Rafael Nadal: When Nick Kyrgios Tries, He’s One Of The Toughest Players On The Tour

by Tom Gainey | October 9th, 2017, 1:52 pm

Despite crushing Nick Kyrgios yesterday in the Beijing title, Rafael Nadal sang the praises of the Australian Open, calling him one of the toughest players to face on the tour, that is when he’s not tanking.

“I have lot of respect for Nick,” Nadal said. “He’s one of the players with more talent on the tour. Of course, when he’s playing well, when he really wants to play, without a doubt is one of the toughest opponent to play against.

“He has everything. He has an unbelievable good eyes. When you play against him, looks that he has time for everything. That’s very difficult. Then, of course, he has great hands and a fantastic serve. He has everything to fight for almost all the events of the year.”

Nadal, who has never won Shanghai, opens play Tuesday or Wednesday against American youngster Jared Donaldson. He has won his last 12 matches.

“Shanghai is a tournament that I didn’t win,” Nadal said. “I have been there couple of times, semifinals and final. Let’s see. This year I am playing well. I played very well during the whole event here, so let’s see if I am able to hold that high level there in Shanghai. If that happens, I hope to have my chances.

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17 Comments for Rafael Nadal: When Nick Kyrgios Tries, He’s One Of The Toughest Players On The Tour

chrisford1 Says:

While Novak’s away, Rafa, he gonna play!

Giles Says:

While Rafa and Fed were away, joker, he played!

Willow Says:

Giles well said ….

Willow Says:

Only Conners, Lendel, Federer, Macenroe, have more career titles than Rafa, Rafa has 75, and Macenroe has 77, in all likelihood he will surpass Macenroe, Federer will be harder though with 83 , and as hes still an active player, most likely he will win more titles too ….

Wog Boy Says:

After 2016 FO, Nole hardly played any (good) tennis, he just lostinterest and focus, with or without Fedal. What has he excatly won while they were away?!

t4t Says:

In 2015 Nadal and Murray were virtually not there, in 2016, Nadal and Fed were not fighting fit. So Djokovic won 5 slams and umpteen Masters and other titles. He made hay while the sun shone. This year Fed and Rafa are reaping the benefits. The unlucky one is Murray.

Wog Boy Says:

Though you have a point they were still playing and if you play you are fit.
I was talking about Nole ripping the benefits during physical absence of Fedal which actually in Rafa case wasn’t that long, people tend to forget that he finished the year 2016 after he was stunned by Troicki in Shanghai, so he missed only three tournaments he was scheduled to play, Basel, Paris and WTF, so he missed only three months including one month break after WTF.
The question was what has Nole won while they were out of action, the answer is zilch, zero, nothing. The truth is Nole won almost nothing since 2016 (two minor titles and depleted Rogers cup), but he played therefore he was fit.

Wog Boy Says:

^^^shold say “since 2016 FO”

t4t Says:

It is not true that if you play you are fit. Players do play even when carrying an injury or some physical problem which prevents them from playing freely. Djokovic was there even after FO 2016 but he was clearly not the same. Just as the Nadal of 2015 and 2016 wasn’t the Nadal of earlier years. The Murray of 2015 was a shadow of his former self as he was recovering from surgery. He started recovering in 2016 and as we saw, ended the year at #1.

Willow Says:

I Just think that the reason Rafas doing so well is because hes that good, you can say the exact same thing about any player benefiting because their rivals are missing, injured, having a loss in form or a crisis of confidence, and please people its an open forum where we are all entitled to our opinions, so please no personal attacks, Rafa is that good at the moment, just like Novak was upto W last year, where he practically dominated everything ….

Daniel Says:

Yeah Nadal is playing great right now, but the margins are small.

USO was the most depleted Slams in last 30 years (not his fault), where he had to beat no top 10 and Beijing he was 1 point away from losing first round to Pouille.

So far he dominated clay, and won last 2 Tourneys, a Slam and a ATP 500. He didn’t dominated the whole year, but he is fresh, healthy and play well all year long.
Federer domiated first HC part of the season and grass. Neither dominated NA HC swing up till USO (Canada and Cincy).

Let’s see what happend in Shangai and if one of them will donmainte indoors.

gonzalowski Says:

yes it seems that Rafa’s statements today, meaning that he does not look very fresh, (not very usual in him), want to take pressure off from a possible defeat ??

Willow Says:

True Daniel but why does he have to be knocked for it, any player can benefit from a depleted field, or lack of competition, rivals injured, crisis of confidence etc etc, people say its not his fault about the USO, and all the top 10 players losing etc etc, but they sure as hell bring it up ad nauseum ….

Okiegal Says:

What is Rafa’s age………30 31 ?? Nope, he’s not fresh, but Roger will be…….EEEEK!!! Lol I don’t have great expectations of Rafa and Shanghai. The heat was discussed at length between the commentators yesterday…..so another obstacle for the super size guys…..and of course Rafa thrives in the heat….at least he used too…..but think with age that is not in his favor anymore either…..

Daniel Says:


Fedal are knoced down all seaosn because this year had som many abscences, it’s not gonna change. It is what is and they proved that even after 31 they re still better than everybody else and took advantage of it, leading the rankings beyond doubt.

Wish to see Nadal vs Fognini third round, their clahses used to be fun.

Willow Says:

Thumbs up Daniel :-)

Truth Says:

What is wrong with these Fed fans? They attack people for mentioning the painfully bad and unfit players of 2002-2004. If they’re so secure, why do they feel the need to be crybaby hypocrites?
At least the top 50 players of today are decent.

Novak played a lot more than anyone until he got injured because muppet Fed and commentators said he was faking that he was harmed by food allergy, severe fever or injuries.
Nadal and Fed collapsed for 10 months at a time and didn’t play well at all until Novak didn’t show up.

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