Del Potro Saves 3 MPs In Epic Win Over Federer To Claim First Masters At Indian Wells

by Staff | March 19th, 2018, 1:45 am

Juan Martin del Potro waited a long time to win his first Masters title, but it may have been well worth. The 29-year-old outlasted rival Roger Federer in a 3-set exhilarating epic to win the Indian Wells title 6-4, 6-7(8), 7-6(2) Sunday.

“It’s difficult to describe in words,” said Del Potro after the 2-hour, 42-minute win. “It’s like a dream. I’ve been working hard to get this, and I did it after all my problems, all my surgeries. I can’t believe I’m here and winning a Masters 1000, beating Roger. It’s amazing.”

Del Potro, who also beat Federer at the US Open last year and in his incredible 2009 run in New York, had the confidence to stop Federer’s 17-match win streak to start the season. But could he do it? He could.

Del Potro’s much-maligned backhand held up early and may have surprised Federer a little by its force and consistency. And of course Del Potro had the lethal forehand and the booming serving working in full flight.

Federer, meanwhile, was spraying errors and it cost him early in his third serve game as Del Potro gained the break at love.

The Argentine rode out his serve to take the first.

Federer avoided early peril at the start of the second, digging out of a 15-40 hole.

Later, the Swiss had his first chances and set points on the Del Potro serve at 4-5, but was denied.

In a very, very tense breaker, which saw both players irate at chair umpire Fergus Murphy, Federer couldn’t close out a 6-3 lead including tossing in a double fault on set point at 6-5. But down match point 7-8, Federer took the last three to force the decider.

Things were even early, with both players slugging it out. Del Potro saved got out of a 0-30 deficit at 2-all. Then, looking wary, finally cracked at 4-4.

5-4, Federer would serve for the title. Following an ace, it was 40-15, it looked done. It wasn’t. In the longest game of the match, del Potro saved three championship points to escape and live on.

A tiebreaker was forced and once again Federer’s served let him down. The Swiss inexplicably gave up two double faults and Del Potro took it 7-1.

“It was an unbelievable match in all the ways. I mean, we played a great level of tennis. The people were excited on every single point,” del Potro said. “Roger and me were nervous during the whole match, and we felt that on court.

“Unfortunately I couldn’t stay calm in the tiebreak of the second set, but then the calms come again in the end of the match and I played good in the tiebreak.”

The win was del Potro’s 7th against Federer (7-18) and his first in a Masters event (1-7). It was also his 22nd career title and after three losses in Masters final, his maiden title at this level. And in winning is biggest title since the US Open over eight years ago, it signals the Argentine is finally back.

Federer, who was seeking a record sixth Indian Wells title, wouldn’t get into what specifically was irritating him so much on court, but he did say he wasn’t pleased with his serve.

“I lost my serve a little bit, and then he was clean and I wasn’t. And then it goes very quickly in the breaker,” Federer said. “As close as it can be sometimes when you’re not feeling it or momentum has shifted, it’s just crazy how it can go the other way. But I had already missed my opportunities then, but I still, standing at the trophy ceremony, I think I would like to play that tie-break again, because I don’t know what the hell happened. But it’s OK. It happens sometimes.”

Del Potro now moves on to Miami which arguably provides him more support from the crowd than any other venue outside of Argentina.

“I’m No. 6 in the world, I think? Which is so good to me. And I’m excited to keep working,” del Potro said. “I just want to keep winning titles like this if I can.”

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112 Comments for Del Potro Saves 3 MPs In Epic Win Over Federer To Claim First Masters At Indian Wells

Madmax Says:

EPIC IS THE WORD STAFF. EPIC. Frustrations running high from both sides that is why the match was so damn entertaining! Hoop LA!

Ricky Dimon
it is so epic how furious these guys are

10:52 PM – Mar 18, 2018

10:42 PM – Mar 18, 2018


Federer Bn angry has to be the funniest thing

Dave Levitan

If you’re into tennis, turn on the #IndianWells final. They’re heading to a final set, level of play is incredible, and Federer and Del Potro are both very very angry. It’s great.

10:53 PM – Mar 18, 2018

Temper tantrums aside, the tennis was extraordinarily entertaining. Down 5-4 in the second, Del Potro saved two set points as Federer struggled to level things up. The Swiss needed seven set points to eventually make it one set apiece.

The standard wasn’t always perfect — both players made uncharacteristic unforced errors as Del Potro’s forehand failed him and Federer’s backhand didn’t come to the party. But interspersed between the ugliness were cracking running winners, while Federer’s artistry with his drop shot was next level.

Tensions weren’t quite as high in the deciding set until the crowd was treated to some late drama. Federer broke for a 5-4 lead and was serving for the match when he pinged Del Potro with a backhand to the body, prompting the Argentine to glare at him.

Del Potro maintained the rage as he saved three match points to break right back and make it 5-5 before both players held their next service games, sending things to a tiebreak.

After the 29-year-old hit a scorching forehand winner Federer once again took his frustration out on the umpire and losing his cool may have cost him at the start of the tiebreak.


skeezer Says:

What cost Fed the match was being up 40-15 5-4 serving for the match…..two match points! Two chances to win that match, ugh!

Well deserved win for Delpo. Gritty, courageous, and heroic. Surprised to see him hit through that BH so much, good for him. Great confidence booster going forward, look out 2018!

