Rafael Nadal Withdraws From ATP Finals, Undergoes Ankle Surgery; Novak Djokovic To Finish No. 1

by Staff | November 5th, 2018, 2:43 pm

Rafael Nadal officially withdrew from next week’s ATP Finals due to an ab issue and ankle injury which required surgery today, the Spaniard announced today.

“I am writing these words to announce the end of my season,” Nadal said in a statement. “It has been a complicated year. I played at a very high level when I was able to compete, but at the same time it was very bad as far as injuries are concerned. I have done everything possible to reach the end of the season in good condition, both in Paris and London, and I really wanted to play.

“But unfortunately, I had an abdominal problem in Paris last week and, in addition, I have a [problem] with my right ankle joint that [required] an operation [today]. It is true that we have known about it for a while, and from time to time it bothered me. However, since the problem with my abdominal muscle also prevents me from playing in London, we are taking advantage of the moment to remove the free body and avoid future problems.

“With this, I hope to be in full health for the next season. Thank you all for your support.”

Nadal hasn’t played since retiring from his US Open semifinal with Juan Martin del Potro. His withdrawal puts John Isner into the event for a first time.

The news also means Novak Djokovic has clinched the year-end No. 1 ranking for a fifth time, first since 2015. Djokovic, who took over as No. 1 today, ranked as low as No. 22 in June.

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27 Comments for Rafael Nadal Withdraws From ATP Finals, Undergoes Ankle Surgery; Novak Djokovic To Finish No. 1

Giles Says:

Get well soon.
Tennis is boring without you!

Humble Rafa Says:

we are taking advantage of the moment to remove the free body and avoid future problems

Sad to miss the WTF (WTF!). Though there is never enough time to solve all my body problems, I am glad my abdominal issue is giving me time to solve the ankle issue.

AndyMira Says:

Yeah!…Very complicated year indeed!…Just be able to play 4/5 months this year?Urgh!!…Very hurtful for us Rafans!

Speedy recovery Rafa!…Can’t wait to c u next year!


Felipe Says:

As i posted last week….as soon as Djokovic won shanghai, Nadal realized that number 1 was done, and for his confidence, its better quitting than losing….thus in his mind “he could not fight” for the world number 1. Im 100% sure that if Djokovic was 400 points behind Nadal, he would have played the WTF….last year he risked everything (went to beijing and shanghai, played “injured” in Paris and went “injured” to London) in order to deny Federer the year end number 1.

Wog Boy Says:

The only good thing in this news is that Saudi match is cancelled. Get well soon Rafa.

Daniel Says:

Now all big 4 had related to sport surgery.
Wise decision to do it in end of season when he is more tired and has more time cushion to heal and recovery. Was out longer and was able to comeback strong many times. Maybe would be rusty for AO but come clay shoudl be set for history again.

Ronn Says:

Djoko thanks you very much, Rafa! Not about being the year end #1 or #1 in general because that was a foregone conclusion, but for not posing any resistance when he wins the AO in a few months and gets #15. The Old Man will crack under pressure being that Djoko is back and healthy so it’ll be smooth sailing for my boy.

Ronn Says:

So a torn tummy becomes an ankle injury? Amazing! If Rafa keeps getting steel put in his collapsing body he’ll soon be 95% bionic and be able to play until he’s 70 years old! Roger will be in an old folks home by then with Alzheimer’s and won’t even remember who Rafa is!

J-Kath Says:

ATP Finals:

Group 1:

Group 2:

UK…..Obviously no Andy but Jamie+Soares made it into Doubles.

Giles Says:

You really are a prize @sshole RONN!

Daniel Says:

Djoko’s group is dangerous. All players are capable of beating him in indoor best of three.

Can’t see Fed not qualifying in his group, so he is semis me thinks.

Daniel Says:

Just check rankings and if Fed wins London undefetaed he will finish year #2 ahead of Nadal. That could be interesting to potentially set a Djoko x Nadal semis draw in AO.

Ahfi Says:

Felipe (November 5th, 2018 at 4:02 pm) is on point. Methinks the same way too……

Giles Says:

Felipe. Conspiracy theory much. Nah!

Felipe Says:

Giles. Its no conspiracy theory…its a fact. Last year Nadal was ahead by a slim margin over Federer, and he went full schedule in order to finish as world number 1….even went to paris and played “injured” in order to secure the number 1. This time, he gave his knee a rest and gambled…but unfortunatly, Djokovic won shanghai and put himself just 45 points behind with Paris and Londres remaining…and of course, an abdominal issue appear out of nothing and now an ankle problem. Remember that next year he will claim that he could not compete for 3 months due to injury…when the reality is that he could have played (just like last year) but he choosed not to.

Giles Says:

Felipe. Pure garbage. Where do you get all this stuff from? 😡😡😡😡😡😡

Humble Rafa Says:

Maybe would be rusty for AO but come clay shoudl be set for history again.

There are regular people and then there is Daniel. He understand that life revolves around the clay court season, something very few people understand.

J-Kath Says:

There’s an article saying Rafa is on crutches. Will retrace and post if I can find it.

Giles Says:

Here’s rafa on crutches. Is it surprising seeing as he’s just had an operation on his ankle??

AndyMira Says:

Thanks for the links JK & Giles!

Emilia Says:

Idemooo, Nole!

chris ford1 Says:

J-Kath doubled on the likeable Anderson. One of the Andersons is actually Kei Nishikori. Agree with Daniel Djokovic’s group is more dangerous to him than the 3 that get Fed in RR.
Both Fed and Djoko are playing for career milestones as well as money and points and H2H bragging rights.

Fed goes after title#100, getting to 7 WTF titles with Novak and Ivan Lendl at 5. It would be tough for Novak to win 3 to surpass if Fed gets to 7. The money and 1500 points aren’t going to tempt Fed into more and a pursuit of #1 even if he fares well at the ATP Championships, Dubai, and AO – because he will likely not do clay season again.

Djokovic gets the title somehow, he and Fed are tied with titles at 6 at the ATP championships, and Djokovic probably has 2-3 more shots at another title. The 1500 points and the money are nearly as good as a Slam, and Djokovic could build a monster point lead before Wimbledon and stay #1 for over a year as he has nothing really to defend before Roma.

Shame Andy, Delpo, and Rafa are all injured but we get to see some new talent in London.

J-Kath Says:

Yep ChrisFord 1 – I did double on Anderson…..definitely must win his group after that!. Agree Novak got the toughest half.

Ronn Says:

Djoko’s match against the Carolina Klutz is a must win. If he loses then he could be in some serious trouble as he’s got to win the next two- no questions asked. Federer’s draw is a cake walk. He plays no power servers and all he has to think about is winning 1 of 2 from Thiem and Anderson because the Kei match is basically a walkover for Fed.

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