Andy Murray Is Back Hitting Tennis Balls Again [Video]

by Tom Gainey | April 2nd, 2019, 10:52 am

Good news for Andy Murray fans, just two months after hip surgery, he’s back hitting tennis balls again.

Murray posted the video on Instagram with the caption, “It’s a start”. Of course he now plays with a metal socket in the hip.

The 31-year-old earlier said he was hopeful of some kind of return at Wimbledon. But as he posted, this is just a start.

Bob Bryan, who also had a similar procedure done last year, just teamed with his brother Mike to win the Miami doubles. So that should give him inspiration.

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6 Comments for Andy Murray Is Back Hitting Tennis Balls Again [Video]

Judith Says:

SO pleased and hope that Any can return at some point, if not htis year than maybe next? The Olympics have changed the final to 3 sets and not 5 – which might give Andy a chance next year!

skeezer Says:

Good to see Andy hitting again. Margo wherever you are am sure you are pleased to see his progress. Hoping he can come back, in timely fashion of course. No pain, no gain does not apply here. More like no pain then try the gain.

chrisford1 Says:

It remains to be seen how competitive he will be after the “rebuild” and being a long time away from his top game of back in 2016.

I guess we will all watch. We have had 12 years of Nadal knee drama, so a few years of Murray hip drama will thankfully pale in comparison to the endless Rafa knee reports..and comeback reports.
Glad Fed is an ironman and Dokovic almost the same other than bouts of mental laundry cluttering Novak falls into periods of when the rest of the time he is a mental willpower giant..

But with Andy, I hate those images of former stars like Connors using walkers and canes, and hope he and his wife and team are smart enough to say “when!” – if hip issues happen again, or he can’t play his fast, pounding, side to side baseline sprint game anymore.

Willow Says:

Best of luck Andy ….

j-kath Says:

Re. Andy – he looked a happy bunny as he and Kim attended the races (horses). Not really sure I want him playing again – apart from maybe doubles with his Jamie.

To Judith – Andy’s already a Tennis Olympian – does he really need another one? Think it’s the Fed. who would most like to complete his many records by winning his first Olympian singles gold medal?

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