Alexander Zverev Adds Ivan Lendl To Coaching Team

by Staff | August 21st, 2018, 6:11 pm

Hoping to change his fortune in Grand Slams, Alexander Zverev has added tennis great Ivan Lendl to his coaching team, the German star confirmed today.

A winner of eight Slams and 94 total titles, Lendl helped Andy Murray to his first to Slam wins at the 2012 US Open and 2013 Wimbledon, and got him to No. 1 in the rankings. They split after a second stint at the end of 2017.

Zverev has won three Masters titles but in Slams has largely underperformed reaching just one quarterfinal, and this summer he suffered consecutive bad losses to Stefanos Tsitsipas in Canada and in Cincinnati to Robin Haase.

In addition to his father, who was once a former player, Zverev was also under the guidance of Juan Carlos Ferrero until they split after the Australian Open. The Spaniard revealed Sascha wasn’t showing up late for practice and needed decipline.

Zverev hasn’t publicly commented on the Lendl hire, but he will likely do so before the end of the weekend as the 21-year-old meets the media in New York.

Welcome to the team Ivan Lendl

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18 Comments for Alexander Zverev Adds Ivan Lendl To Coaching Team

BBB Says:

Well, if JCF was accurate about Zverev showing up late to practice, I can imagine that will last about 4.3 seconds with Mr. Lendl.

Colin Says:

Yes indeed, BBB. Lendl has said that one of the main reasons he wanted to help Murray was that Andy was such a hard worker.

There was, I remember, a long article online by someone or other (I wish I’d kept it)explaining in great detail why the appointment was a bad idea, particularly because Ivan had no coaching experience. Then (listen to the commentaries on the DVDs of Andy’s big wins) it goes to the other extreme, and every good thing Murray does, it’s because Lendl told him to. In fact Ivan himself made it quite clear he wasn’t trying to teach him the shots, As someone once said, “Lendl doesn’t coach tennis. He coaches winning”.

j-kath Says:

BBB: Lendl may end up with both brothers – sod’s law will be if the elder starts to shine more than Sasha…and Lendl buzzes off.

Humble Rafa Says:

My door knob has more personality than Lendl. My door knob wanted you to know that.

Temple Says:

HR, yes, but Lendl has 5 kids, while you have, ehmmm…. null.

Giles Says:

^^ My my. 5 kids. He’s been busy! Lol

Humble Rafa Says:

Lendl has 5 daughters. Daughters are adorable, I am sure.

When it comes to Lendl, God always leaves him hanging for more.

BBB Says:

Love that, Colin.

I’m not sure that how a person presents himself publicly is reflective of whether he has a personality when he’s not on camera.

In any event, I have found Lendl to have a dry wit.

j-kath Says:

BBB: One of the reasons that Murray & Lendl got on – was they exchanged similar dry humour.

BBB Says:

I believe it.

RZ Says:

I’m sure Lendl will be a big help to Zverev, but how long is this going to last? Lendl doesn’t seem to like traveling much. Maybe he will only come for the slams and a few other tournaments

BBB Says:

Zverev has his parents as coaches too. I am guessing Lendl is being hired specifically for the majors, where Zverev has struggled.

Humble Rafa Says:

One of the reasons that Murray & Lendl got on – was they exchanged similar dry humour.

Lendl: You are so handsome
Mr. Lady Forehand – So are you.

End of Humor.

SG1 Says:

A bit off topic but do you all think it’s fair to say Lendl was the best player of the 80’s?

SG1 Says:

As for the Zverev-Lendl parternship, I think it’s a good one. It’s shows commitment on Zverev’s part to get over that Slam hump. For Lendl, Flushing isn’t all that far from Connecticut so this slam’s an easy one for him to accommodate. Lendl’s impact on Murray was almost immediate and it appears to me that Zverev has even more potential than Andy. I expect a deep run from Zverev.

Kind of wondering why Dimitrov didn’t snatch up Lendl.

Mystic - Willow Says:

Temple i think you should leave the players personal lives out of things, its not a gossip column, its a tennis forum ….

Humble Rafa Says:

Speaking of kids, I may have kids I don’t know of. That’s always a possibility.

j-kath Says:

HR: I like your ability to post with humour.

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