Naomi Osaka Splits From Coach Sascha Bajin

by Staff | February 11th, 2019, 7:59 pm

Noami Osaka dropped a bomb on Monday announcing that she and coach Sascha Bajin split.

Under Bajin, Osaka won both the US Open and the Australian Open to rank World No. 1.

“Hey everyone, I will no longer be working together with Sascha. I thank him for his work and wish him all the best in the future,” the 21-year-old posted on twitter.

“Thank you Naomi. I wish you nothing but the best as well. What a ride that was. Thank you for letting me be part of this,” Bajin responded.

Osaka also unfollowed Bajin on social media, hinting there is likely more to the story.

Bajin has previously worked with Serena Williams and Victoria Azarenka as a hitting partner. In his first true stint as a coach, he joined with Osaka in December 2017 and helped her win her first career title at Indian Wells last March.

No replacement coach has been named by Osaka who is scheduled to resume her season next week in Dubai.

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20 Comments for Naomi Osaka Splits From Coach Sascha Bajin

RZ Says:

They seemed to get along very well and there’s plenty of proof of their success as a team, so I agree that there’s got to be more to the story. My guess is a money dispute.

Tennis Fan Says:

I think so too. It’s all about the money.

Wog Boy Says:

Osaka was #68, 20 years old with no title against her name when Sascha Bajin took over her in 2017. she is now #1 with 2GSs under her belt.

Nice way to say thank you, this might come back to bite her some day.

Andy Mira Says:

I agree with WB….I think if Naomi think this deeper than just at the surface,disregard any little things that sometimes only exist when emotion involved..she potentially can win many more slams in the future…and she’s only 20…that’s what so scary….but yeah…like WB said..she maybe will regret her decision later….or.not..heh heh…let’s see…

Telperion Says:

I hope somehow someone throws some light into this issue. The timing seems odd to say the very least. It seems unfortunate and, as some posters already said, it might be money-related. If it is, what a way to say thank you.

Van Persie Says:

Well, maybe Sascha tried to negociate, as I am pretty sure, he received other offers as well. So for him, it’s just business, as it should be.
Not to forget, Naomi is only 20 years old, her parents might have a word in this decision. The only emotional reaction here is : Naomi unfollowing Sascha on social media. It is kind of childish, but let’s us not forget, she is still a teenager. Perhaps he has taken to heart Sascha’s financial requests.
I only assume, what I said above, but I think that’s the issue.

Van Persie Says:

Correction: she has taken to heart , not “he has taken to heart Sascha’s financial requests.”

lylenubbins Says:

I hope Naomi continues to win Slams and develops at least one good rivalry. We need to end this era of flash-in-the-pan women’s champs.

Czarlazar Says:

I don’t think it’s financial. If she’s unfollowing him on social media, it may be a romantic breakup. It wouldn’t be the first player/coach relationship in sport and big Sascha is quite the ladies man, apparently — just ask Serena.

Wog Boy Says:

Ahh those “Germans”… womanisers (Aleksandar Sascha Bajin is listed as German).

BTW, has Sean abandoned TX completely, it’s getting harder and harder to post and 37 years old isn’t playing Rotterdam (lost 500 points and dropped to #7)…so nothing to write about on ATP tour, no?

TX is definitely on life support, anybody can recommend any other site to move to, preferably 37 years old site, I like when I am underdog on tennis forum, it’s not interesting posting on sites where everyone agree with you?

chrisford1 Says:

lyle – a period of a group of women vying for titles and #1 ranking is a good thing, I think. The last thing woman’s tennis needs is a Serena II domination of the sport, even if Naomi is a nicer person. Many have said the on the men’s side, it also would have been good for the sport if 4 guys hadn’t hogged the titles for the last 15 years and the glory had been spread out a bit more.

Both pro sports groups need a couple of Asian stars, and a decent number in the lower rankings, to help grow the sport.

Osaka is a unique case. Japanese want to claim her in some part, but many hold back. They generally say she is not true Japanese like Kei. Part Japanese, part black, can’t speak the language, raised as an American. Call them unenlightened but the culture there is different. You can be red-haired and white and speak fluent Chinese or Japanese, friends with and even married to a national, embrace the culture, attend all schooling there, live there – but you would never be Chinese or Japanese.

Wog Boy Says:

From what I heard (not necessarily true), the only reason Naomi’s father listed her as Japanese is because some disagreements with USTA, she is as American as any American can be.
Knowing pretty well Japanese women, I am absolutely sure that Naomi’s father is pulling all the strings.

Disclaimer, Yoko Ono is not typical Japanese woman, on the contrary.

Czarlazar Says:

WB: yes, Sascha Bajin is as German as Zverev junior or Andrea Petkovic, or Ana Ivanovic for that matter. Kind of like Nikola Tesla, the greatest genius in world history, often being referred to as “Croatian.”
However, don’t stop posting on this site as it would be 99% less interesting without you. We “Germans” have to stick together…

lylenubbins Says:

@chrisford – – I get your point but for me personally, I would like to see some longer lasting rivalries at the top of the women’s game. Now it seems there is a new top player every time you turn around an then too frequently they disappear, e.g. Puig, Mugu . . . the overall level though is great and I do enjoy watching.

PK Says:

I think we are in a period of fundamental transition for the WTA. A year ago, Osaka was not on the radar and many were discussing when and where Serena would finally bag her 24th Slam. Gad, that number is absurd, when you think of the depth of the women’s game right now.

Today, who is going to bet on a Serena resurgence? And Osaka will have her hands full holding off the Russian and Slavic talent pool.


SG1 Says:

When you’re having the success Osaka is enjoying, it would seem reasonable to think that any change is bad. There’s been many player that has been on an upswing in their career and then changed coaches or changed equipment and then hit the skids for a while. I hope that doesn’t happen for Osaka as she seems very likable and down to earth. Change in coach notwithstanding, she is the best striker of the tennis ball that I’ve seen in the women’s game in a very long time. I suspect that will serve her well going forward. She’s still getting stronger so I expect she’ll have a very serious career if injuries don’t get in the way.

Wog Boy Says:

Czarlazar, I love TX, I just find it neglected as of late, I wonder why?;)

Btw, I lived part time in Germany in early 80’s before I moved to Australia (had some business interests in Bielefeld-Hanover area) I had great time, I found Germans friendly, straightforward, trustworthy and very loyal if they befriend you (also loyal to former and present allies for a difference of……;) good drinking partners too.
When I say “part time” that means I didn’t have papers so I had to leave Germany for few days before 3 months expires and come back legally for another 3 months after, they were pretty tolerant, we use to go either to Amsterdam or Czechoslovakia for that purpose, I loved it. I can see that now they have better immigrants than us from Eastern Europe, good luck with them my German friends.

Agree with you, we “Germans” have to stick together.

j-kath Says:

Don’t despair Wogboy – “Tennis-X” is just catching it’s
breath – by the time we get close to French GS there will be challenges again – enuf to flake anyone’s dandruff!

Daniel Says:

Anyone knows if Djoko will play Dubai? Enter its website and shows Federer listed. Tsitsi, Cilic, Kei, Kachanov and Coric also.

chrisford1 Says:

On Djokovic’s website, is 1st action appears to be Indian Wells.

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