Serena Williams, Angie Kerber to Repeat Wimbledon Final of Two Years Ago

by Staff | July 12th, 2018, 6:11 pm

Serena Williams and Angie Kerber dispatched of their opponents in straight sets on Thursday to set up a Wimbledon final featuring two former No. 1s and two players looking to reestablish a grip on the top of the game.
Williams, the No. 25 seed returning from the birth of her first child, will be looking for an eighth Wimbledon singles title and a record-tying 24th Grand Slam title.

She defeated No. 13 seed Julia Goerges 6-2, 6-4, with some drama in the second set as she was broken serving for the match. Williams then broke the German right back to seal victory and avert an all-German final at the All England Club.

“It’s crazy, I don’t even know to feel because I literally didn’t expect to do this well in my fourth tournament back in 16 months,” the 36 year old said afterwards.

Goerges, playing in her first Slam final at the age of 29, looked like she might make it a contest early on with her big serve, leading the tournament in aces, keeping her in the match but Williams pulled away for a 6-2, 5-2 lead before the German made it interesting at the end.

“When I don’t have anything to lose I can just play so free,” Williams said.

The final could be a different story, with a lot on the line, and one match separating her from history.

She will be up against Kerber who looks to be rounding into her former No. 1 form after taming the big-hitting former Wimbledon junior champion Jelena Ostapenko 6-3, 6-3.

“I’m really proud to be back in the Wimbledon final after especially last year where things weren’t like I was expecting actually,” Kerber said. “To being here again, that was a goal when I start this year, to playing good in majors, in the Grand Slams, and to be reaching the finals again. It’s a great feeling. It’s still one more match to go.

Now for sure [Williams] had a lot of big confidence, especially after the matches she won here already. She knows the feeling to going out on this stage where you are in the finals, especially here. She won here, I don’t know how many times. Yeah, she’s a fighter. She’s a champion. That’s why she is there where she is now.”

Williams leads the career head-to-head with Kerber 6-2, and the two haven’t squared off since Williams won their encounter two years ago in the Wimbledon final 7-5, 6-3.

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34 Comments for Serena Williams, Angie Kerber to Repeat Wimbledon Final of Two Years Ago

ChrisFord1 Says:

Please Serena, just win one to show you could do it, like Clijsters did, then gracefully exit. It would be good for you, and I have to say, good for woman’s tennis after 20 years of domination by you and your sister.

BBB Says:

CF, why would she exit if she wins?

AutoFilter Says:

I’m rooting for Kerber, perhaps in large part because if Serena can stroll out of the maternity ward undercooked and still completely roll the competition, it makes the WTA seem even more of a farce. Kerber is a warrior and has put in the work. She’s got good to great weapons and spirit. I hope she pulls this one off, and then I hope to see Serena catch Court in New York.

Madmax Says:


I find it astonishing that Serena is in the final. To me, it smacks of fear from the other players. They should be revving up their game, they should be going into warrior mode not meerkat mode. It makes a mockery of women’s tennis, but then I stopped myself short. We are in the same position in terms of Men’s tennis. We just are. Think about it. Roger and Roger, domination, Novak domination – the newbies, wannabes, couldabees are just dropping like flies and why? They are young, they are strong, they are dtermined, they are committed, and | they are consumed with fear, with insecurity with an approach that really is quite the opposite of courageous. I feel the same in Women’s tennis. No one is taking Serena on. No one. It is as if she walks onto the court and there is a switch somewhere in their heads – ‘It’s Serena’ – we have no chance

THEY HAVE EVERY CHANCE. They needs to be ambassadors not saboteurs of tennis! It’s about time for a change. I am a bit sick of Serena, I am. It’s brilliant what she has achieved in women’s tennis, but what does it say about the others that she can have a baby, do little training and win a slam?

The stars are aligned for her again – perhaps – but I hope Kerber takes it, though it is amazing that she has got to the final.

