Poll: Did You Like The Laver Cup?

by Tom Gainey | September 26th, 2017, 3:40 pm

This past weekend marked the inaugural Laver Cup, which pits Europeans against the “World” in a team format, very similar to Golf’s Ryder Cup.

With Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal, and no Kei Nishikori nor Juan Martin del Potro, Team Europe took the first cup rather comfortably by a 15-9 margin.

The players seemed to get behind the idea, the area looked packed and there was a palpable buzz about the event on social platforms.

But the event is an exo and it remains to be seen just how much the players actually care. So far, they do.

“The only way it was ever going to be successful is if the players cared,” said Federer whose management team helps run the event. “And they did. I think you see it. I think you see the happiness. The Laver Cup trophy is still sprayed with champagne, so that means we have already been celebrating.

“It’s been a wonderful journey. I just hope to, you know, to leave a legacy behind, not for me personally but just for the game, because it deserves it. It deserves the players, and the legends of this game deserve the recognition they deserve. The future players deserve a massive platform to play tennis in.”

Nadal, who played with Federer on Saturday in a doubles win, agreed.

“Congrats to Roger and all his team for a great idea and a great organization,” Nadal said. “Hopefully this event is keep going and hopefully the new generations, the young ones, gonna commit as we did it this weekend.

“The only way that the competition have success is if the players really want to play and really care for it. We did it. We put all the energy that we have today to win this trophy. Yeah, have been great. Yeah, we are very happy to win the first Laver Cup for Europe.”

While there were no ATP ranking points allotted, team winners received $250,000 for the weekend.

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24 Comments for Poll: Did You Like The Laver Cup?

gonzalowski Says:

dedicated to Humble and Rafa and his contrasted humility:
Donald Trump referred yerterday to the tennis player Rafael Nadal, whom he described as “a great treasure of Spain”

Suzie Says:

It was an incredible event in every way, and I feel immense gratitude that I got to experience it all. However, I think this was largely driven by Roger/Rafa’s presence & camaraderie, coupled with Team World’s chemistry and belief that they could win, and Laver/Borg/McEnroe’s star power. If the right combination is not there (e.g., when Roger/Rafa stop playing), not sure how future Laver Cups will play out, but for at least the next couple of years, I think it will still be a great event. I’m already planning for the next one :)

Okiegal Says:


leo Says:

liked it? No, I loved it

jalep Says:

It made me feel weird, although I tried to like it — it felt like an exho that sort of interferes with Davis Cup and ATP events. Maybe it was a question of how are they choosing “Europeans vs World” players. Maybe if I understood it, I wouldn’t be uncomfortable about it think of it as a real competition, not a Show -off event. And don’t we already have WTF which is much more real as part of ATP and rankings.

As far as competitions outside the ATP/WTA, I enjoyed IPTL more.

Willow Says:

Hi Jalep im here, i didnt actually see any of the Laver cup, only highlights and pictures on FB, really looking forward to the Asian swing though, and see how it affects the rankings on the ATP and WTA, there still such alot of tennis left to be played, and the race to London and Singapore still has places up for grabs ….

Willow Says:

I Enjoyed the IPTL aswell, there was a mixture of old stars, new stars, also male and female players ….

jalep Says:

Thanks for your reply Willow. I was beginning to suffer tennis talk withdrawal. Tenngrand has not been accessible. Urhg….

Willow Says:

Jalep Rafa winning the USO, and GS number 16 was amazing, and i was thrilled to bits, and still am, but i cant deny it will be great for the ATP to have Andy, Novak, Stan etc back playing again for the competition ….

lylenubbins Says:

I thought it was great, psyched it is in Chicago next year!!

jalep Says:

Willow – you must me smiling all the time 😊

Great year for Rafa and Roger and fans, no doubt. But Laver Cup was OTT imo. I enjoy watching Ostapenko battle Beatriz Haddad Maia for the Seoul title last weekend. Quite a great match between the two WTA future stars! I wanted to post it on Tenngrand for Mira Andi it to watch but alas, no Tenngrand yet.

But for watching WTA in Tokyo, Seoul, Wuhan, Asian Swing I have that nine dollar/ month subscription; otherwise, there’s no WTA to be see unless it’s a GS!

Willow Says:

Jalep we get very little WTA tennis over here unless its the GS, hubby doesnt like tennis, but always seems to cheer for Murray when hes playing, and when i watched Penko and Simona at the FO he did say how talented she was ;-)

Willow Says:

Jalep i got that it was a technical fault, when i tried to get onto TG ….

jalep Says:


The site is back on! But the server was down for a loooong time lol

Giles Says:

Thoroughly enjoyed it especially seeing the clowns in Team World get beat. 😜

Humble Rafa Says:

Team World is a great name. Who else are they going to represent? Mars?

Humble Rafa Says:

hubby doesnt like tennis, but always seems to cheer for Murray when hes playing

Non-tennis fans think Mr. Lady Forehand is a comedian who makes funny faces.

Humble Rafa Says:

Donald Trump referred yerterday to the tennis player Rafael Nadal, whom he described as β€œa great treasure of Spain”

That I am a treasure goes without saying. I just prefer to be not in the same conversation as Sergio Garcia.

Good luck America, you have a long way to. When you are done with the Stupid One, you will have a lifetime of memories.

skeezer Says:

Great event. But when Fedal goes away they will have some work to do.

Okiegal Says:

I agree Skeezer @5:54……..

gonzalowski Says:

Humble R. :))

Yanninck Noah, France Davis Cup captain: “Davis is a tradition, in the Laver Cup I saw tennis players representing themselves”.

And a good comment about Rafa from him, after his old doping accusations on Nadal: “I can tell you that when Rafa is out of focus he is the same, it is not false, and that is his greatness.”

Humble Rafa Says:

To build a tradition, you need more than 1 event. It takes time. To realize that will take more thought, which French citizens are incapable of.

SG1 Says:

World Team needs to be better for this thing to have credibility. The Euro Team could have easily had Novak, Stan and Andy. The President’s and Ryder Cup often have drama because the teams are quite equally matched.

Karen Says:

We were privileged to attend all sessions of Laver Cup last weekend. The event far exceeded our expectations as the atmosphere and team spirit on both sides was extraordinary. I agree with others who mention the unique attraction of the two captains, Borg and McEnroe, and of course the extraordinary concept of Roger and Nadal as teammates rather than arch competitors. Seeing their intensity both playing side by side in doubles and cheering each other on, was just indescribable. Similarly Team World continually supported each other with creativity, and enthusiasm. I hope the event will continue to succeed and personally I’m looking forward to Chicago 2018 .

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