Willow Says:

Congrats to Delpo, on his first masters 1000 title, even though i dont care for the guy, he was brilliant yesterday, great having him back in the mix, i think hes proved he can beat elite players over best of three, can he do it over best of five now in a GS, probably two elite players over best of five still have my doubts ?

Willow Says:

Match of the year so far ….

Tennis Vagabond Says:

What a terrific match. Del Potro was tough to beat. Federer played great, but the forehand shanks kept him out of the match.
I’ve never seen Del Potro move so well, at least not since 2009.

In one of his comebacks, he briefly flirted with being a net guy, and he was great at it. Good to see him back at the net. It was mostly Fed drawing him in, but he really handled every challenge Fed threw at him.

Both their backhands were brilliant. Before the match, I kept telling my wife how DelPotro’s BH compromises him now- not that its a weakness, but its not the weapon it was. Then he goes and plays like that. Insane BH winners from both guys.

I enjoyed the tantrums. Its so rare to see either of these guys play with that kind of anger, it made it cool to see. I would say Federer was the more petulant, but Del Potro let it get into his game more.

It was just an amazing level of aggressive tennis. And not controlled aggressive. Just all out redline aggressive, going for lines with each shot, skimming the net. Great entertainment. It shows what a level Del Potro can play at now. Fed had like an A- game today, and he needed an A+.

I don’t think Del Potro’s going away, either. He looks determined, like no one else outside Big Four. Barring injury, he’s destined for top three, as Andy and Novak find their form, and then it will be amazing to see if they can dislodge him.

We’re finally seeing, I hope, what he could have done in 2010.

Markus Says:

When I feel bad thinking of the match points Federer lost in the final set, I think about the match point del Potro lost in the second set. It was, in effect, a two-set match that lasted three.

Daniel Says:

Yeah Markus, and that MP DelPo missed was an inside out FH he netted. His bread and butter shot, which he makes 9 out 10.

RZ Says:

Well done by DelPo! Looks like he’s fully back from all of his injury issues. And what great timing too!

SG1 Says:

Match of the Year…so far.

SG1 Says:

Never seen Federer so on edge. Maybe his facial growth was making him itchy…:)

SG1 Says:

DelPo continues to prove that he would have cut into everyone’s slam count if he was healthy the last 9 years. His forehand and serve total nightmares to cope with when they’re on.

SG1 Says:

If you play enough, sooner or later, these kinds of things happen. Having two championship (or match) points on your own serve and not converting is going to hurt for a bit but I don’t think for too long. It happened against Novak at the USO. Better for this to happen at IW than at a major. In any case, looking at his AO title should make him feel a little better.

Don’t know if he was struggling with something but he missed a few balls in a very un-Federer-like way. Whiffed some returns. Shanked a few forehands. His drop shot feel was there and then it wasn’t. Saw him look at his thumb a couple of times. Not sure if that was anything or not.

chofer Says:

Indeed, Markus.

I disagree Federer played “bad” in terms of competitivness. Yea, he netted FH, serves and BH he usually does. On the other hand, he sprayed unrealistic drop shots against someone who hit deep and hard; something it’s not that easy to make, even for him. And make some scintillating lobs and volleys.

He wasn’t at his perfect best. But he didn’t need to be either against Cilic at the AO F and, in spite of the 5 sets, was never in doubt his dominance of the match.

Sometimes, reading other postings, especially my “old forum” at I think the most diehard Fedfans (I’m one, when he’s nos playing Delpo!)tend to diminish the Big Man and I go… Oh, its 2009 again! It is ludicrious to put Delpo’s talent on par with Roger’s. Who really has that variety? But, as happens with Nadal or Djokovic when at their best, you can like and be amazed at “other” talents. I won’t go on a rant about why I like about Delpo. I’m more inclined to artistic types like Federer or, at the time, Nalbandian who was a big “crush” of mine.
But at the year passes, I recognized Delpo has a talent no other Argentine has possesed since Guillermo Vilas: his mind.
No matter how huge his Fhs are; how well he serve or how much improved his slice is; his competitivness is off the charts.

If you can put a dime on on a jar about how artistry types like Kyrgios (just to mention one with that “easiness” to hit a ball)would like to have tha “killer instintc”, then we’ll all be millonaires.

But tennis is other things, too. And saying that Delpo was lucky or that he was lucky at their USO F 2009, well, it irks me a little. As if the man hasn’t sustracted enough years from his prime (count them: it’s 3 entire seasons!) and work overload to get back in top after FOUR wrist surgeries that had him in stop and starts, everytine, wouldn’t be enough ti appreciate his competitive spirit.

We all know he’s not Federer (who is?) and that’s precisely the point I’m making here: Roger had a short hiatus because he slipped (or something like that) on the bathroom; he has the talent (like Nalbandian after his hip surgery) to come out of the dark and start winning tournaments like it was nothing.

Delpo doesn’t have that kind of talent.
He has a kind of talent that’s elusive even for the new next-genners. He knows where the points are won and lost. He knows how to compete.

Now, I want him to have another Slam to let them get rid off of that obnoxious Slam wonder tag, preferably agaisnt other player Than Federer, so I don’t have to hear excuses anymore; and then quit for good.

I’ve no doubt in my mind he will make it.

