Serena Williams Entered Into Australian Open
by Staff | December 6th, 2017, 10:49 am

Serena Williams has entered the Australian Open, the tournament announced.

Serena, who recently got married and give birth to a baby girl, hasn’t played since winning her 23rd Grand Slam at the event last year. But after so much time off and so many new things in her life, will the 36-year-old be ready?

“She has got her visa, she has entered, she’s practicing, and she probably just needs a bit more space for a bigger entourage,” tournament head Craig Tiley said. “There is no question she will be ready in our view.

“She wants to break the record owned by Margaret Court and it would be a significant accomplishment for her to be able to do that.”

Serena is just one short of matching Magaret Court’s all-time mark of 24 Grand Slams.

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31 Comments for Serena Williams Entered Into Australian Open

Humble Rafa Says:

Pre-recorded message:

Congratulations to the new-mommy. We all understand all the responsibilities she has now. Even though she lost early, it shows that women can have babies and continue to have careers.

Tennis Vagabond Says:

Awesome news! Huge boost of star power for the women’s side.

SG1 Says:

If Clijsters can win majors after motherhood, why can’t Serena?

Willow Says:

SG 1 true, i dont know if she will win the AO, it could be a bit too soon, but i think its only a matter of time before she equals, and surpasses Court anyway ….

Humble Rafa Says:

From the Australian Open

The Kia Motors guy who speaks at the trophy presentation is taking classes to make his English worse. It’s a class only offered to those whose English is so bad that they can only be made worse, not improved.

Daniel Says:

AO organizer couldn’t be happier. The hype surrounding it will be crazy with everybody 9hopefully) coming back, Nadal and Federer as top 2 seeds and Serena back to a tourney she has major success in the past. Awesome!

I am all about Star Wars VIII these days, but once the hype is over (at least 10 days and a few multiple views), it will be NYEve and than 2 weeks to AO. Time will fly be quickly.

SG1 Says:

Serena plays pretty much every match on her terms (win or lose). I wonder if motherhood will provide her with some perspective. It might take the stress off her tennis. If that’s the case, look out!

Tennis Magic Says:

Serena can win it all if she manages to reach the semi-finals but will she be able to reach the semis? The girls have become bolder and don’t fear her as much and she is coming back after a whole year so it will not be that easy ….

j-kath Says:

There’s really no one to beat Serena…..unless she wakes up with a hang-over.

BBB Says:

lol j-kath, but bear in mind she’s already proven she can beat Sharapova in the finals while running to the loo to toss her cookies.

Humble Rafa Says:

There’s really no one to beat Serena

Something insignificant happenned to the Big Lady. She had a baby. No, it doesn’t change anything. Anything at all.

#end of sarcasm

j-kath Says:

HR: And according to Serena “the insignificant happening” has inspired her…….

BBB: She won’t even have to run to toss the cookies – she’ll slip away while Sharapova has a soliloquy with the wall.

Humble Rafa Says:

Today is Skeeze’s cat’s birthday. He is all emotional about the past.

Okiegal Says:

I just now read an article where Roger made a statement that he likes to party with Stan……..just wondering if Mirka goes with them?? Lol! 😢😢😢

Willow Says:

Keep hearing about Novak coming back on tour with a bang, dominating mens tennis like hes never been away, Michael said hes the only player that can stop Rafa catching Roger, anybody would think that he was the only one out injured, when theres Andy, Stan etc etc missing too, sorry J-Kath you were only the messenger, not having a go at you lol ….

j-kath Says:

Sure Willow….understand. Don’t know if you read the Metro article, but the number of “staff” he’s acquired is in depth (never known before for one player?) – certainly shows level of determination. I will be surprised if he doesn’t return well poised to rise quickly.

Humble Rafa Says:

Michael said hes the only player that can stop Rafa catching Roger

No one can catch me. Not even the stop clock.

skeezer Says:

^that might have been funny. But you don’t know what a stop clock is. Nor good comedy.

Okiegal Says:

@JK……Novak is pulling out all the stops….he wants revenge…….but The Worm???? That surprised me a little bit.
I wonder if Novak will start running around like a nut after winning a point like Wormy used to do?? lol

j-kath Says:

Okiegal: My ignorance is not blissful….Was it Stepanek who was called “the Worm”?

As for Andy – he’s spending too much time on Twitter — he’s having to defend himself all over again re. accusations that he hates the English. He points out that he married one.


Daniel Says:

1 month till AO, can’t wait!

J-K, He was called the warm due to funny dance he made like crawling.

Humble Rafa Says:

But you don’t know what a stop clock is

Is it the clock that gives you credit for taking 45 seconds between points? I hear it belongs to the same family as Big Ben.

Okiegal Says:

@JK…….I think he was called the Worm……but not real sure…don’t forget I had a stroke….. memory is not the
best! Help me out, oh knowledgeable ones!!

WTF Says:

Interesting fact: The Womens World #1, Simona Halep has won only one title in 2017. Madrid, not even a slam.

Every player below her in the top 9 with the exception of Venus Williams has won more titles than her.

What an embarrassing way to be #1. Not embarrassing for her, but for the WTA tour. You can be #1 without winning a slam, or any title other than the women’s equivalent of a 1000? It means the competition really sucked. And those who took home a major fluked it by doing poorly everywhere else.

AndyMira Says:

Miss Okie!!…Don’t worry! i comes to be your saviour!!…Oh yeah!…Stepanek got a nickname “The Worm” coz he always dance the routine that was called “The Worm” when he wants to celebrate his win…check this out Milady!

I also not surprised if u start to learn The Worm in your backyard after this Miss Okie!!..Oho oho ho ho!!

j-kath Says:

Thanks Daniel, Okie & A-M.

AndyMira Says:

You’re welcome JK!

Willow Says:

Just read that Anna Kournikova and Enrique Inglaias have had twins, if anyones interested, congrats to them both on their happy news XX ;-)

Marc Says:

I’m really happy for Serena. Good Luck for her! I really like her.
Go Serena :)

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