Andre Agassi: Novak Djokovic Has An Elbow Fracture, We’ll Know In A Week If He’s Recovered

by Tom Gainey | November 10th, 2017, 12:43 pm

During a recent sponsor appearance in New York, Andre Agassi revealed why we haven’t seen Novak Djokovic back on a tennis court.

Speaking to ESPN, Agassi said the Serb’s issue back in July was a fractured elbow.

“He’s done fantastic work in making sure he’s over his injury once and for all, which was a fracture in the elbow,” Agassi said. “We’ll know in a week from now if that’s fully behind him, which is great. He’s used the time [off tour] to train — a lot.”

So according to Agassi, we should know on Djokovic’s status in the next week or so on how his recovery is going. He is still entered into the Abu Dhabi exo at the start of the year.

Djokovic and Agassi are again a team in 2018.

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8 Comments for Andre Agassi: Novak Djokovic Has An Elbow Fracture, We’ll Know In A Week If He’s Recovered

Willow Says:

For Novak fans i tried to download some pictures on and a link from you tube, but it wouldnt let me for some reason, they were of Novak playing tennis with Robbie Williams, also RW is a good friend of Rafas, and Rafa is one of his favorite players, and he makes donations to Rafa and Novaks foundations, just thought id throw this in there with it been a Novak thread, if people are interested ….

SG1 Says:

Sounds like a painful injury for a tennis player. If Novak’s 100% recovered, I’m sure he’ll have a strong year.

chrisford1 Says:

Willow mentioned what I was going to mention – playing with Robbie at the event introducing Le Cell, a Lacoste upscaled from your average upscale Lacoste outlet, in Beverley Hills. A side benefit for being one of 3 Lacoste Global Ambassadors is greeting everyone with his fellow Ambassador, Gwyneth Paltrow. Who is wonderful arm candy, in the news prominently with the Harvey Weinstein business, and had nice things to say about Novak.
Other encouraging signs after a quick heart blip when I noticed Agassi said “Fractured Elbow” !!! – He visited the Lakers again and did some talking with the players about how important diet and stretching are to avoid being injured, “of course, saying that, I am out injured at the moment” and did some shooting with players and assistants in practice. And did an appearance on James Corden’s Late Show where he was supposed to knock a water bottle off Cordens well armored body and head left handed in deference to his injury. Tried doing it lefty, then went right handed, two balls hit near Corden’s head with a 100mph + impact boom noise in the studio, 3rd got the water bottle.
Appears like he is recovering well and just about ready for court practice and prepping for Brisbane, I think. Marabella (and gotta say…Pepe Le Peew..) may be seeing Djokovic setting up camp there.

Willow Says:

Robbie recognizes class, same with Novak ;-)

Roger is CLASS Says:

Nadal ” Djokovic is lucky.Give me two years without an injury ”

Margot Says:

A bit of fake news there. In fact Tony Nadal “jokingly said I hope now …. etc etc.”

Roger is CLASS Says:

“jokingly said I hope now….

arrogant stupid.

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