Margot Says:

chofer: I think he’s got a terrific window of opportunity at the moment. He seems healthy and injury free so he has an advantage over Andy/Nole/Stan/Rafa, and he has the terrific advantage of the experience of slam finals/later stages of tournaments over the younger up and comers. He’s also a bit younger in years but has had so much time out with injury, his “tennis age” must be quite a bit less.
Sorry to hark on, but Coric really should’ve beaten Fed but lacked the experience to do so. Perhaps he also lacks JMDP’s grit, an essential part of winning, but it’s a bit early to make
that judgement.

Daniel Says:

Agree Margot,

DelPo seems is in a better postion now than Nadal/Djoko/Murray/Dimi/Zevrev/Thiem and Cilic.

Clays is on the horzon so Cilic will not do any damage. DelPo likes clay and only Nadal, if fully recovered will be in better position.

Goffin and Thiem who also like the turff, will be returning from injury. Thiem big IF he will be able play on clay at all.

Djkoko may start palying himself into form, but he will need a big Miami, minimum semis in my eyes, for me to believe he will be getitng back on clay.

Post Miami, if Fed plays on clay is Madrid full 5 weeks rest away, or 6 if he just chooses Rome before RG.

So there will be DelPo, fit, hungry and confiant, Nadal returning and the ocasional dirty ballers (Fognini, Cuevas, Ferrer, Agust, PCB).

chofer Says:


Coric perhaps should’ve beaten Fed. but he didn’t. Because great competitors can win even if they’re playing poorer than their rivals at the moment.

That’s what separates “champions” from mere excellent tennis players. Federer is one. Coric is not, yet. And, perhaps, won’t. Who knows? My whole point is that, at his age, Delpo would have won that match. In fact, he did. Borna didn’t. Evereyone can hit a ball. Some, better than others.

Not everyone knows how to compete, instead. How to make damage with what you got and, especially, WHEN. And how to change tactics when something is “off” or the supposedly better rival alrady did. Delpo knew the trappings of a big match even when he lost some of them. Because he lost with the Best on Big Occasions. The ones who “knew” all along.
I can’t tell the same about the next genners, sadly. That includes Borna. He completely lost the plot when Federer started slicing on the middle, no pace at all. Borna didn’t know how to cope with the new strategy. He didn’t simply “choke”. He couldn’t read or adjust. That’s worse than a loss!

My point is that you are either born to know how to compete or learn as times goes along (some, they’ll never learn)

Federer, Novak, Rafa certainly knew before they got to be discussed among GOATS if you know what I mean. Stanimal is one of the few who learnt as an “old” foe. Cilic, only wins Big when he plays Big. I saw that just at the USO 14 against both federer and Nishikori. A hell of a two days when he didn’t need to “know”. He was just zoning.

The next genners will get there someday. Not all of them. But few. I just don’t think they already know how to compete. None of them. That’s what make the old generation, especially those four, special. I think Delpo is in there, in that regard. If not in Big Wins. Murray, too. But disincline to work on a more aggresive style, sadly. He just got a lot better physically and ocasionally put most twist and shout to his FH. But he’s certainly on of the few who knows where points are won and lost and how.

I saw countless matches when the Big Four adjusted and turned the tables even when not “zoning” at all.

Some are born into that talent, nevermind their status in tennis.

At the time I was starting watching, I knew Lendl didn’t have a clue. Wilander knew. Lendl is regarded (justly) as the better player. But he wasn’t a better competitor. He just hit bigger and better when he was young. Until he “knew”. And he became a champion.

I hope I got my point across.

Margot Says:

chofer, are you saying you’re born with a killer instinct and it’s almost impossible to learn? That’s a very interesting point which I will certainly consider, but welcome other people’s “takes.” I’d just make another point that you need an awful lot of tools in your box to make adjustments in the middle of a match, also a lot of confidence in your own ability. As an Andy fan, I’ve seen him do it many times, but also not do it, to the point I’m screaming at the TV. Have also seen Raf/Fed/Nole do it and not do it. Not sure Stan can. What do other folk think? C’mon people let’s talk tennis! How radical is that?…;)

Humble Rafa Says:

Once a whiny baby, always a whiny baby.

chofer Says:


I do believe it, indeed. I’m not saying you can’t learn (I put Lendl and Wawrinka as examples)

I’m hesitant about what you refer as “tools” Isn’t self-believe and a tennis mind a tool? You tell me.

How did Wilander won ealy over Lendl in EVERY MATCH THAT MATTERED, when he couldn’t trade blows with him, didn’t know a proper slice and can’t volley?? He was a strategist of the highest order, had terrific footwork and backhand and THE NERVE to chip and charge when nobody was expecting that. He was the ultimate competitor. A terrific mind.

How about Seles?? YES he could blow you off the court, but her serve and movement were suspicious and he just sliced with a toast and volleyed when playing volley at her home.

I have a lot of examples of glaring weaknesses, “tool-wise”, among champions.

What Murray lacks, IMO are two things: 1) A Big Shot 2) Charisma (but that’s debatable:)

He’s 7 or 8 points en evrything else. He does good to very good every shot in the arsenal. His BH being the best. He is, in my mind, the version of Wilander 3.0. Unlike Wilander, he hadn’t had to deal with Federer, Rafa or Djokovic. That’s why Wilander won more.

