Laver Cup Opens Play Friday With Zverev v Shapovalov; Nadal In Doubles

by Staff | September 22nd, 2017, 12:44 am

The inaugural Laver Cup exhibition opens play Friday in Prague featuring an all-NextGen battle between Alexander Zverev (Europe) and Denis Shapovalov (World).

“I’m ready to get some revenge on this guy,” said Shapovalov who fell to the German in the Canadian semifinals.
“He’s an incredible player so it’s going to be tough, but I’m excited for it.”

Frances Tiafoe (World) also joins in the fun against Marin Cilic (Europe) and Dominic Thiem (Europe) takes on John Isner (World).

Rafael Nadal and Czech favorite Tomas Berdych will team for doubles against the World tandem of Nick Kyrgios and Jack Sock.

“We hope to play well. It’ll be the first time that we’ve played together. And here we are, in the hometown of Tomas, so it’s going to be exciting,” said Nadal.

Roger Federer, whose management company helped put the event together, was not in the lineup Friday for the European team, but is slated to play on Saturday.

“Friday looks really amazing,” Federer said. “I can’t wait to start on Saturday as well, but tomorrow I’ll be the big supporter.”

The Scoring:
* Matches are best-of-3, ad scoring with a 10-point tiebreak to decide the third set.
* Each match on Friday is worth one point, two points per match are up for grabs on Saturday, and three points for each match on the crucial deciding Sunday.
* The first team to reach 13 points will win the inaugural Laver Cup, with a thrilling doubles decider played if the scores are tied at 12-all.



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61 Comments for Laver Cup Opens Play Friday With Zverev v Shapovalov; Nadal In Doubles

madmax Says:

It’s great. These photographs of all the players at the Laver cup!

Roger and Rafa. Brilliant.

For the federer fans – tribute to Roger

madmax Says:

Each time I see Mcenroe in these videos, I just feel he is living on the tails of others’ successes, he takes centre stage with his gold medallion. He is so the opposite of humble.

As for Borg, we hardly see him any more, and so it is great to see him again, looking good and being amongst the best in the world. He isn’t commentating anywhere, he is pretty much out of tennis and has been forever, but McEnroe, I just think he is greedy for more fame, limelight and his new book.

the_mind_reels Says:

@madmax: totally agree regarding McEnroe, but hey, what’s new?

I think this whole event is awesome for the sport, so kudos to the people who organized it and for the players for making the effort. To see guys like Nadal and Berdych, who don’t have the warmest personal history, teaming up for doubles shows the class of our sport and those who play it. (And yes, I’m not blind to the fact that these guys aren’t playing out of charity, but still. To that end, it would be amazing if some of the proceeds from this event could go to the weather-related destruction we’ve been witnessing over the last month.)

skeezer Says:

Madmax thanks for posting that link. Great read.
On playing together;

“Where do you play normally?” Nadal asked Federer, trying to figure out who might line up on which side of the court.

Federer said he had more often played the deuce court but added, “for me, Rafa decides what side he wants to play on.”


Humble Rafa Says:

To see guys like Nadal and Berdych, who don’t have the warmest personal history, teaming up for doubles shows the class of our sport and those who play it.

A few million Euros can solve these minor problems. No charity as you said, but money is important. That’s how Xisca buys things, no?

Humble Rafa Says:

I am told if I stand up for every side change, I will get $10,000 Euros. Gives me great pleasure to applaud for a guy, who belongs to my continent. Because continents are great things.

Humble Rafa Says:

Federer said he had more often played the deuce court

People with no backhand play that side.

Okiegal.... Says:

These Laver Cup participants are very serious about this competition! I am loving this……!! The teams are all tensed up too!

Okiegal.... Says:

John McRnroe lives and loves the sport. I personally don’t think there is a ulterior motive. He is employed by ESPN so that in itself keeps him involved. He plays in the Powershares circuit. So he’s a busy guy in the tennis world. Having said all of this in his defense, I was never a fan. He will always be in the limelight because of his successes and I’m pretty sure he likes that…….

Kimberly Says:

Hi all!!!!

Have had no interet due to hurricane Irma so have not been posting much.

Went labor day weekend to the US Open and returned to have to evacuate Miami so spent a week in Orlando before the hurricane and a week in Palm Beach after while our home was without water and power.

We had a lot of damage to our house but we are all ok.

Since I am here now a few thoughts on the US open
The Food is waaaay better than Miami!!!!
Arthur Asche stadium is big but beautiful
The towels and clothes are the best
the Ralph Lauren outfits of the ballkids all class
The security not nearly as strict as Miami
Facility is beautiful but much less ground then Miami, everything feels closer together

Watched Nadal go 0-14 on break points before he got one v. Mayer. Even if he didn’t play his best he is such a competitor and his spirit energized the crowd for sure!

Justin Timberlake and Aaron Judge in the house for the matches I saw.

RZ Says:

Hi Kimberly, glad to hear that you survived the hurricane. Hope you and Colin are well. Sorry to hear about the damage to your house.

skeezer Says:

“Federer said he had more often played the deuce court

People with no backhand play that side”.

