Andy Murray: I’m Feeling Better All The Time

by Tom Gainey | July 30th, 2018, 11:06 pm

Following a false start at Wimbledon, Andy Murray makes his hard court debut tonight in Washington D.C. where he’ll face former UCLA standout Mackenzie McDonald. Murray is playing just his third event of the year after Queen’s and Eastbourne, and it’s his first hard court tournament since Indian Wells last year.

But Murray, who underwent hip surgery in January, says things are progressing.

“It’s feeling better all the time,” Murray told the press in D.C. “It takes time after you’ve been out for a long period to get the match sharpness back. I’ve only played three matches in the past year, so I’m just trying to get back on the match court as much as I can and see how I’m feeling after playing two, three, four, five matches in a week. That’s the big test. I’ve done a lot of training recently and I’ve come through that pretty well. So hopefully if I get into that situation, I’ll be alright.”

The 23-year-old McDonald made noise in his Wimbledon debut reaching the fourth round so it will be a tough test. And he’s already down a set at the time of this post.

“I’m looking forward to playing. Like I said, I’ve not played a hard-court match for a very long time,” Murray said. “Once I get out there after the first few games, I’m sure I’ll be fine. I just want to have a prolonged period on the match-court right now. I’m looking forward to that.”

Murray is scheduled to play in both Masters events next month and then the US Open. He is ranked No. 832 this week but will be aided by wildcard and ranking protections.

“I want to stay healthy through the end of the year. I think if I do that, then I’ll start to win more matches, my ranking will move up. If I only play one or two tournaments and then take a break for a month, it’s just difficult to get into that routine,” Murray said. “If I stay fit and healthy, I’m not worried so much about ranking. I want to be winning matches and competing against the best players and that will build my fitness up quicker than anything I could do in the gym. So that’s my goal between now and the end of the year and hopefully it’ll mean I’ll be ready to start the 2019 season really well.”

Murray first played Washington in 2006 losing in the final to Arnaud Clement as a 20-year-old.

If Murray comes back to beat McDonald, he will next face Kyle Edmund in the second round.

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20 Comments for Andy Murray: I’m Feeling Better All The Time

AndyMira Says:

Yess!!Finally!!…hehe..I thought Andy would not going to close that match!!….He got 5 MP’s in his hands!!…Reallyyyyy happy Andy won his 1st match here!…On to 2nd Rd Andy!!..

Margot Says:

Match wrong time for me, but judging by your comments AM and Daniel’s, looks as if it was a good one to avoid! EEEEEK!

Mystic - Willow Says:

Welcome back Andy, so happy to have you back, hopefully you will have a great HC season still baby steps first ….

AndyMira Says:

M!…I want to watch Andy’s match so bad!…But,can’t find one!..Only follow livescores from beginning to end…I don’t know what happened in the 1st set,maybe nervousness coz i read yesterday that he’s a little bit nervous to play on HC after such a long time…But,really really happy he’s through to 2nd Rd…

Margot Says:

AM: I think he was very nervous. Read about an interview in which he said it was like beginning his career all over again and he felt 18! Yikes! Hope that also means he’s got bags on energy again!

AndyMira Says:

Yeah M!…I think so too!!…Coupled with rustiness after a long absent,but he’s also promised that he will get better with every game & match M!….So,we cling to that!….I can’t wait to see his match vs Kyle M!…So..if u found a link somewhere, forward to me!…Please!!

About energy!….YEAAHHHH!!…He got plenty!!

Colin Says:

I didn’t see the match, but it does seem likely Edmund will beat him. Kyle is not the sort of guy to go easy on his senior, and indeed Andy would be annoyed if he did.

On a different topic, I wonder how many of you own a DVD set of Andy’s US Open win over Nole. I had the Bravo set, and wanted to replace it because the commentary was annoying. There were several closeups of Sir Alex Ferguson, who had invaded the locker room together with Sean Connery after Andy’s semi final win, but the Bravo commentators said nothing, obviously unaware who he is. Later, there was the dramatic episode of the last game of the match, with Nole taking a medical time-out and being booed by some of the crowd, who then began a rhythmic hand-clap which Nole mocked.
Well, on the SRO set John McEnroe knew who Ferguson was and explained how famous Manchester United are in the UK.