Truthsquad Says:

Misogyny is alive and well on these boards.

Madmax Says:

TS, says who?

RZ Says:

I knew that someone wold bring up the notion that if Serena wins, it reflects badly on the WTA tour. How about thinking of her (potential) victory as a sign of what an amazing player Serena is?

When Fed came back from being off the tour for months due to his knee injury and then won the Australian Open, there was little talk against the ATP tour and the focus was mostly on Fed being the GOAT (or in the running as GOAT). Why does Serena not get the same respect?

Margot Says:

Well said, RZ!

ChrisFord1 Says:

RZ – The difference is Fed gained respect because he showed his mettle against 3 other top players.
Serena showed up one year at the AO 40 lbs overweight and barely had practiced. Talk was after the 1st 2 rounds of playing bad, she’d be gone by the 4th round. Still playing slow and bad, she won the title because the other “pros” folded like wet cardboard. When you take away meaningful competition in a sport for most of 20 years, you get the WTA. People stop following, other players see futility in trying to beat her and focus on endorsements, modeling deals, and non-champions WTA revenue sharing.

As his career winds down, Fed has to thank the lord that Nadal, Djokovic, and Murray (who once split his matches 50-50 with Fed) – came along when they did.

Okiegal Says:

@RZ 3;31….. Thanks for that comment! I wrote one the other day saying just what you said and deleted it. Why I don’t know. Agree 100%!! Crazy…. my thoughts were spot on with yours!

RZ Says:

@ChrisFord1, it’s just spin and it can go either way. Keeping with the 2017 Australian Open as an example, I could easily talk about the mental midgets and injury prone players Fed played on bis way to the final. which made his road to the final. Berdych more often folds to top players. Nishikori often folds to inuries. Wawrinka often folds to Fed. Etc. Maybe I couldn’t say the same about Nadal, but he was just coming back from injury too. Regardless Federer’s 2017 AO win was celebrated, as it should have been.

Today Serena is playing a resurgent former #1 tennis player, and the only women to make the 2nd week at all grand slams so far this pyear. If Serena wins, her victory should be treated with respect and not derided as a sign of a weak WTA tour.

RZ Says:

Thanks Margot!
Okie – speak up! You clearly have some amazing thoughts to share. :-)

j-kath Says:

RZ: Well said – good to see you a bit feisty.

As for this match, I haven’t seen Kerber much but she is unusual…I love the way the crouchs down and she is so accurate. Serena’s power is magical – if she loses she’ll be back – she’s got the shots – needs a little more time to tune herself back to her usual high level.

FedExpress Says:

Get in Kerber.

You proved the doubters wrong again.

Germany is proud of you.

Margot Says:

Wow! ANGEEEEEEE! All the pundits were going for Serena but Angie was totally dominant.
TBH Serena was poor, but heck quite amazing for her to get to the final anyway.
Disappointing match.

RZ Says:

Congrats Angie! One French Open away from a career slam.

And terrific tournament from Serena. Jelena Djokovic sums it up well in this Tweet.

Margot Says:

Lovely speeches from both of them.

Colin Says:

As I said at the time, and have repeated often since, Serena Williams should haven been thrown out of the sport after that disgusting affair at the US Open when she physically threatened a line judge, and she should never have set foot on a tennis court again anywhere in the world. At a later tournament (I forget where)she hurled insults at the umpire (“You’re ugly inside”). The sooner she retires the better.

skeezer Says:


Margot Says:

Oh get over yourself Colin
1) happened 9 years ago
2)disputed what was actually said
3)plenty of stuff happens that we don’t hear much about

skeezer Says:


Colin Says:

It happened 9 years ago. What’s that got to do with it? When it happened is when she should have been barred.
As for your second point, whatever was said the foot-fault judge was clearly terrified, as was an official who tried to calm Serena, The other incident, when she insulted the umpire, is not disputed. We could all hear it clearly.

