Andy Murray Says He’s Pain Free, Won’t Rule Out Wimbledon [Video]

by Tom Gainey | March 6th, 2019, 11:07 am

Following hip surgery in late January, Andy Murray has announced that he’s pain free and he could be back on the courts at Wimbledon, at least maybe in doubles.

“It’s going well so far,” Murray said of the recovery. “I’m in no pain when I’m walking around.”

“Rehab is never loads of fun,” he said. “Because I’m seeing progress now and because I’m not in pain it’s sort of motivating me each day to doing it because I’m noticing that things are getting better. I don’t have to limp anymore and my hip feels good.”

Despite things going well so far, Murray says he doesn’t know if he can make it back to top level tennis.

“If it’s possible because I love tennis because that’s what I want to do,” he said. “It’s not the reason for having the operation done.

“I can’t say for certain that I’ll be able do it. The initial signs are quite good,” he said. “But I wanted to have the operation for life.

“I’m really happy to have it done and now I just have to wait and see how good my hip will get. I won’t know that for a good few months.”

Murray added he wasn’t sure about playing singles at Wimbledon, but Bob Bryan underwent a similar procedure and was able to return at the Australian Open in doubles after 5-and-half months, which is the same timeline between Murray’s operation and Wimbledon.

He closed by saying he’ll know what his future in pro tennis will be in 7-8 months.

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12 Comments for Andy Murray Says He’s Pain Free, Won’t Rule Out Wimbledon [Video]

Tennis Fan Says:

That’s finally some good news from Andy. Hopefully he can play a few tournaments and wrap it up on his terms.

Madmax Says:

Margot! J-Kath!

This is fantastic news! He looks and sounds soooooo great!

Fantastic news!

Ellie Says:

Good news. It would be great to see Andy in action again on court – even in doubles. Maybe he’ll play with his brother Jamie? Either way, I’m glad he’s out of pain and hope he can enjoy this last stage of his stellar career….!

Andy Mira Says:

Yess!!….Alhamdulillah!…Thank u Allah!

First things first….Take it slowly Andy!

C’mon!U can do it!!

RZ Says:

Yay for pain-free Andy!

j-kath Says:

Andy went out to dinner with some friends – walking with a crutch – apart from that “elephant in the room” he looked healthy and happy.

Willow Says:

Best of luck Andy whatever happens , pain free great news ….

Giles Says:

Good luck Andy.

Milos Says:

Why it is not more generally acknowledged that professional sports is absolutely horrible for an athlete’s health. I mean, is it normal that Andy with all his talent, resources etc. has to go to hip surgery at 30? That means that absolutely best conditions for recovery and training you can have are not enough for basic health… Would he need that surgery if he wasn’t a professional athlete?

What is even more depressing is the thought that, if you are an athlete you are competing with people that will go even so far to ruin their own health… For example Nadal will run until his knees are done… Murray will run until his hip needs replacement… Djokovic will hit that ball until he needs elbow surgery… Is that normal?

Telperion Says:

He sounds much better and optimistic… It’d be excellent news if returns to play.


The commentators in the Latin American broadcast of tennis tournaments usually address this issue: doing sports is healthy, but not at the professional level. However, they trade health for enormous revenue that just wouldn’t be within their reach if they had a normal job.

Kind of Faustian, if you want, but they trade one thing for the other.

skeezer Says:

All about the $$. Tennis is absolutely good for your health. But today’s professional athletes are pushing the envelope, red lining their sport, practicing and playing at an ultra high level full time. Some have been wearing ankle braces because of the unreal force players were putting on their stops and turns(note; their ankles aren’t injured).

SG1 Says:

Imagine today’s players in a pair of Stan Smith’s. They’d all be in the hospital.

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