Novak Djokovic Retains Andre Agassi As Coach In 2018, Will Also Look For a Second Coach

by Tom Gainey | September 26th, 2017, 3:22 pm

Novak Djokovic will have Andre Agassi again on his team when 2018 begins, according to a statement received by Reuters.

“We can confirm that Agassi remains the head coach while Italian Marco Panichi will take over as the fitness coach and Argentine Ulises Badio is the new physio,” a statement from Djokovic’s camp read.

“The only remaining issue is appointing a second coach and that will complete the staff accompanying Djokovic in 2018.”

After letting go of his team last spring, Djokovic made the surprise hire of Agassi just before the French Open.

But due to an elbow injury which forced Djokovic to end the season in July, the partnership was shortlived.

Djokovic, whose wife recently gave birth to a second child, is now on trying to recover for the start of the new season. The Serb, though, will be out of the top 10 when the new year begins, and likely be seeded around 15 for the Australian Open.

But will Agassi make the long trip to Australia if Djokovic is in fact healthy?

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21 Comments for Novak Djokovic Retains Andre Agassi As Coach In 2018, Will Also Look For a Second Coach

J-Kath Says:

Pleased to hear direct from Nole and his camp – just a pity Nole’s taste in clothing has gone retro….really doesn’t suit him. However, it’s not the clothes one should look at, its the person…and I had a moment of pleasure reading his plans re. his reurn….and hope Andy is hot on his heels. Hoping everyone will welcome the return of a renewal of competitiveness in 2018, irrespective of whom their favourite may be.

Wog Boy Says:

Hi JK,

This is what Nole shared with his fans few day ago, he is working hard on his fitness, yet to start to work with racquet. Disregard the news just watch the video (14sec), nice settings for hard work alongside Danube river in Belgrade:

Humble Rafa Says:

I hope he is spending quality time with Pepe and getting all the peace he needs.

Humble Rafa Says:

According to the Poll on this site, 100% of people loved the Laver Cup. I did too. I will kiss the Birdshite for an extra 100,000 Euros.

Wog Boy Says:

Pepe is not allowed to enter Serbia, he is #1 state tolerance policy…shoot on sight…

Vince Says:

No use… no matter how many people coach him, he will not win anymore slams.. some runnerups may be..

Willow Says:

People said the exact same thing about Federer and Nadal Vince, then look what happened this year, maybe Novak wont dominate as he did before, but i certainly wouldnt rule out him or Andy winning more GS in the future ….

chrisford1 Says:

It’s clothes outfits like this that set the fashionistas on edge even though certain mavens like Anna Wintour think Djoker (and wife) can be very style-worthy.
The other front on his high earner lifestyle is his pretty good taste in housing. He had a magazine get access to his new Miami digs after work was complete. It is awesome –
Prior to that his housing was a little on the modest side in Monte Carlo, a 2 bedroom flat his Uncle Goran selected when he was just starting but clearly racing into the Top 10 on talent.. though anything there costs a fortune.
Money goes farther in Miami. Supposedly Djokovic liked the result of his favorite architect Renzo Piano so much he bought a second multimillion apartment that duplicates most of his first for guests, in laws, an investment, maybe even a place to go if he gets in trouble with his wife.
It’s a good regrouping time. With his good health and focus and usually being in the top 5 of most matches played most of the time, it was no letup for 13-14 years. He needed it, or he would have risked irrevocable burnout.

Wog Boy Says:


My bad, when I said “disregard the news” I meant the one I gave you the link for since it was in Serbian, not to disregard your sources which are accurate. I just wanted to show you where is he atm and what is he doing. Sorry for confusion.

Giles Says:

Joker says he “would still Ike to play for another 10 years if possible”. Wishful thinking much! Lol

Humble Rafa Says:

I also plan to play for the next 10 years. Video games.

J-Kath Says:

Humble Rafa: You may regret your 1.07 pm remark and the implied superiority. The law of averages applies – more often than one wishes. When I think about it, Nole will be 31 next year and Roger will be 37 – running it competitive close me thinks. Will it apply to Rafa …he is only 18 months younger than Nole/Andy – and if they both come back stronger than when they took sabbaticals, Rafa will also have tougher competition.

Aside from supporting our favourites, makes for more tense and exciting competition overall.

J-Kath Says:

Correction – Rafa 18 months OLDER.

chrisford1 Says:

I think Rafa will find many things to amuse him with. Boats and games for weeks,and Xisca for a change between boats and games, back to boats and games.
And maybe a not whole lot of time for amusements. No never-ending vacation /full retirement life is Rafa’s fate.
He has a role in the family business, all his own businesses, a deferred family perhaps, Davis Cup coaching, the Real Madrid board, Seniors Tour if the knees say “Si!”. With all that stuff to fill up his life after active player tennis. He may one day be quoted as saying he has less time for boats, games ….and Xisca of course….than when he as a Top 5 player on Tour.

chrisford1 Says:

Djokovic said a full time second coach. Who ends up in that staff role will be huge for Djokovic’s future. Ideally a coach that has dealt with the needs and limits of top players post 30, and helped them play good ball. A former excellent player who didn’t make anything like the superstars did and his hungry for pay and performance bonuses. Someone Djokovic knows, respects a ton, and is on great terms with. Who might even be in Monaco.
#1 choice has to be Ivan Lubicic.
If only Roger would retire.

Any thoughts on who could be a good second coach for Novak? As Lubicic won’t be looking for work for a while..

Giles Says:

Thought Ancic was going to be part of his team?

Willow Says:

Giles me too ….

Willow Says:

Sorry Novak fans for hyjacking your thread, but any Asian swing thread Sean ?

lylenubbins Says:

My predication is Nole won’t be able to get back to the motivation level he had.

gonzalowski Says:

Pat Cash (coach of Coco Vandeweghe) participates for the first time in the Senior Masters Cup held in Marbella.
He points to compatriot Nick Kyrgios as the new star emerging, ” although he will only be able to shine “when Nadal, Federer and Murray retire”,
and notes that there is a little more variety in men’s tennis, with the exception of “the great Federer”. The players hit much stronger than in my years where there was more variety of game. Then there was everything, volleys, people playing background, specialists on clay, grass “

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