Rafael Nadal Hilariously Bumped His Head In The Tunnel At Wimbledon [Video]

by Tom Gainey | July 11th, 2017, 10:33 am

It was a sad finish for Rafael Nadal yesterday after getting stunned in five sets by Gilles Muller 15-13 in the fifth. But before the match, there was a lighter moment involving the Spaniard.

While waiting in the hallway of Court 1, Nadal did his customary pre-match warm-up jumps. Except Nadal, perhaps not being accustomed to being in Court 1, hit his head on the top of the door way! You could hear the bump. Nadal stumbled backwards and he and Muller had a laugh.

“No, nothing. It’s okay. Just small accident,” a somber Nadal said.

Added Muller, “Maybe that’s why the first two sets I was winning quite easy. Maybe still a little bit feeling dizzy, I don’t know.”

Maybe the Rafa bump did impact the match? Maybe he got a concussion?

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28 Comments for Rafael Nadal Hilariously Bumped His Head In The Tunnel At Wimbledon [Video]

FedExpress Says:

Wtf guys. Are you really serious about this incident having an impact on the outcome of the match? Really?

Margot Says:

Hilarious? How?

t4t Says:

Frankly I don’t think hitting one’s head on the door frame is hilarious. I once hit my head while getting out of a car and had a headache the whole day. Nadal’s head bang was far worse because we could even hear the nasty thwack on youtube.

Willow Says:

Totally stupid, hitting ones head is neither funny or hilarious, TX hitting an all time low, yet Rafa making history winning his 10th FO hardly a mention, when there shouldve been a thread about him winning his 15 th GS, and all the match points pftt ….

chrisford1 Says:

Lighten up, Willow. Rafa had the good spirit to laugh at himself as great champions do on occasion. They are mortal and their fans in general don’t mind it. The trite idea of flaws in a superman that fans think have no flaws – is thought of as endearing.

Rafa has accepted he can be a doofus and step in it on occasion.

It could have been a lot worse. Had he opened his scalp he’d have bled all over the place and his white kit bloodstained. Luckily his new hairplugs cushioned the blow.

It will be in some of Djokovic’s future “Rafa imitations”, and Rafa has learned to laugh along with others at, since he knows the imitations come from a great admirer,

Willow Says:

The only compliments youve ever given Nadal were only ever back handed ones Chris Ford 1, you treat him as some sort of joke, and make sly digs in his direction, yet you say you like him, and hoped he would make a comeback, yet when he did and won the FO you didnt seem at all interested, and please dont tell me to lighten up, people in the real world know im pretty easy going, its just this silly forum that p*sses me off at times ….

Truth Says:

At least Nadal has a normal face.
Poor Fed has an evil granny face.
It could be worse.
Like when Fed enjoyed the lapdog’s “joke” about
Djoker having 16 injuries.
Poor, poor condescending Fedal fans.

Giles Says:

CF1 is always FOS! That will never change!!!

Berghain Says:

Chill out ppl. Even Nadal was laughing about it. Didn’t you see his reaction? I laughed along with him.

Willow Says:

Then good for you Berghain ….

chrisford1 Says:

Willow, if the TX Forum p*sses you off so…you have control of that. Lighten up, chill, leave….and be happy whatever easygoing path you take.

As for Rafa, I said I wanted to see him win another major, preferably Wimbledon, or win one WTF – but not get “La Decima” because I worry that future generations will see his clay production and conclude he was basically a clay court talent with the athleticism to “get lucky” on other surfaces. Which would be a big misimpression of his abilities. Typecast, cubbyholed to be the “SuperDirtMan” of tennis history.

And that mishap will be in the ” mishaps” tennis comedy tapes, forever. Djokovic’s 2 minute conversation with the contents of his open tennis bag, Andys AO butterfly meltdown, Rafa on his hands and knees intensely contemplating a new water bottle lineup after the wind blew his traditional arrangement down twice. Roger is perfect, of course – so the closest Fedfans can come to comedy is Roger’s early hairdos or a montage of his 12 Edberg awards for sportsmanship, interrupted only in 2010 when Nike demanded Rafa get some love.

Berghain Says:

Willow, have you ever slipped on your ass in front of a friend and you both laughed about it cause it was funny?

This was that kind of moment. He wasn’t hurt. Its self explanatory really.

Berghain Says:

“12 Edberg awards for sportsmanship, interrupted only in 2010 when Nike demanded Rafa get some love”

CF1 what are you going on about?
Its voted for by the players.

Wog Boy Says:

Not quite, players voted but they haven’t nominated candidates, they are not having a say in who is going to be nominated, do little bit of research, that award is a joke. How else can you explain that player who hasn’t played six months last year and hasn’t won single tournament won the award and these were the last year nominees: Federer, Murray, Nadal, Wawrinka.

