Wimbledon Adds Final Set Tiebreak At 12-All

by Staff | October 19th, 2018, 10:37 am

On the heels of a marathon men’s semifinal round at Wimbledon this year, the event has moved to a final set tiebreaker at 12-all for all singles matches.

The change applies to all singles and doubles events including qualifying starting in 2019.

AELTC Chairman, Philip Brook, commented: “In reaching this decision, the AELTC Committee sought the feedback of both players and officials, analyzed two decades of match data, and considered other factors including scheduling complexities and spectator experience.

“Our view was that the time had come to introduce a tie-break method for matches that had not reached their natural conclusion at a reasonable point during the deciding set. While we know the instances of matches extending deep into the final set are rare, we feel that a tie-break at 12-12 strikes an equitable balance between allowing players ample opportunity to complete the match to advantage, while also providing certainty that the match will reach a conclusion in an acceptable timeframe.

“As a next step, we look forward to sharing further details with our Grand Slam, ITF, WTA and ATP colleagues when we meet in Singapore.”

This year, Kevin Anderson beat John Isner 26-24 in a fifth set, that pushed the finish of the marquee semifinal between Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal to the next day, which disrupted the start of the women’s final and left the South African debilitated in the final.

Now there will be a virtual “sixth set” before a final breaker to decide the winner.

The move also leaves the Australian Open and the French Open as the only events that still play out of the final set. With the push for quicker matches, both are expected to follow suit in some form in the future, though the Australian just had their pre-2019 media event and made no such announcement.

Wimbledon, however, is the only event with a nightly curfew (11pm) which makes this decision even more understandable.

John Isner, who famously played in a 70-68 win over Nicolas Mahut in 2010, had this response on twitter:

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23 Comments for Wimbledon Adds Final Set Tiebreak At 12-All

D.C. Says:

WOW ! didn’t expected it to happen so early. Tiebreaker after 12-12 in the decider! Interesting.

skeezer Says:

Bout time. Love Big Johns response lol.

RZ Says:


Wog Boy Says:

Typical English, they just want to be different.

I hope AO will follow USO and not Wimbledon, and introduce TB after 6:6 and not after 12:12 where basically you still have to play sixth set befor TB.

Margot Says:

Agree with Wog Boy,what’s the point of going to 12-12, unless you’re making a spurious point about being “different” or “special.”
Don’t blame “the English” tho. Blame that elitist and out of touch establishment, the LTA.

Wog Boy Says:

Correction, I’ll blame “All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club” are they in charge of Wimbledon?:)

Agree Margot, if you didn’t have a winner after five sets why go for another, sixth, set, just go for the TB and really on Lady Luck and whatever.

Wog Boy Says:

“rely” and not “really”,
blame Prince Harry for my spelling, everyone is following his and Meghan tour of Australia, I am at the moment in Hervey Bay very tired, with some Dutch tourists and locals can’t wait for him to come in two days time, before they go over on Fraser Island to play with Dingoes.
I have to admit, even I am republican (to the disappointment of my wife who is monarhist) out of the all parasites in royal family Prince Harry is the most likeable, probably because he looks like his father ;)

J-Kath Says:

Wog Boy: What a temptation! – I’m glueing all my fingers together so that they don’t let me down.

Margot Says:

Wog Boy: Aussies seem to love Harry and Meghan very much, so please start a campaign to keep them. The British public has just forked out 2.3 million to police the wedding of an inconsequential minor princess so us republicans are feeling especially annoyed at the mo :(

Daniel Says:

This is the right decision. The 11 pm deadline limits the game and we don’t what happen this year repeating with both semis going the distance. RG should be next as they don’t have Aussie lights at night.

I am liking these changes (tiebreaks, clock shots, hawkeye), specially with how physical the sport is today compared to 20-30 years ago.

rognadfan Says:

bigJohn’s tweet was savage!.

I agree with the most common sentiment here about the need to be different by the ‘elite’ idoits.
They have essentially defrauded the entire tennis world, by pretending to be open to change, when in fact what they have done is show the fcking middle-finger to all those who wanted meaningful change there.

Wog Boy Says:

They are not going to let you down;)
I just felt bad that I couldn’t share enthusiasm of receptionist this afternoon when I checked in the hotel. She was so excited about Prince Harry and Meghan coming to Hervey Bay in two days time that I had real feeling of guilt for not sharing her enthusiasm, I couldn’t even pretend that I cared, and politely explained to her that they are not the reason for me being in their lovely town. By the time they arrive here I will be well on my way to Rod Laver birth town, Rockhampton and further north towards Cape York.

Margot, I’ll rather start new campaign for ditching the Queen as a head of (Australia) state and to become republic, to rectify 1999 failed referendum, instead of keeping those two, we have enough our own parasites.
As for the wedding you mentioned, we had it telecasted here, directly in full as special event:(

Margot Says:

Jeepers Wog Bog, you got that non event televised to OZ? Ouch!
Have read you will likely get another referendum soon? If yes, expect all royal family, plus all hangers on, to descend on Australia in a massive PR exercise. Lucky, lucky you…….
Am watching Gulbis v Isner. Gulbis has kindly decided he’d like to play a bit of tennis again. One set all.

Wog Boy Says:

Gulbis loves to play in Sweden..

AndyMira Says:

M & WB…I was lucky this time around coz HarMeg wedding didn’t appear at all on my tv…Unlike Williams & Kate who were made live telecasted,tho i didn’t peek at all at them!hehe…

chris ford1 Says:

Gulbis – what a pisser that guy is! (A complimentary term in Boston, as is ‘wicked’)
Gobs of talent. Very bright. Closest thing we have to a wealthy amateur in the pro Open Era. With gobs of money as well as talent, he is in it to be a sportsman not necessarily win – he loves the lifestyle and wants to put of the day of reckoning when he has to become an exec or lead the Gulbis enterprises.
I also praise the Big 4 for their sportsman ways, though they obviously have different attitudes than Gulbis. And Gael Monfils, who is a unique sportsman in playing to use his athleticism to take plays and points to places no other player can. To him, a 4 foot vertical leap with a behind his back tap in 8 feet from the net after getting wrong footed is better than winning the match..Again, unique and loved for that beat of a different drum he follows on and off court.

On Isner-Mahut – never again will that travesty happen again. While I like both Isner and Mahut as people,and Isner’s GIF is funny as hell – disaster in tennis means two guys who serve awesome but have no ability to effectively return someone else’s awesome serve – playing endlessly.

J-Kath Says:

AndyMira: Despite my mostly anti-royalist views, the Harry-Meghan wedding was worth watching Once – after that it was over-kill here in the UK.

Wogboy: It was “paternal” issues that I had to resist.

AndyMira Says:

JK…Yeah…Agree,it was worth watching…and i don’t know why it can’t capture my interest to see it…

Margot Says:

AM: I’ve got no interest and didn’t watch it. Would rather watch Isner v Mahut at Wimbledon. On second thoughts, no I wouldn’t, that’s a step far too far….;)

AndyMira Says:

M!…U TOO???Ohohohohohoho!!….I thought i’m the only one!!hehehe….
For me,wedding is just the union of 2 hearts…The only thing we need is someone to tie it up officially…No need to flaunt it up with expensive clothes & jewellery to the world…Coz all that bordering to showing off…But,that’s just my humble opinion…hehehe…

Humble Rafa Says:

Instead of 12-12, I think they should have gone to 68-68. Clearly, that’s where people started asking about tie breaks.

Humble Rafa Says:

Is fish and chips not enough? Is wearing white clothes like a hermit not enough? No need to be different, just fit it.

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