Call it bad luck, perhaps? I think winning so much as him withim this Trio of Champions is a heck of an accomplishment.

He certainly has the tennis mind, although he self-sabotages a lot. That puts him behind those three.

But Tignor made a list a greatest champions of the Open Era recently and, although quite fair to me, in no way Murray is below Courier!

That’s the Americanism of Americans getting in the way of reason.

He could have been better if learning to approach and attack the net more often. But who knows? He’s not my favorite by any strech, but a terrific champion that would have shone brighter in any other era. He, like Wilander, is lacking that WOW shot. The Nole BHDTL, Fed’s serfve or FH, Rafa FH. Some attitude, too. But the mind is there. That’s it.

Yes, some are born into.

chofer Says:

Humble Rafa

Being and obnoxious bot and pretending to be the actual Rafa stop being funny since the invention of Twitter. Or the Internet. Get out.

Daniel Says:

Don´t agree choffer.

DelPo was an ace away from Federer tiwce form losijg the match. This is only the second time FEd lost a big match 40-15 on serve, the other USO 2011.

So, it wasn´t this much difference in tactics. Coric was never that close to close the match either (DelPo had a previous MP in second set tiebreak but it was on Fed´s serve).

Had Federer placed one unreturnable serve in one of those 2 MP´s, which he has done routinely in his career, the talk today would be that DelPo still losos too many big matches to Big 4.

Yes, he won, but by the thinniest margins possible. A very competive match that could have gone either way and more lost by Federer than won by DelPo in that game overall.

The importance for DelPo is not even the win that much is that he can compete toe to toe and overpower and keeps Federer on the edge for 3 sets or more. USO 2017 was another example.

Ocasionally he will have a below A level and that is when the 18-7 hxH shows up with Federer winnign in 2 or with not much effort. But when DelPo is on, we know we are in for a treat.

Daniel Says:

Miami draw is out already. Forgot matches start on Wednesday there.

– Fed gest PCB R16 – Berdych/Anderson QF – Zerev semis

– Zevrev gest Krygios/Foggy R16 – Sock;/Corci QF – Fed semis

– DelPo with worst draw: Kei R32 – Djoko R16 – Dimi QF – Cilic semis again 9on paper)

– Cilic gest Isner R16 – Chung/Goffin/Agut QF – DelPo/Djoko/Dimi semis

Fed nees 3 matches to retain #1, reaching at least QF, he open agaisnt a qualy than Verdasco R32 and PCB R16.

Margot Says:

chofer: Of course the mind is a “tool” and a very important one. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen the Ashe v Connors match at Wimbledon but that would be a very fine example. But I would argue it’s not enough, you’ve got to have a great something or other as well and footwork up there. I wish MMT was here because he would argue, I think, that the mind is unimportant and technique is all. Great bloke actually and missed. A tennis pro I believe.
And someone like Dimitrov seems to have all the shots but lacks a killer instinct whilst Kyrgios has the killer instinct but doesn’t seem prepared for the graft. Have you seen Rublev play, my goodness that young man almost wants it too badly. Could ramble on but I’ll stop here!
I don’t think I’d argue with anything you said about Andy, especially the self-sabotage, but for me anyway, the journey has been engrossing and marvellous.
And someone like Dimitrov seems to have all the tools

Margot Says:

Sorry that last sentence should not be there…WTH? I blame Daniel’s phone!

chofer Says:


Federer had match point against Nadal and Djokovic on more than one accasion. It doesn’t matter how he lost. It matters ehat the others did to win. And you can tell it backwards, with Rafa having a 3-1 lead in the AO F last year against him. Champions find ways to win, even on match point down.

How many match points had Borg against McEnroe in that famous Wimby final in the braker? 2, 3, 4? McEnroe won the Tb but lost the match. He proceeded to get Botg out of the game for good in the coming years. Shit happens!

That’s not the point of my post!

Humble Rafa Says:

Dear Chofer,

If you whine, people call you whiny. Get over it. Also get a real personality.

chofer Says:

Someone pretending to be Rafa get me lessons of personality. How’s your hip, bimbo?

FedExpress Says:

Miami draw out

Fed projected to meet:

1st Bye
2nd Qualifier
3rd Verdasco
4th Carreno Busta
QF Anderson/Berdych
SF Zverev
F Cilic/Del Potro

not that bad

FedExpress Says:

Delpo could meet Nole in the 4th round

Daniel Says:

chofer, one thing is havng MP on the other player serve, which is most of the cases.

For Federer to lose a match with MP and serve, specially a 40-15 serve was only two times. Djoko and DelPo.

Another point, Nadal only saved MPs versus Federer once and Djoko 2 times. It´s very rare for Biog 4 players saved MP between them, actually it happens only on 5 ocasions. So its not more than 1 ocasion, only for Djoko.

Only match Nadal ever saved MPs agaisnt Federer was Rome 2006 and was on his serve and clay.

Djoko saved MP in 2010 USO (on his serve) and 2011 USO, 2 on Fed´s serve.

Below is a link with all matches big 4 saved and squandered MPs:

Pretty interesting. Djoko is the Big 4 least wasting MPs, only twice otoh hand he saved MP on 12 ocasions, impressive.

