Rafael Nadal’s Leg Injury Not Serious, Will Return For Acapulco

by Staff | January 23rd, 2018, 11:19 pm

Good news for Rafael Nadal fans. A day after retiring to Marin Cilic in the fifth set of their Australian Open quarterfinal with what looked to be a bad right upper thigh/hip injury, Nadal’s MRI in Melbourne didn’t show any serious.

According to the release from his camp, Nadal has a “grade 1 injury of his Illiopsoas on his right leg (iliopsoas refers to the joined psoas and the iliacus muscles).”

Nadal will rest once he gets home, then get back on the court in two weeks and he should be healed in three weeks.

If all goes well, Nadal said he is still planning to play his regular schedule in Acapulco, Indian Wells and Miami. Acapulco begins on February 26.

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44 Comments for Rafael Nadal’s Leg Injury Not Serious, Will Return For Acapulco

Margot Says:

Good news about Rafa!

DisgruntedRafaFan Says:

It is funny that Nadal complains about the tour schedule. He has a physically intense style of play and wants to play even minor tournaments like Acapulco despite injuries, being world number 1 and his ranking fairly secure. It is like a rich businessman blaming the world for his greed.
Come on Rafa, I love your game, but you’ve got to manage your schedule a little more maturely, I guess and don’t blame others for your stupidity.

Madmax Says:

Of course it isn’t serious. I really do think that Rafa made a mistake retiring. Surely he did. Was this a twinge, a really injury, did he want a retirement rather than a loss against his record? Did he take more time out so that he could ‘recover’ before the clay court season. I really don’t get this recovery period and the fact that he could have played on. I really do believe that.

And the poster above, Disgruntled (I think you mean) RafaFan, yes. He should manage his schedule and then perhaps he would not have to take so much time off for injuries. Major or minor.

DisgruntedRafaFan Says:

As much as I like Rafa, I think this is not a “real injury”, and it seems he avoided a loss on his record.
The worst thing about all this is blaming the organizers, the surfaces for his injuries. Nobody seems to have the guts to call out his BS it seems, but this time, there really is no excuse for Rafa’s childish behavior and showing a total lack of class. I think I am done with supporting Rafa.

BBB Says:

I wish Sharapova were disgrunted.

RZ Says:

@BBB – don’t we all! (Good one, BTW).

Willow Says:

I Agree with RZ and BBB, but some months ago i was attacked personally for saying it ….

Willow Says:

On the subject of fairness i agree with MM and DRF in that Rafa shouldve just finished the match against Cilic, but without getting defensive shouldnt Novak have have done the same against Berdych last year another guy with a history of retiring during matches ?

t4t Says:

Unlike Fed, Nadal doesn’t have u of b nor the pampering by the organizers to play on the same court at the same time. It is well known that playing in the blistering heat and on different court surfaces can cause injuries. Rafa was limping badlyat the end. Since he did not know how serious it was, he wisely chose to retire.His body is more important to him than pleasing madmax or disgruntled Rafa fan . madmax has no sense of proportion. She raised a hue and cry at Wimbledon about Fed’s tough first round opponent who actually was seriously injured. She and the Cult claimed Fed had a tough draw at this AO by counting the tough players in Djokovic’s quarter! Sense of fairness? They think it is ok for Fed to be given rigged schedules, rigged draws. Honestly I don’t know why Willow agrees with these fanatics. Does she really need their approval?

skeezer Says:

^Old & Fake news about Fed from the jealous one who repeats the same ole fake sh1t.
Amazing how you defend Rafa’s so “serious” injury ….he had to retire but hey he’s back by Acapulco. Amazing potions he is taking no? Or he is wimpy for not finishing a match he was going to lose anyway? Pick one.

AndyMira Says:

Agree with t4t…Rafa as we all know suffered many injuries in his career before..in fact more than anyone else on tour..and he’s very familiar with his body..and he’s the only one who knew the extent of his injury at that time..and u guys here saying that he shouldn’t retired?Who are we to judge whether he should play or retired?We’re not the injured here..Rafa is..and he’s 30 now..it’s about time he listened to his body more than his match..