Apparently you have not learned your BH beatdown lesson from AO ’17. You should start hitting to the FH, unless you play on the glue fly trap stuff.

Humble Rafa Says:


Stay strong. Everything will be fine in a few weeks.

Okiegal.... Says:

Kim… sorry about your misfortune regarding the hurricane. But sounds like you are recovering and that’s a good thing! Glad your trip to NYC was enjoyable……… take care and glad you and your family were in a safe place! Okie

Humble Rafa Says:

Apparently you have not learned your BH beatdown lesson from AO ’17. You should start hitting to the FH, unless you play on the glue fly trap stuff.

Did you see the US Open ’17 backhand. Some juniors have better backhand than that.

Willow Says:

Lovely to see you Kimberly, hope your all OK :-)

Willow Says:

Wont be able to follow any of this, as its not televised where i am, unless i pay an additional charge on my already huge sky subscription bill ….

Humble Rafa Says:

I love the Bein network. When there is an uninteresting tournament going on anywhere, they make sure to cover it. Only with subscription.

madmax Says:

Hi Oki,

I don’t agree with you about Mcenroe.

He saturates TV come Wimbledon, BBC Radio 5 live, you name it. He is all out for himself. And he put himself forward to coach Kygrios? At which point Kygrios said, ‘In your dreams*. He loves the fame and the spotlight, the lime light. Always has.

Mcenroe is living on the success of the next generation and the generation after that and then after that.

Watch this link Oki, it’s wonderful with Zverev, Roger and Rafa. Only a minute. Classy. Then if you stay with this link, it goes to the Zverev interview – around 3 minutes into the interview, he starts talking about Borg and McEnroe, how quiet and unassumbing Borg is, but how the whole team just listen to him and respect what he has to say.

Then he goes on to talk about McEnroe, that he was trying to teach Denis Shapovalov how to hit a backhand.

Really? Be quiet John, you had your time, let the players now enjoy theirs!

The Mind Reels.

I hear ya’

Dan Martin Says:

I have a lot of content up regarding tennis events this weekend at

t4t Says:

Laver Cup might be here to stay. I like it.

madmax Says:

Way to go Laver Cup!

MARGOT AND J-KATH, what’s the update please on Murray?

Murray and Novak, need to come back, they are missed. They really are, they are missed by Fed and Nadal.

‘Look, Andy or Novak, we are talking about big champions and future hall of famers, these guys know what they have to do. I feel if you had the success they had, they will be able to get close to it or again do it. I don’t worry too much about the playing style.

‘You say, “If they don’t play aggressive like Roger does, it’s going to be really hard for them.” I disagree with that view. I see where you are coming from but sorry, these guys are so good, they can play different ways. That’s what sets them apart from pretty much the rest.’

Humble Rafa Says:

Laver Cup is now showing on Comedy Central. People started laughing before the matches began.

t4t Says:

In US, there seems to be free streaming on the Laver Cup site.

t4t Says:

There seems to be a lot of Davis Cup type cheering from team mates so I think all the players are taking their matches seriously.
Federer went through his match quickly. Looked like Nadal was going to do the same but no, he inexplicably lost the 2nd set. He did win the match but why does he make such heavy weather of his matches? He looked pretty upset about something. Either he was annoyed with himself for getting broken twice in the 2nd set or he was injured. Hope the former. But his forehand leaking errors doesn’t bode well for his quest for year end #1 .

skeezer Says:

“Laver Cup is now showing on Comedy Central. People started laughing before the matches began.”

Apparently you are watching……yourself….. on the Comedy Channel. You must think you are funny. Don’t see you laughing though….


skeezer Says:

Apparently Rafa is taking this seriously, unlike “exhibition” matches.

jatin Says:

I simply loved the fed match. He was so sharp, specially in the second set where he was playing like the way he played during the early 2017 and THAT amazing DTL backhand left me awestruck (I want to see it again and again) . Its a great sign and an indication that fed is finally finding his hard court form again ( he is still recovering). Hope to see him in full flight in indoor courts season to challenge rafa for the Year end no. 1 :)
And It was so beautiful to see Rafa jumping and cheering for fed all the way in the match (and so do the other guys). Rafa also found a way to win his match after his fair share of struggles,which is great.
And finally we are going to witness the most hyped doubles pairing of the two greatest player’s this sport has ever seen. I cannot wait to see them sharing the same side of court. So so excited. BRING IT ON.

J-Kath Says:


Hi there. Andy is continuing with the charity match against Roger in Glasgow in November…so that is something. Nothing else is for certain apart from his hope to play the Aussie GS – but one would only expect him to if he felt 100% – given the anticipated birth of his/Kim’s 2nd child around that time. Re. Nole, maybe VP or Wogboy are tuned in to that grapewine –

You all seem to be enjoying the Laver contest – as Willow said it ain’t too easy to access in the UK.

Van orten Says:

Kyrgios in character again with the trainer ! Hehe

Okiegal.... Says:

@madmax…… I stated in my comment that I’m sure John loves being in the limelight……but tennis is Mac’s life. He and Borg both totally opposite type personalities. As I said not a fan of of John……. …totally supported Borg back in the day! He was my favorite……had the best attitude on court. A calm player then and a calm coach now!