– Fed is 19 wasted / 17 saved
– Nadal is 7 wasted / 13 saved
– Djojo is 2 watsed / 12 saved
– Murray is 5 wasted / 11 saved

Fexd has the worst record, but out of a much bigger range of matches: 36.

The others total matches under this circunstances is 20 or less.

Humble Rafa Says:

Dear Mr. Your Excellency Chofer,

You need to get personality that fits your name.

My hip is waiting for the clay court season to begin.

chofer Says:

Yes, Daniel. But happens a lot more than with THEM against regular players because their matches are so tigh… It’s not a common ocurrence, I would agree, but in nail baiters coulp happen. You mentioned the Big 4 and remember all these stats… I bet you don’t against Isner and Mahut?:))

FedExpress Says:


Since 2013 Federer has lost at least one match by having MPs.

What a streak.

chofer Says:

the botton-half of the draw is a murderers’ row. I cnn see Fed approaching the 100 from my home (not in Alaska)

Daniel Says:

preciselly chofer,

That is why to me, matches when one a player have MP, is mroe like a lotery. You can’t prove of access that a particular tactics were the main differential because in the end, even if that player won, he was just a single point from defeat, and when that is on the player serve (Federer which is one of top 10 serves of all time) is more arbitrary still.

From that last tiebreaker on, one of the players would lose after having MP, just gamble as it were a nail bitter all along.

Its different for example of those classic chokes when a players is 2-0 MP on third set in a Slam and end up losing the match after a collapse. We can even say Fed had a mini collapse with 2 DFs, but the match was close all along, too close to call.

At least is my two cents: If you allow your opponent to have MP in the first place (and won later), you were not doing something right.

Daniel Says:

“Since 2013 Federer has lost at least one match by having MPs.
What a streak.”


We can make a Tennis-x raffle: which tourney Fed will have MP and lose in 2019?! ;-)
As he is playing only 10-12 tourneys a yearis not gonnna be that hard. Lol

chofer Says:


Since I think you’re Brazilian, do you believe penalties are a lotery, too? Because, they’re akin to tie-breakers to me.

In theory who serves better should win. Who returns better should have a chance and so on… Who shoots better should win? Or the goalkeeper is the ace card? Food for thought.

I think breakers are more emotive than rationale. Otherwise, Karlovic, Isner et al. should have won many more matches and titles, don’t you think?

chofer Says:

When you have emotions ran afoul, like yesterday you can commit ONE mistake! Look who’s wronged penalties in dead matches! Zico, Maradona, etc

Shit happens!

Willow Says:

I Cant stand penalty shoot outs in football, it rewards negative football, first one to miss ….

chofer Says:


It is intringuing. It’s not something you can really plan.

Daniel Says:


Think penalty in soccer is like lottery as well, when the match ends even with same score and penalties are needed to remove the draw for one team to move on and the other lose. With the difference that if you have a top scorer like Messi or Pele on your side you know their rate of making the goal is higher than others players. Similar to basketball and free throw, you have more skills involved.

The MP saved in tennis almost feels like a relief. Of course, is the ultimate tension moment that you have to overcome. But the occurrence in it in a match nullifies skills, tension, tactics and just shows that in the end, one players was more lucky in that particular point.

For example, Fed could have made a better drop shot in his 3rd MP and DelPo could have send the ball long in the baseline or netted it, that would chance the outcome. The margins are just too thin to prove something, as mental fortitude, killer instinct and so on. In that particular point one is more lucky than the other. Because the lucky of one is the bad luck of the other. There is no middle ground.

Agree abut breakers, they are more emotional. Fed felt it more after those MPs, as he knew he had the match on his racquet and DelPo had the momentum.

j-kath Says:

I couldn’t find the appropriate thread, but I’d like to award GILES with the Tx award for CHIVALRY.

Chris Ford Says:

The value of Humble Rafa is not just that he can be very funny, it is also how he can greatly irritate certain posters!

For Juan Martin, so many of us are fans. He has tools of true greatness, when in form and injury-free, he can take on any of the Big 4…..and his whole career it seems, has been star-crossed. But he perseveres, takes his licks without whining, comes back and plays the highest tennis again when he gets back to form. You have to cheer for him for his silver medal Olympics run, his helping win Davis Cup for Argentina, high quality Masters matches like the one he just beat Fed in. Cheer – because Delpo deserves something for hanging in there and never give up being a warrior.

Onto Miami. Can anyone please….find Novak’s mojo.

Willow Says:

Where is Emily, get on here girl, shes a big fan of Delpo and Stan ?

Willow Says:

Agree with Margot where is MMT really miss his fair and wise posts, his own blog was always worth a read too ….

Daniel Says:


You name the name of MMT blogs or do you have the link? I forgot it and want to check his input

Madmax Says:

Awesome Epic Match. Still talking about it at work. We all are. The tennis fans and rather than concentrating on the hypocritical negatives as Oki has done, always try to see the positives. In the cold light of day, when passions have stilled, let’s remember, the players are human.

Well done to Roger for the praise on Delpo, after serving for the match on numerous occasions, more nervous than he thought I guess.

Federer, who recorded his best ever start to a season when he clinched his 17th straight win in the semi-final against Borna Coric, wasted three Championship points.

But the Swiss legend had nothing but praise for his opponent after letting the result sink in.

“What a battle today,” he wrote on Twitter.

“Congrats on a fantastic tournament and match, @delpotrojuan.”

