Positive Sign For Novak Djokovic? Andre Agassi Heading To Australia

by Tom Gainey | January 12th, 2018, 1:52 pm

A good sign for Novak Djokovic. The Serb, who did play in a couple exos this week, had more encouraging news with coach Andre Agassi flying over.

Agassi injured his shoulder which forced him out of an exo in Australia. And with Djokovic’s elbow issue, there was little need for the former champion to fly to Down Under.

But Agassi is on his way indicating that Djokovic’s elbow is doing well enough for him to make the long trip.

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6 Comments for Positive Sign For Novak Djokovic? Andre Agassi Heading To Australia

Wog Boy Says:

Ok, I need a help from my friends, I know..I know… I haven’t make too many friends here but there is a few.

AO app is awful this year, I know Nole is playing 11am on Tuesday (always best slot for him), but I can’t work it out which court he is going to play, RLA, MCA…court #13(not impossible when we talk about Nole) so I can but ticket asap.

Thanks in advance.
Yours faithfully,
Wog Boy

AndyMira Says:

WB….I asked my friends on TG whether anyone knows about it..but no one answer it yet…be patient okay?Maybe someone will come up with the answer soon…

AndyMira Says:

WB…One of my friends said that Nole’s scheduling probably will be decided on monday…but,if there is a news about it later..i will tell u okay?

Wog Boy Says:

Thanks, I won’t panic..not yet.

AndyMira Says:

haha…That’s okay WB!No need to panic yet…a friend gave this…and it seems it is true that we don’t know anything about any scheduling yet…


Humble Rafa Says:

There is nothing like the Dopey One heading to Australia. Little things like practice, match play mean nothing.

Dopey One rules.

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