Wog Boy Says:

^^ the only reason Rafa won 2010 Edberg award was that Berdych got a shits with Roger due to Roger’s comments after Berdych beat him at Wimbledon, sore loser comments, otherwise Roger would collect that one too, another proof that that award is a joke, same player to be nominated 13 years in a row and to win, do you really believe that no one else deserved it in last 13 years…you are smarter than that.

Berghain Says:

WB :)
thx for the info. Murray’s a great sportsmen but I guess dropping F bombs all the time does hurt your chances a bit – hahaha.

Btw what are your predictions for tomorrows matches?

Wog Boy Says:

No predictions;)

J-Kath Says:


All you have to do is lower the sound…such a pity English is such an international language. Anyway, prefer “Merde” myself.

Truth Says:

It pissed off the Rafa/Djoker matchup haters because the so-called fair tennis fan veneer never hides the unfair Fedal sycophant mindset (needy for friendship, scared of intelligent people).

Will the Fed lovers/neutral tennis fans talk positively about Djoker if he lost today?
A few of them tried to look gracious & mentioned unfairness for Djoker when he was kicked off the scheduled airtime. I don’t know how sincere that was.
Other than that, Fedal fans said “Who’s luckier than djokovic? Fed’s so amazing. Omg What a warrior at his old age!”
No sound minded Djoker fan thinks they feel inferior to Fed and his “charm” when Djoker has 20+ more Slam chances.
“Fed is love. Fed is life. Everyone loves Fedal. Everyone must give sportsmanship awards to Fed; no one received as much admiration as Fed.” Tell that to the kids that don’t want to play an overrated game. It’s ironic that Djoker played more short matches while Fedal are in 4 hour boring, overrated, weak backhand marathons.
Nadal is the reason Fedal matches were remotely interesting.
Who would rank 2003-5 Roddick/Fed Wimbledons above Nadal/Muller Wimbledon?
Muller actually knows how to compete in Wimbledons for 15 years. Roddick….lmao.

Willow Says:

Chris Ford 1 please DO NOT tell me what to do, as i dont appreciate it, the rest of your post pull the other one, as i say you only ever give back handed compliments, unless their name of the player happenS to be Novak Djokovic ….

Danica Says:

Hitting one’s head however slightly, is no laughing matter. It was a pretty hard hit. The fact that Rafa laughed afterwards says nothing. It could have been a nervous reaction before the match like “oh, it’s nothing, hahaha, no worries” when in fact he’s seeing stars.

I can’t believe how freak of an accident this was :((.

Margot Says:

Wog Boy: Who nominates them? Seems like a fix to me? Oh surely not….

Margot Says:

Come on folks, you usually laugh out of embarrassment if something like that happens to you, bet Rafa felt like an idiot and the other person/people who laugh, usually do because it hasn’t happened to them!

Willow Says:

Berghain believe me i wrote the book on clumsiness, falling on my ass in front of everyone, as embarrasing incidents go, i even one day years ago my dress blew up right above my head, Marilyn Monroe style leaving nothing to the imagination, unfortunatly just as car full of men drove past me wolf whistling lol, i dont think i ever hit my head in front of anyone though, if people find that sort of thing funny though fair enough each to their own ….

chrisford1 Says:

Willow – my suspicion is your life and personality is not easygoing, but you want it to be so. And sometimes it is a struggle for you pursuing that goal.

No one noticed my crack about Rafa’s recent hair plugs cushioning the blow. I thought it rather witty.

Margo, that was the Soviet’s favorite trick. They insisted they were a democracy and had 95% voting participation. But year after year, the same bumbling apparatchiks were “voted” into office. The way they did it was the Communist Party alone could make a ballot spot for a candidate. And if the vote was somehow not with the Party stalwart as top votegetter …well the Party alone could count ballot votes and publish the results.

Willow Says:

Chris Ford 1 of all the cheek, you dont know me in the real world, so you shouldnt make that assumption about me, i have a job i love taking care of old people, i lead a fabulous lifestyle doing what i do, i have friends i meet all over the country doing what i do in my personal life with my husband, and its not a struggle pursuing that goal far from it, so please leave my private life out of this, as its nothing to do with you ….

As for you finding your own joke funny, each to their own ….

Margot Says:

Chrisford @ 7.14: at least Andy, Nole and Rafa haven’t been “disappeared”……yet…;)

Berghain Says:

I dont mind. :)
Once u have a habit like that, its really impossible to stop. Its funny cause Murray is actually super chilled and nice guy.

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