The love in between the two players started during Del Potro’s victory speech when he praised Federer’s continued impact on the game of tennis.

Willow Says:

Daniel im sorry i dont have the link my knowledge of tennis doesnt go that far, all i can suggest would be going through the archives here, and try to find a time when he last posted to find the link to his blog ….

Giles Says:

Big bully at it again!!

Willow Says:

As for Okie, shes said numerous times what an amazing player Federer is, maybe she doesnt care for him, thats fine its her choice, Skeezer doesnt care for Rafa either so what ?

Daniel Says:

Yeah, I remember he posted a while ago (last year), but don’t remember when.

No need to search Willow, eventually he will pop up;-)

Okiegal Says:

@ Madmax……. Go have a sandwich with a dill pickle on the side to match your sour puss attitude. I have read your negative remarks regarding Rafa many times. Never have said a lot about it. I just stated a fact that Roger acted bratty, for lack of a better word. I will reiterate, he is loved by millions and is a great champion. I just don’t care for him much……. but tbh with you I LOVE HIM A LOT in comparison to some of his obnoxious fans….One more thing Madmax you are a master of negativity as I have been reading your snide comments for a long time. You are probably the President of the Brat Pack…….. 😂😂😂

Giles Says:

Oki. Well said! 😀😀

skeezer Says:

I have a lot of respect for Rafa the person, he seems to be a great guy. But I like to watch tennis for tennis, not because of how a player looks or presents themselves off/on court. Feds game is the most versatile and entertaining to watch for me. Rafa’s game is not entertaining imo as well as Feds, to each there own. I do enjoy their matchup however, the contrasting styles on court is mesmerizing to watch.

Madmax Says:

You know what Oki,

Ever the variety of reporters, even Sean hear this – BOTH PLAYERS were irate. BOTH. Just suits you when you want to let out some steam. At least be fair Oki. You always used to be. I take you with a pinch of salt from now on. By all means yes vent your anger, but hey. There are two players here on the court who BOTH showed their emotions and I say, good for them!

In a very, very tense breaker, which saw both players irate at chair umpire Fergus Murphy, Federer couldn’t close out a 6-3 lead including tossing in a double fault on set point at 6-5. But down match point 7-8, Federer took the last three to force the decider.

Madmax Says:

Amazing Federer, the talk of the tournament, this match. What an end to a fantastic tournament for Federer and long may this live in the memory of the likes of Giles, Oki and Humble Rafa. Enjoy to your hearts content.

Tennis Vagabond Says:

As a Fed fan, I also thought he was bratty. But it was so minor, I enjoyed the spectacle.

I also don’t think the match was as close as some here do. As chofer (I believe) was discussing above, a great player can pull out a victory even when they’re being outplayed. Fed almost did that, he turned it up at just the right moments and almost stole a victory.

But realistically, Del Potro was the better player for most of the match.

Madmax Says:

Okiegal Says:
@ Madmax……. Go have a sandwich with a dill pickle on the side to match your sour puss attitude. I have read your negative remarks regarding Rafa many times. Never have said a lot about it. I just stated a fact that Roger acted bratty, for lack of a better word. I will reiterate, he is loved by millions and is a great champion. I just don’t care for him much……. but tbh with you I LOVE HIM A LOT in comparison to some of his obnoxious fans….One more thing Madmax you are a master of negativity as I have been reading your snide comments for a long time. You are probably the President of the Brat Pack…….. 😂😂😂

March 20th, 2018 at 12:45 pm

Poor Oki, I feel sorry for you. Considering you raise the word Brat pack, go join it and be done with your thwarted view point of Federer. You have shown your true colours.

We get it Oki. We get it. We really do.

Madmax Says:

Passion! I love it. I love it. Great for Federer, Great for Delpo, bring it on. Bring it on. Bring it on. Human. Love the word. Human.

Madmax Says:

One more thing Madmax you are a master of negativity as I have been reading your snide comments for a long time. You are probably the President of the Brat Pack…….. 😂😂😂

March 20th, 2018 at 12:45 pm

Oki, I appreciate your comments. Thanks for them. Keep ’em coming. The more thwarted the better. This is every brat’s dream. You should know.

Markus Says:

All I can say is that sports are very competitive and intense. An occasional outburst of emotion as long as it is not totally obnoxious or harmful to anybody else, should be taken as part of the game. Athlete with sportsmanlike conduct get over it as soon as the game is over. That is what I saw happened to both Federer and del Potro.

Willow Says:

Skeezer no problem, for the record i dont follow Rafa because of what he looks like, as a female ive always hated that assumption that thats all his female fans find interesting about him, what i love about him is his fighting qualities, heart, fight and never say die attitude, i love how Rafa plays not because of what he looks like, other people dont see this but i actually love to watch how his feet dance across the court on clay, okay he doesnt have the grace of Federer but then who has, but i do admire Federers achievements in tennis and i have indeed said it often enough, anyway Rafas not a factor right now so moving on ….

Okiegal Says:

Madmax thanks for double posting…..I simply love reading my comments again……as they are brilliant!!

Willow Says:

For what its worth i like a player for who they are, not for the success they have, i was never a Sampras fan his style of tennis left me feeling cold, much prefered watching Agassi but especially Pat Rafter ….