Venus used to be pretty objectionable too, though she has matured a lot. The whole thing is down to their father, who raised them to have a sense of entitlement, and if anybody dared to criticise them publicly he pulled the race card and said they were racist, just as anyone who says anything against the excesses of Zionist governments in Israel is promptly called anti-Semitic.

Another example in tennis was Martina Hingis, similarly raised by her mother. As far as I know Nastase was a self made man, who just naturally behaved badly. Seles could testify to that.

By the way, somewhere on YouTube there is an amusing bit from the Letterman show, where he asks John Mac why he doesn’t like Ivan Lendl. Mac cheerfully replies “You mean, apart from the fact he’s a f***** ***hole?”

Humble Rafa Says:

After a tough loss, I have some questions and comments.

1) What do I do with the lawn mower? Clearly, I can’t carry it everywhere I go.
2) I played no warm up tournaments. I went fishing mostly. And I almost reached the final. Is grass court tennis so easy or am I so talented?
3)I miss Uncle Toni. He was the best.

Okiegal Says:

RZ I didn’t get to see the ladies final today….on a road trip to Key West …. we are staying the night in West Monroe, LA….. I have no input on this match. Kerber apparently played really good…. I will watch it when I get home. The men’s final will be a good one…. me thinks!!

ChrisFord1 Says:

With what troubles Rafa – knees, back, left ankle it is hard to blame him this year after seeing Djokovic didn’t need warmups. Any was smart avoiding the surface that poses the greatest injury risk to his ankle, and so soon after hip surgery – the risk there was the greatest.
For Humble – it’s mid-summer and the atun and calimar await your hook! Tell Xisca that she can mow the lawn and you will take over lawn mowing when you retire, providing she is also barefoot and pregnant.

Margot Says:

Colin: “entitlement” “play the racist card.” OMG Colin, you know nothing:
And point 3?

Colin Says:

Margot, you are playing around with time.
I don’t need reminding of the horrible stuff posted on YouTube, and I don’t doubt it’s the same on Twitter (I have no Twitter account and don’t understand how it works).

However neither YouTube nor Twitter existed at the time of Serena’s outbursts, so neither have any bearing on what she had ALREADY done.

Yes, players do get penalized for behavior which is thoughtless rather than deliberate, like Pospisil (I think it was he)whose careless swatting of the ball left the umpire with a fractured eye socket. Some people on YouTube would treat that as great entertainment. There was one such charmer who was vastly amused by Nalbandian wounding the line judge’s leg. But as I said these things are irrelevant because the sins of Serena were pre YouTube and pre Twitter.

Here’s something we might agree on. Andy Murray and Ivan Lendl are often regarded as grim and grumpy guys, whose on court behavior attracts the haters. Lendl perhaps deserves this, as he did love to hurt opponents. Yet in their private lives both are models of propriety. Lendl and his wife have been together so long their daughters are grown up golfers, while Andy and Kim started dating when they were both in their teens.

Colin Says:

The guy’s her husband. What do you expect him to do? List her faults?

Somebody once said “We like somebody because. We love somebody although”.

skeezer Says:

Read the tweets, there is only one from the Husband.

Giles Says:

Sorry wrong thread

Okiegal Says:

Colin ….are you the same Colin from about 3 or 4 years ago?? Just curious….I made a comment to you a few weeks ago and I didn’t get a response. The Colin of 3 yrs ago would have responded to me…. so I was just wondering??? No harm, no foul….whatever the case. 🌿🌿😊😊

Okiegal Says:

Serena did mess up……she’s a favorite of mine and I was disappointed in her actions that day with the lines lady. I did not see the one where she got verbal with the lady umpire…..I have watched it on you tube but can’t remember what happened that started the altercation… guess a questionable call. But the sisters were subject to racism’s at a venue in California…. their home state! There’s probably been a lot more that we don’t even know about. I believe she learned a lesson. Any way you slice & dice it…..shes an amazing athlete. What I like best about her is her passion for the
sport she loves!

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