Johnny Mac has had too many issues with umpires through his career…… he has a furrowed forehead! He’s given that disgusted mad look way too many times!! Lol. 😤😡😤😡 I love Rafa and COWBOYS!! 🤠🤠🤠

Okiegal.... Says:


Okiegal.... Says:

@madmax…….That’s ok that you don’t agree with me regarding Mac as I don’t agree with you either. But it’s nice you and I can voice an opinion and remain chat friends and carry no animosity towards each other…….that’s the real thing, no??? I had to throw in a little Rafa humor there….hope you don’t mind!! I like to 🤡 around! 😛😛

Okiegal.... Says:

I bet there will be a few loyal tennis fans if Rafa and Riger that won’t be able to stomach watching them play as partners…..but it’s not gonna bother me ……I can’t wait………gonna be fun! This will be a tough match for Fedal!

Okiegal.... Says:

Oops above…… ROGER ROGER not Riger….sorry Roger fans….a major typo! Also if should have been of…. but positive you smart people figured that out already……

Willow Says:

Okie and it looks like Jatin is pretty excited too ;-)

Daniel Says:

So nice to see them both together for the first time in doubles.

Willow Says:

Not to mention the fans not knocking seven bells of shit out of each other for a change lol ….

Okiegal.... Says:

Willow…..yeppers, jatin and Okie on the same page! This event has been so much fun.

jatin Says:

It was an amazingly fun match to watch. I was smiling the whole time. That one point where both fed and rafa going for the smash and fed said ” mine” but rafa hit it anyway and fed had to duck it somehow was hillarious :)
Loved the they were communicating to each other in the change ends and deciding the strategy. They couldn’t find the comfort zone to fit in together( so many awkward situations in the net) but they didn’t needed to.
Finally they managed to win it in the end with so much fun, LOL
Its a night where Fed and Rafa fans united for the first time (hopefully).

Okiegal, it was amazing to watch. Hope you enjoyed it as well.
Yeah WILLOW its a match I will never forget as a Fed and tennis fan in general.

Wog Boy Says:

“Apparently Rafa is taking this seriously, unlike “exhibition” matches.”

What else Rafa is supposed to say, it was exactly the answer you would expect from a man being paid an appearance fee close to, if not, two million dollars.

skeezer Says:

There is naturally more competition here than a one on one exho. You’re not playing for yourself but for your team. Don’t want to let them down. Also, Rafa wasn’t the only one practicing for this…read.

Wog Boy Says:

” Also, Rafa wasn’t the only one practicing for this…”

Also, Rafa wasn’t the only one paid appearance fee, they all are, his one was the biggest one.

t4t Says:

skeezer are you getting free streaming on Laver Cup website?

Humble Rafa Says:

From now on, I am only playing for my continent. Playing for my country is not good, continent well, it’s great. More money than playing for the country.

If I play for two continents, do I get twice the appearance fee?

skeezer Says:

So what is your point?

Wog Boy Says:

“So what is your point?”

Read 5:56 pm post.

Vince Says:

Nole must be fuming that fedal is getting so much attention..

skeezer Says:

Read 7:55 post.

Wog Boy Says:

“Read 7:55 post.”

Read 8:17 pm post.

Wog Boy Says:

This is how is Nole “fuming” few days ago in Athens:

Wog Boy Says:

This one is better quality clip:

skeezer Says:

Trust me, he’d rather be on a Tennis court instead of watching BB. He’ll catch some of the Laver Cup on the Tele, bet?
Re; 10:40 post. Exactly my point. You had none.

Okiegal.... Says:

Regarding Skeezer’s link where Rafa was into “self admiration”….I was surprised Roger wasn’t by his side admiring himself admiring Rafa!! Those two really admire each other and have the greatest respect for one another…’s obvious! The Laver Cup has been fun!

Okiegal.... Says:

I’m trying to figure out you guys points…..scrolling up and down and up and down……🙄🙄🙄😜😜😜 I know you guys don’t intend to….but y’all crack me up!! 🤣🤣🤣

t4t Says:

okie do you have free streaming on the Laver Cup website? I asked skeezer but he did not reply possibly because he is embarrassed that in a rare enlightened moment he admitted his idol is part of the weak competition at USO 2017!

Okiegal.... Says:

@t4t…….I don’t really know for sure….but I think it’s being live streamed… but where I don’t know. I’m watching it on the Tennis Channel. Rafa has a website called…..his site live streams his matches and they are free…..not sure about Laver Cup however……

Okiegal.... Says:

t4t……..Google Laver Cup live stream and check it out……..I think it’s free

Wog Boy Says:


He can’t answer your question because he is not watching it, just BS-ing abut it without even watching it…and trying to make a point, but failing as usual.
Suddenly RLC is mor important than USO2017 if you read fedfanatics ;)

skeezer Says:

I’m watching it. WB quit your whining. Also YT has replays of all the matches.

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