Okiegal Says:

@TV…..well thank you!! A true fan of Fed that can see his faults as well as his brilliance! But beware the Fed Mafia is out on patrol policing negative comments…. 😜😜😜

Willow Says:

Tennis Vagabond and MMT are just about the fairest and most balanced fans on this forum ….

Okiegal Says:

@Willow ….I like Rafa for his style too! Could care less about aesthetics. I have enjoyed Fedal matches more than anything! We’ve seen some great matches from two of the best ever!!! Yessss the movement of the feet…..AWESOME!! Salsa dancer and the ballerina l!! I can’t forget to make mention of the most beautiful backhand ever that Roger possesses! Rafa’s inside out forehand is a beauty too! Love watching these two have a go at each other. Roger has won their last few meetings and good on him. I hope we get to see them in another final someday soon!!

Margot Says:

Skeeze @ 1.07 At least none of you can accuse Andy fans for liking him for his looks….;)
OKiegal: As I said comment is free, I cannot believe you are getting such abuse just for saying you find Fed a bit of a twit.
Just ignore all high handed comments, if you can.

Okiegal Says:

@Markus…. I don’t know how any player holds their nerve when the crowd is clearly against you! DelPo wasn’t a happy camper either…. very frustrated regarding talking from the crowd between service motions. Fed gets so mad at Hawkeye….he hates it…… especially if it is close and goes against him. He lost focus plus he knew that to beat DelPo on that particular day ….he was gonna have to play near perfect tennis …..and I believe it got in his head and he came undone……the tiebreaker says it all. What sets Roger apart from everyone else is in tight spots as in break points his serve generally comes through for him….. but it just didn’t in that match……he got very nervous. How many times do you see Roger double fault??? Not often….usually haa nerves of steel…….. yes Roger is great…. but DelPo was just better that particular day. A great exciting final!!

Willow Says:

Well said Margot ….

Dave Says:


I agree with you. Delpo was the better player. He won 14 more points than Federer. And he won 2 more points in the second set and still lost. He was the one dictating. Had he not gotten a match point at all in the tie break and simply lost the tie break, I think the 3rd set would have been different and he may have been the one up a break serving for the match. But you can’t take anything away from Delpo’s win. His return game was in the zone when he was down 5-4, 40-15. He was reading the Federer serve and returning deep.

Markus Says:

I think the rowdiness of the crow affected both players. Towards the end, del Potro may have handled it better having been in so many similar situations before. Federer, I think, was unable to focus due to the noise, hence the terrible service games a match point and in the tiebreaker. The pro-Federer crowd’s boisterous cheering may have backfired. But when all was said and done, the two protagonists were quite civil with each other again. That’s what we want to see from them. I would like to dedicate those Fed TB double faults to the crowd.

Willow Says:

Okie i think the elite have been in that situation so many times they become acustomed to it, the lesser players no disrespect dont have that experience, the elite asre made of tougher stuff mentally ….

Daniel Says:

Agree, the importance was the embrace at the net at the end.

Federer even hit at DelPo one exchange at the net, after DelPo hit a coutner short ball middle giving Fed no angle but to go to the body (safer shot), hitting DelPo’s legs. Fed immediately apologyze But Delpo was backwards and did not see. Than he turn to see Fed, furious and Fed was already walking back to the baseline.

Humble Rafa Says:

I have the Arrogant One yelling at the umpire on loop replay so I can never forget this. It is also a reminder for me to behave like an adult at all times, not a whiny baby.

Okiegal Says:

@Margot….Hey I appreciate that very much……. Girl, I need a chill pill!!
Oh here’s one…💊! Lol

Markus Says:

Ooh! That Lendl trademark shot to the body was gasp inducing, especially with the evil eye by del Potro to Roger when he turned around to see him walking back so he missed his apology. The difference is that Lendl wouldn’t have apologized, and if JMP is anywhere like MacEnroe, he would have gotten more than an evil eye.

skeezer Says:

“…saying you find Fed a bit of a twit.”
^You had me on the floor laughing at that one.
And Hey, Andy not handsome? C’mon now!

Humble Rafa Says:

And Hey, Andy not handsome? C’mon now!

I always knew this about Skeeze but didn’t want to out him.

Willow Says:

Andy has a look of a young Charlton Heston ….

AndyMira Says:

Miss Okie!…Whooo!!…I wake up & see YOU’RE ON FIRE!!…WHOOOOHOHOHO!!
I love how u stand up for Rafa ma’am!…I mean,Rafa has been accused of this & that &still we Rafans said nothing…But when u called Fed brat..u got ambushed like this??Awwww!C’mon!!

Willow Says:

I Love a bit of hatred, never really cared for my favorites been overly friendly with their rivals ….

Willow Says:

Andi Mira great post ….

AndyMira Says:

HR!….Oh!Oh!…1..2…3!…Here’s Skeeze!…I’m outta here!U deal with him by yourself!

AndyMira Says:

Hehehe…Thanks willow!

AndyMira Says:

And to a Witch From Welsh!…Thank u thank u thank u for your nice words & potion….That’s why I LOVE U!!!

Okiegal Says:

Willow he does look like Heston!! Thanks for mentioning that! Andy looked gorgeous on his wedding day! Plus the lad has a darling personality during interviews!! Love Andrew!

