Jaq Repeats as 2017 Tennis-X Year-End Top 10 Rankings Contest Picker

by Staff | December 23rd, 2017, 6:15 pm

The year 2017 in men’s tennis was a new-era mess, a new-level mess, a Next Gen mess, as reflected in the final Top 10 rankings.
Last year was considered a mess as Rafa barely finished in the Top 10 and Federer shut down his year after the Olympics. The Tennis-X year-end winner picked 8 of the Top 10 last year.

This year? The winner picked an all-time low 6 of the Top 10 in a year that favorites Tomas Berdych and Nick Kyrgios crapped the bed, and Jack Sock and Pablo Carreno Busta, who virtually no one picked (one person we think picked Sock?) finished in the Top 10.

Oh, and David Goffin.

“After 2 years of picking Goffin to be in the top 10, I’m not falling for it a 3rd time,” said RZ upon submitting in this year’s contest. You were ahead of your time!

Djokovic and Murray’s injuries dropped them out of the Top 10 and further decimated the year-end Top 10. Milos Raonic? Again, change the sheets. Put a diaper on that Canadian.

Grigor Dimitrov? Makes sense now with 20/20 hindsight, but maybe 1 or 2 entrants had him in their Top 10.

Five entrants tied with six correctly picked out the the final Top 10 — lakie, John Bullock, former champion Jac Shivam, Mridu7, and Sinha71.

Of the six, for the tiebreaker only one picked any single player in their correct year-end Top 10 position — No. 9 Stan Wawrinka. That was JAQ SHIVAM, who becomes the first-ever repeat winner in the Tennis-X Year-end Top 10 Contest, and second year winning in a row!


2017 Jaq Shivam
2016 Jaq Shivam
2015 colin09
2014 Patson
2013 Mat4
2012 emm-jee
2011 N-Dru
2010 Francisco
2009 anthony


1. Rafael Nadal
2. Roger Federer
3. Grigor Dimitrov
4. Alexander Zverev
5. Dominic Thiem
6. Marin Cilic
7. David Goffin
8. Jack Sock
9. Stan Wawrinka
10. Pablo Carreno Busta


1 Andy Murrey
2 Milos Raonic
3 Novak Djokovic
4 Rafael Nadal
5 Kei Nishikori
6 Alexander Zverev
7 Roger Federer
8 Dominic Theim
9 Stan Wawrinka
10 Marin Cilic

It almost seemed as if Jaq used a computer algorithm for his picks as he added with his entry, “If anyone replace each other than it may be Stan Wawrinka with Jack Sock 85% or Nick Kargious 15% [sic].”

Or maybe he is a computer! Komputers like to mispell thingz.

Regardless, congratulations to Jaq Shivam, who can contact the X-webmaster with his mailing address to receive the illustrious and fabulous prize package. Well done!

See everyone soon for the 2018 contest (look for it) in a couple days.

Happy holidays — Tennis-X staff

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14 Comments for Jaq Repeats as 2017 Tennis-X Year-End Top 10 Rankings Contest Picker

Jaq Shivam Says:

To Tennis X,
warm regards and many more thanks to you that picked up me as winner me for Two Years in a row, but now I want to say that I have not received any winning prizes by your side on last year and now current year also.

armelwani Says:

Congrats, Jaq! I’m coming for you next year! :)

Happy Holidays, everyone!!

gonzalowski Says:

congrats JAQ, difficult achievement.
You deserve those winning prizes, these Tx tight-fisted…

j-kath Says:

Difficult to believe that a staff writer believes that it is acceptable to make a comment such as:

“Tomas Berdych and Nick Kyrgios crapped the bed”

and that Tennis X accepts it.

t4t Says:

None of the entrants who picked 6 correctly are among any of the known posters here. I am a little surprised JK is scandalized by the use of “crapped the bed”. I guess she is from a more polite culture. Just yesterday a Spanish co worker was telling me about some Spanish speaking people from another culture who frequently interject “mierda” into their conversations and how shocked she was until she got used to it!

t4t Says:

If Federer is kind enough to share the secret of his miraculous resurgence with “buddy” Wawrinka, then Wawrinka after his “knee surgery” will be number one next year! No computer algorithm required!

Willow Says:

Nice one Jaq Shivam, two years in a row congratulations ….

Willow Says:

Happy Christmas and New Year to all TX posters, and all the absent friends XX ;-)

t4t Says:

Although jaq did not get his prize, at least he made the headline of tx. Congrats Jaq, why don’t you post here? I am sure you will add value to our discussions.

j-kath Says:

t4t: It’s the “horses for courses” syndrome. I can “crap” with the best of them.

RZ Says:

Such a curse to be ahead of my time, LOL.
Congrats to Jaq, happy holidays to all, and many thanks to the Tennis-X staff for your continued work on this site that brings us tennis fans together.

t4t Says:

JK, ok Ms

RZ yep I totally agree. Being behind the times is quite common and not so bad but being ahead is a curse.

Humble Rafa Says:

Jaq, is your sister’s name Gennipher?


t4t Says:

Maybe Jaqueline?

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