagged down a car being driven by a pretty lady, and got into it with her. Fortunately as far as I know, he made it to his next match.

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