Okiegal Says:

@Skeezer…,,did you fall on the floor laughing over my brat remark???
Probably not…….but thought I’d ask anyway……

skeezer Says:

No I did not but all good. What got me was Margot’s description of your remark.
Priceless. :)

Okiegal Says:

@Giles 12:50……..Thanks….appreciate your support. Okie stepped in it big time!!! Lol

Okiegal Says:

Skeezer…. wish I could have come up with “twit”……brat is a little harsh when referring to the “GOAT”…….Lol!! My bad…..I guess I should have said he was acting snotty???? Oh well the repercussions of speaking your mind!!! Have a good evening! Cheers!🍻

Okiegal Says:

@Madmax 1:17…. I missed one of your comments that I feel I should address……sorry everyone…. I will make this brief…..

You know what Madmax?? Go pinch yourself and pinch yourself real hard and maybe you will wake yourself up and realize that in the real world not everyone loves Rog……and as far as your grain of salt regarding me…..I could care less………,I’m still a fair poster……go have a pickle ..Chickadee!

PS…….I also realize in the real world not everyone loves Rafa.

j-kath Says:

Okie @ 4.55pm…..that’s why I voted Giles the Tx King of Chivalry as he was the first male to challenge the nasty comments made about you.

As to Andy – hey Margot – he’s two-dimensional – gorgeous when he gets cleaned up and smiles – otherwise tortured, unsmiling and belches out obscenities under his breath…..WONDERFUL!!!

Markus Says:

Andy must be tennis’ version of Mr. Jekyl and Dr. Hyde but he reminds me more of another Andy, Andrew Garfield.

Okiegal Says:

@JK 5:38……. I had to read your comment twice to fully get it…….I got it I got it! Granny’s slow but she’s old………Yeah….. how bout Giles…….cool!! Well it made my day!! I’m done with the Brat Pack….. some can dish it out but can’t take it! I’m taking out the trash….. lol! Cheers JK!!

j-kath Says:

OK Markus – so U’re straight.

Markus Says:

j-kath, which one is more stereotypically straight, Dr. Jekyl or Mr. Hyde? Andy or Andrew?

j-kath Says:

Now 11.25pm – bye, see ya.

Madmax Says:

Markus Says:
All I can say is that sports are very competitive and intense. An occasional outburst of emotion as long as it is not totally obnoxious or harmful to anybody else, should be taken as part of the game. Athlete with sportsmanlike conduct get over it as soon as the game is over. That is what I saw happened to both Federer and del Potro.

March 20th, 2018 at 1:38 pm

Hear Hear Marcus,

Oki, we know you love reading your own posts over and over, that’s why you are in love –

with yourself.

Madmax Says:

Dear Oki,

When you have calmed down, and got rid of that temper of yours, – good job you didn’t have Fergus around at the time, eh? realise that we all come from the same species.

I could not care one hoot about what you think of me. I couldn’t care less. We all show our true selves under pressure. All of us, but it is allowed, thank goodness for difference and diversity.

I love pickle by the way! I had a ton of it yesterday. Very tasty. Branston Pickle is my absolute favourite.

Willow Says:

Okie Andy often gets critisism for not having much of a SOH, when in fact he can be very funny, i remember Annabelle Croft saying ” so hows the groin Andy ?”, to which Andy replied “Very well thanks Annabelle hows yours ? ” lol priceless ….

Okiegal Says:

@Willow……:Andy is a character……… full of wit…….and a very subdued person when he’s just won a slam! I will be glad when he’s back in the mix again, I miss him! Get well Andy!!

Willow Says:

Me too Okie, it will be great having him and all the rest back, really miss watching Rafa, my guess is Rafa will return in time for the CC season, and Andy will return on grass at Queens ….

Okiegal Says:

@ Willow ^^^^^ U R probably right…..

chofer Says:

When is Sean Randall going to “dissect” the men’s draw?

Steve Tinor already did it at He selected Zvereve as the winner, beating Fed in SFs and Delpo in the F.

Assuming Federer is going to get that far, I find hilarious Zverev could beat him. Assuming Delpo is going to get that far, I find very bold he’s going to make a brochette with Nishikori, Nole, Grigor and Cilic, and NOT beat Zverev.

Maybe Tignor is into something?

Mushroons, perhaps?

Van Persie Says:

I would be very surprised to see Nole getting in the R4, in order to play DP

Daniel Says:


Don’t agree. This time Djko will opne verus either Misha or Paire, who don’t play baseline game as Taro Daniel. Points will, be short and with Djoko’s return he will have an easier time.

Than R32 he gest either Krajinovic or a a clash of 2 Qualys I’ve never heard of.

If he can’t win these 2 matches for a potetntial DelPo match than he truly is done.

Van Persie Says:

Hope you’re right, Daniel. Would like to see him play against DelPo.

Daniel Says:

Hope he plays DelPo as well. Only way for us to gauge his level. He may even surprise us.

Maybe he is lacking playing one of the top dogs to ignite his battle instincts. He hasn’t played agaisnt any big name for quite some time now. Its about time.

Van Persie Says:

1st time I a sorry he gets a bye round. 1 more match would have been good

Humble Rafa Says:

My TV is still playing that loop..showing the Arrogant One yelling at the umpire (after the 100th time, I realized he actually used the F word).

skeezer Says:

“I realized he actually used the F word”
Educational tip #20: F is for Federer.

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