Coaching Rumors: Djokovic With Stepanek, Vallverdu Back With Murray?

by Tom Gainey | November 20th, 2017, 10:59 am

Rumors have been swirling on the coaching already.

Novak Djokovic is said to be adding the recently retired Radek Stepanek to his coaching team next year, that according to Agassi’s old coach Darren Cahill. Over the weekend while commentating on ESPN, Cahill said he recently had dinner with Agassi and talked about Stepanek’s role which would be to primarily handle Djokovic’s non-Slam weeks.

Though nothing official, it sounds like this one could happen.

Cahill also hinted that Andy Murray might be looking at getting Dani Vallverdu back on his team. Murray just parted with Ivan Lendl while Vallverdu, who coached Murray years ago, just helped his current charge Grigor Dimitrov to his best season ever.

“I’m not worried,” Dimitrov said of the chance Murray comes for Dani. “If you ask me if he’s going to take Dani, no. Obviously I can wish him only the best.”

Murray is presently with Jamie Delgado.

Stan Wawrinka and Magnus Norman are no more, and of course Uncle Toni has coached his last match with Rafael Nadal.

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11 Comments for Coaching Rumors: Djokovic With Stepanek, Vallverdu Back With Murray?

RZ Says:

I can’t see Vallverdu jumping ship back to Murray after this past weekend.

Helen Says:

Pure rumour and conjecture! Murray’s team has said he is happy with Jamie Delgado for the time being and Delgado has done good work with Andy for a long time, so no need to rush into anything. Whatever happens, good luck to Murray!

lylenubbins Says:

I would love to see Stepanek coach the joker.

senorita Says:

There was a lot of bad blood between Dani and Andy when they split and Dani started coaching Berdych. If I were Dani, I wouldn’t go back.

Daniel Says:

Also, if Dimi fulfill his potential, at this pont and with Murray turnin 31 next May, Dimi may be the safer bet longevity wise.

Humble Rafa Says:


AndyMira Says:

Yoohoo!!….Witch from Welsh!…I know you’re in ‘OFF Blogging Mode’ atm & u don’t like Daily Fail…but,hey!..this is FUNNY!!…Ohohohoho!!

Oh!..Wish u & all poster’s here especially those who really close to me like Okie,Willow,jalep,JK,RZ,Squirrel a very happy festive season & hope we’ll meet again next year!…Insyaallah!….Love u guys!…Woohoo!!…Now!off to my hibernation nest!!

Tennis Magic Says:

Could Radek Stepanek succeed where Boris Becker failed so miserably? Novak must start approaching the net properly and often if he is to extend his career into his thirties. His grinding style of prolonging points is to hard on the body and not sustainable after 30 ……

j-kath Says:


I know what you mean re. Andy and Dani….but the situation was complex and Andy’s (staff) team gave him an ultimatum e.g. “it’s Us or Mauresmo”. What to do if you are the Boss? Answer: It was for Andy to decide. PS: Andy and Dani are back to being good friends so at least that worked out.

RZ: Agree – but – if Grigor goes off the boil again – he tends to change his coach.

Andy-Mira: Many thanks for your kind Xmas/New Year wishes. Don’t you go hibernating too long – that’s a good lass.

RZ Says:

AM- thank you for the holiday wishes! A festive season to you too.

AndyMira Says:

JK & RZ….You’re mossttt welcome gals!…Oh!..don’t worry JK…to wake me up,just thrown any leftover’s or bone into my nest..and i’ll wake up immediately!

RZ… fun season this time around for me except Monsoon season that brought endless rain & flood…

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