Judy Murray: Andy Might Play Again

by Tom Gainey | February 22nd, 2019, 10:18 am

Following hip resurfacing surgery, the question is, will Andy Murray ever play again? His mom, Judy, thinks there’s a chance.

“I think he will, [but] I think he’s aware that it might not be possible,” Judy Murray told the AP in Rio where she’s on site for a speaking event. “He is a smart guy, he has a lot of interest in different things, he has a lot of options in life after tennis. But the most important thing is that he’s free from the pain he’s had for 20 months.

“He has a young family, you have to think about the quality of life for the rest of your life. Actually, that’s the most important thing.”

Judy mentioned that Bob Bryan also had a similar surgery, but agreed doubles is vastly different than singles. Recently, Nenad Zimonjic also returned from a similar procedure, but he too is in doubles.

The 31-year-old Murray targeted playing a final Wimbledon, but that was before he went ahead with his procedure.

“I don’t think we know anything for sure. Nobody does,” she added. “But I know that he would do everything that he possibly can to give himself a chance to play again.”

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3 Comments for Judy Murray: Andy Might Play Again

chrisford1 Says:

I think Murray is too old to change his style of play, which is heavy footed, fast, sudden stop high impact on hips, long baseline rally tennis.
The style that damaged his hips. He plays again, same damage accumulates. Rafa is also a fast, heavy footed baseliner but by his positioning, absorbs much of the impact in slightly flexed knees vs hips. With his cyclic impact accumulated damage anifesting in his knees.

Federer, being light of foot and striving to shorten points all through his career has much less impact damage on his hips than Andy even though he as played considerably more matches.

Djokovic plays fast, but he weighs less than Andy so has less impact damage per sudden stop due to KE=MV^2/2. But it goes past that. The sliding he does, even on hard court, converts kinetic energy to heat by friction, and greatly attenuates the peak impact force by spreading total remaining kinetic energy impact force over a much longer period of time. Djokovic’s body alignment on most ball strikes returned is such that impact remaining is not just at a peak amplitude of force, it is spread out to ankle, ankle muscle, knee, thigh muscles, hip and core taking a portion of the remaining force. It’s really something noteworthy in how he avoids hip damage, and how he is likely positioned for Federer-like physical longevity.

Back to Andy. He’s a fairly intelligent, totally authentic guy, he listens to others. I believe as his mom said, he will make the right decision in this for Andy Murray

chrisford1 Says:

Should read:

“impact remaining is not just at a (lower) peak amplitude of force (lowered by a longer time to stop),”

Wish there was an edit function at T-X
Also “(m)anifested.” in the 5th line

SAX Says:

Andy gave it everything he had and I’m sorry to see him leave, but it’s not worth risking another injury.i hope he retires so that he can enjoy his family life.

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