BUT, and I couldn’t believe my eyes, all of that was missing on the SRO set, which cuts straight from the penultimate game to the presentation ceremony! I tried to complain on the Amazon website, but couldn’t work out how. That set is not a complete record of the match, though it purports to be such.

j-kath Says:

Andy’s match was much later than originally listed and evidently they must have had rain as a number of others were delayed – difficult time for UK watchers as indicated by Margot.

I’m pleased Andy won – but a somewhat detailed article which I’ve just read on the match reports 20 unforced errors by Andy and 26 (fortunately by Macdonald). I’m surprised Daniel’s comments were positive – (by the way, can’t find them).

I know A-M will be cross at me – but there’s no way Andy will beat Kyle in his next match – barring miracles. However, Andy is booked to play the following week as well – so hope the “come-back” will acquire additional depth.

AndyMira Says:

Oh no no no JK!…I’m not going to get cross with u!…Far from it!…Hahaha…But,i picked Andy over Kyle in my Bracket..And not only Kyle..but to win the whole d@#$ thing!!Hehehe…I know,it sounds possible…But,hey!…Nothing impossible in sport…Especially if Andy’s draw will open up nicely for him if Top seeds tumble out before QF,semis or final…

Besides,he’s already defeat Kyle at Eastbourne[64 64] when he 1st came back pre Wimby a while ago right?And i feel,even tho Kyle is British No 1..but when he were to face Andy,that ‘inferiority complex’ that he suffered all this years,living in Andy’s shadows still very much alive in him..Respect for Andy maybe will be a factor too…Also, if Andy can defeat Kyle when he less fit & healthy than this…Well….i think….the result very possibly still be the same…Insyaallah!!…C’mon Andy!!

AndyMira Says:

Ooppss!!..Correction!…”It sounds impossible”!…

AndyMira Says:

Oh!I have to make a correction one more time!…hehe..I screwed up!Kyle DID defeated Andy at Eastbourne!…Hehehe..Sorry!!…But… i still believe in Andy’s chance!…If not!…Oh well!…On to Montreal Andy!!

j-kath Says:

AndyMira @ 4.11am

After being impressed by your positivity, I placed £100 on Andy to beat Kyle…..then I read your following post !!!!!!!!!

….will U dare to tell me U don’t believe me>>>ahem!

AndyMira Says:

JK!….Hahahahaha!!….Sooooo sorry!!…My bad!!…I checked my Bracket before i posted that post & my God!!…My eyes deceived me pretty bad!…I want Andy to win so bad i saw it was Andy defeated Kyle & not the other way around!Hehehehe…Sorry JK!!…

And NO!!…I still don’t believe u JK…I still believe in Andy…No matter how impossible that’ll be…If he let us down,then i will give u permission to kick my backside for a wholeeee month!…C’mon Andy!!..Be my saviour!!

AndyMira Says:

Also JK..In our Bracket,6 peoples picked him..Only 1 picked Kyle…So…i’m not the only one who believe in Andy JK!…There’s many more!…Showing that task is not that impossible…

j-kath Says:


Am considering my options….start shaking!

AndyMira Says:

JK!…Hehehe…What the options?

j-kath Says:

Andy-Mira: One of them is to keep you guessing….seeyah soon…………………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AndyMira Says:

Hehehe…Oh!…Okay Boss!!

Margot Says:

AM: I have a month’s sub to tennistv, cost £10 but not sure you can get it where you live. Unfortunately doesn’t televise the slams.
If I find another link, I’ll send it. Livescorehunter shows lots of tennis but you need to register or it’s really annoying.

AndyMira Says:

Oh really M?I already tried multiple sources including FB..but so far failed…Urgh!!Very frustrating!!…My TV usually did a LIVE matches on Thursday for 500/250,but i will missed Andy/Kyle’s match…If u find a link,u send it to me okay M?…Thanks so much M!

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