July Off Topic Thread

by Staff | July 5th, 2017, 6:53 pm

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27 Comments for July Off Topic Thread

Margot Says:

https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2017/jul/13/andy-roddick-throws-away-trophies Just for Truth as I know he dotes on all things Roddick and is most eager for up to date news………With apologies to skeeze…;)

Danica Says:

Ugh, he could have donated them for charity. They could have been auctioned off and the money donated to any causes they deem important.

skeezer Says:

You mean Truth, no? ;)
I have no beef or unbeef w/Rod man.
I guess in this instance he could have taken off his name and given it to a junior tennis program(or something like).
I have seen other tennis players keep only the trophies that they won(ie; no second place trophies, etc). But this? Oh well..

Margot Says:

skeeze: was going back to a conversation we had featuring Truth and Roddick. I begged you not to mention either…;)

Margot Says:

PS Skeeze, would NEVER apologise to “alternative fact” anyway.

AndyMira Says:

Especially for M! and other’s who’s interested…https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ju_A-T4ZjUo

Margot Says:

Great voice AM and interesting complex person. How good the “off topic” thread is, just the job for this kinda stuff :)

AndyMira Says:

M!…U like it?I will post something that’s gonna make u cry soon…like it does to me…

RZ Says:

AM and Margot – guess who used to be the producer (and maybe still is) for Charice? David Foster, aka Tommy Haas’s father-in-law. See, there’s a tennis link. :-)

Margot Says:

Good spot RZ!

AndyMira Says:

Yeah RZ!…I just hope that Roger don’t get an inspiration to collaborate with David and make a song…”Dear God!…Help me!I wanna 25 slams”…Oh no!no!no!no!…bad news for my man!!

AndyMira Says:

RZ!….Oh Gawd!{hands on the head!}…Hehehehehawhawhawhaw!!…No wonder his kids don’t want him to sing!…Hehe..me too!!

Thanks for posting it RZ!!

Pamela Says:

Listening to Roger, Grigor and Tommy with David Foster on piano, was hysterical. I think it was after the AO…..they better keep their days jobs. Just sayin

AndyMira Says:

Pamela!…I think everybody will agree with u!Hehehe…

RZ Says:

@Pamela – I laughed through the entire video clip. I loved their enthusiasm despite their terrible singing.

@AM – thanks for the link.

AndyMira Says:

@RZ!….You’re very much welcome!!

AndyMira Says:

Chester Bennington,the singer of Linkin Park has died last nite…and since i loved their song “In The End” very much,i wanna share with u guys here…


Danica Says:

speculations here that he was murdered, just like his friend Chris Cornell from Soundgarden (one of my fave bands). I am pretty sure they were. :(((

Danica Says:

Going back to the first posts regarding Roddick’s tossing away of his trophies (I still hope this was not the case), I just wanted to share why I think that would be a stupid thing to do. As a “legend” that was just recently promoted into the Tennis Hall of Fame, his trophies have value. Here is what Aleksandar Sapic, a Serbian water polo player, did.

“Aleksandar Šapić – He was officially declared the best scorer in ex Yugoslavia and he is still considered to be one of the best water polo players ever.

He is founder of a humanitarian foundation –Be Humane that is founded on April 9th 2014.

In February 2016 Aleksandar Šapić donated all the medals he won in his water polo career and they are being sold in auction, money raised in this humane action will be donated for curing and therapies of Be Humane users.[9]”

Take a look at his accomplishments as a player:


And see here the medals being properly framed and given for auction:


That’s what I am talking about.

AndyMira Says:

@Dani….Oh!really Dani??…oh wow!!…And i thought he can’t handle his depression!..Especially after Chris died…I read his statement that he tried everything to get out from it but failed…No matter what’s the cause,it is really sad to lose someone that we familiar with….

David Says:

Lol at Roddick throwing away his trophies after those commercials of him travelling with them back to the US in the airplane seat next to him…

Truth Says:

Usually, I don’t reply to fake tennis fans but I can’t help myself.
Roddick was a fraud that demanded money when he was 10 years old.
Can you imagine having to be a fake for 12 years on tour to please the money thirsty parents? His mommy knew he was an abusive, specially treated US “golden boy” fake and joke.
He was forced to put his name on a charity foundation because he was the bratty son of a rich JIffy Lube employee. No wonder he felt guilty.
Guilt ate him up after he humiliated the GOAT Djoker by “chirping” that Djoker was a fraud with non-existent illness, and then proceeding to push him on the locker.
Those runner up trophies for a weak era hurt Roddick’s ego.

Danica Says:

Hi Margot,
Yes, thanks, I’ve seen exactly that article but still kind of hope it’s not true.

Margot Says:

Lol Danica, you doubt the Guardian? *Faints clean away*

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