Here’s the link for u guys to read…


DisgruntledRafaFan Says:

@t4t : I think when he was complaining about the organizers – he was saying that courts are very hard, not what you are saying.
Scheduling is done to optimize business priorities, it is not done to optimize Rafa’s chances of winning. You seem to be confused about the two. If Federer’s the crowd favorite, the tournament organizers are well within their right to do so.
Marin also called out Rafa’s complaint in his post match press conference saying that the players are free to decide their own schedule as far as the tournament is concerned. Nadal’s complaint seems to be more about not getting the same amount of favoritism as Federer – which shows he feels entitled to it – unfortunately Nadal’s version of reality doesn’t coincide with organizers’ version of reality.

I don’t know what madmax said or didn’t say, but there is a probability of someone winning pre-draw and there is a probability of winning post-draw. If second quantity is smaller than the first, then the draw can be said to be tougher and reducing the chances of a player’s win.
Federer was both the pre-draw and the post-draw favorite by the virtue of his superior head to head on the hard courts against nearly everyone in the field.
And, if you think Rafa is so delicate and so careful with his body, why is he playing a meaningless tournament like Acapulco, sorry dude, this is BS.

@Willow : I agree that Djoker should have finished, there is a difference in giving up and in being seriously injured enough that a player can no longer continue or if he continues, he is at a greater risk of a subsequent injury compared to his normal condition. It is really hard to objectively say when a player should or shouldn’t have retired in a match.

t4t Says:

oh skeezer, my fan! I think you wait for my posts day and night! The point is Nadal did not know how serious his injury was so he retired. If he had been taking potions and if he had played on RLA by night for all his matches, he wouldn’t have got hurt. Unfortunately he doesn’t have the support of u of b or the organizers. Unlike your fake goat.

t4t Says:

AndyMira, I read somewhere that Nadal had announced that the MRI showed no tear? Anyway, I think he should skip Acapulco. He should focus on clay and the slams. If it weren’t for the rigged draws and scheduling last year, he had a good chance at Wimbly too. But he was no doubt upset by the blatant discrimination and banged his head absentmindedly pretty badly. It was definitely worrisome and I was surprised that many found it hilarious. Even Nadal fans. A strange breed, these Nadal fans. Most of the time they are in denial about the seriousness of his injuries and keep announcing he is 100%.

t4t Says:

This disgruntedRafafan must be a sock puppet of skeezer or madmax. If he is indeed a Rafa fan then the silver lining about Nadal’s injuries is that it has stopped his porker fans from grunting. Ugh what a racket they must be creating when Nadal meets with their approval!

skeezer Says:

“oh t4t, my fan! I think you wait for my posts day and night! “
Thus the hateful fake Fed news when he is winning and your fav is not.

Lets see, you have falsely claimed Fed is Lucky, takes PEDs, is given rigged draws, is given night matches only, etc, etc.
All’s you are showing is your jealous hate to a guy who is winning and pocketed all time records with smart scheduling, smart work ethic, tempered with great mental fortitude = GOAT.

skeezer Says:

This t4t must be a sock puppet for giles, HR, or rick.
Pick one.

skeezer Says:

Unlike t4t,
Fed actually proves his factual championship caliber, by……

t4t Says:

If somebody wins only one slam between 29 and 35 ( 6 years) and then wins two in one year when he is 36, the obvious conclusion is magic potion. Deducing this doesn’t require rocket science. All that is proved by his wins is that magic potions and rigging of draws and schedules can counteract the effects of old age.

t4t Says:

And skeezer, in case you did not notice, a lot of people (not just me) have noticed your darling gets only night matches. Hopefully they will soon accept the sad truth that the draws, the surfaces, the balls are all rigged to favor the fake goat.

skeezer Says:

:If somebody wins only one slam between 29 and 35 ( 6 years)”

Show us that fake fact. Again you spout but you provide no links or proof. Then will talk. Otherwise go away already, you did not pass Tennis Class 101.

skeezer Says:

“…only night matches”
another fartfull fake fact. Show us where Fed has gotten ONLY night matches this tournament.
Regardless, that does not guarantee a win. Just ask Novak and Rafa, ROFL.

AndyMira Says:

t4t…It is strange coz there’s a few articles that saying Rafa has a tear on his upper thigh/hip…



Btw…torn a hip/thigh..i’m very glad it is not serious t4t…but,like u said..i’m also not agree he’s going to compete in Acapulco..but Rafa is Rafa..he needs more match play to get himself fully into the groove..unlike Roger & Novak who usually don’t have a problem to get themselves into the game very quickly…i guess that’s their speciality…

t4t Says:

skeezer thinks Fed plays day matches and it is Nadal and Djokovic who get night matches! ha ha ha ha!

t4t Says:

Maybe skeezer lives in a part of the world where it is daytime when say it is night time at Wimbledon. So he concludes Fed is given day matches! ROFL!!!!!

skeezer Says:

You post with no facts(you cannot provide anything to back your claims up), and then you lie. Give it up and post on TMZ. It’s better suited for you.

t4t Says:

Obviously skeezer cannot count either as he disputes that Fed won only 1 slam in 6 years!In fact from Feb 2010 to Dec 2016 it is 6 years and 11 months (almost 7 years) and during that period Fed won only 1 slam. I guess if Nadal can count some porkers among his fans, Fed can count the school drop outs. Hilarious!

kjb Says:

@t4t – Jealousy is actually a pretty good look on you. You never fail to give me a good chuckle.

J.S. Says:

Just canceled my flight to Aculpulco – got screwed last year in Rotterdam, not making that mistake again!
Hoping Rafa cancels Acupulco too and concentrates on Clay.

Congrats Fed fans….but, he did only play night matches at AO. IF Chung can push him to 5, he has a chance, otherwise it’s Fed’s to win!
Djokovic really got screwed at AO and no reason to do that to him!

Hoping for a Chung/Edmond Final….Don’t hate me! :)

AndyMira Says:

J.S!…Hehe..me too!…Chung/Kyle in the final!

Btw…U plan to go to FO this year J.S?

J.S. Says:

Mira…I am waiting to see what Rafa does!

Wouldn’t that be fun a Chung/Kyle final – I would do the happy dance :)

AndyMira Says:

J.S…Happy dance??Hahaha…I give u my blessing to do that J.S…Full clothes okay??

AndyMira Says:

Willow…I’m sorry,i have to ask u this…By your statement up there u want Rafa continue to play with pain?Even tho it’s very clear that he’s limping & in pain?May i know your reason?

Willow Says:

AndiMira i see your point probably not a good idea, dont hate me ….

Willow Says:

AndiMira anyway i didnt see the match, and you did, so your maybe a better judge than me anyway ….

Willow Says:

Im pulling for Kyle / Chung final but i think we will most likely get the other, we will have a new GS champion on the WTA, how about the tennis gods give us one on the ATP too ?

AndyMira Says:

That’s alright Will!…No harm done!..And i don’t hate u sis!…Still love u even!!hehe..

J.S. Says:

Kyle serving much better in 2nd set….let’s go!

Madmax Says:

t4t Says:
This disgruntedRafafan must be a sock puppet of skeezer or madmax. If he is indeed a Rafa fan then the silver lining about Nadal’s injuries is that it has stopped his porker fans from grunting. Ugh what a racket they must be creating when Nadal meets with their approval!

January 24th, 2018 at 10:26 pm

t4t, nah. Not me. I suspect you are around 5 posters on here, your writing is too similar, though you seem a little more intelligent than Giles – not by much –

Roger is CLASS Says:

again arrogant excuse.

Nadal blames tour organisers for injury that cost him Australian Open chance.


Willow Says:

Roger is Class Nadals gone, as you seem to be a Federer fan, why dont you just forget about Nadal and concentrate on Federer playing against Chung ?

Sophia Says:

You don’t count Wimbledon as a slam in tennis?

the_mind_reels Says:

A quick injection of some facts from this year’s AO for all who have so quickly forgotten:

Day 8: Federer player his R16 match versus Fucsovics during the day session.

Day 9: Nadal pulled out of his QF match versus Cilic during the night session.

I’m not implying anything by this — just clarifying for people who think Federer plays only at night and Nadal only at day.

Willow Says:

The Mind Reels fair enough, but can i clarify something too, Wogboy, Danica, Van Persie all Novak fans, Squirrel, Amit as well as one or two other Federer fans, Margot and J-Kath both Murrays fans, and granted yes Nadal fans ,all im saying is plenty of fans of other players brought this up too, it wasnt only the Nadal fans, yet posters seem to single them out as the only ones complaining, even though they werent, but i dare say this will still all fall on deaf ears anyway ….

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