Stefanos Tsitsipas: It’s Upsetting That Auger-Aliassime Is Better Than Me, I Might Never Beat Him
by Tom Gainey | June 22nd, 2019, 10:10 am

Stefanos Tsitsipas has never beaten Felix Auger-Aliassime. Not in juniors and now he’s 0-2 on the ATP after falling to the Canadian yesterday at Queen’s.

After the loss, Tsitsipas was frank on facing Augur-Aliassime:

He’s the most difficult opponent I’ve ever faced, and I think it’s gonna take a couple of tries to beat him.

It is very difficult, because he has one of the best returns on the tour. He has a really powerful, accurate serve, which is tough to read.

He’s really quick and fast, which is rare to find all of that combinations together, combined. Big forehand, big backhand. He can create a lot of opportunities from his backhand, but also, at the same time, he can be very aggressive from the forehand side.

There’s not much to come up with when you play against him. He’s pretty much solid from everywhere.

It does worry me, because — I mean, it’s upsetting obviously that he’s better than me. I have to accept that he’s better than me. I might never beat him, but if I think that way, just need to wait, years maybe, for that chance to come.

If not, then not. If yes, then fantastic. I’ll donate, I don’t know, 10,000 for that win to a charity (smiling).

He’s beaten me every single time we have faced each other: juniors and pro, he’s beaten me Indian Wells, he’s beating me here, he’s beaten me a couple of times in juniors. I only beat him in doubles. I don’t even count that one, because doubles is doubles.

He has the whole package to play big, to beat — I’m sure if he ever gets the difficult chance to play Nadal, Djokovic, or Federer, he’s going to beat them, for sure. I will not be surprised if he gets wins over those guys.

We will definitely see him in the top 5. Maybe not this year but next year or the year after. I would expect something like this.

With both players so young — just two years apart — this has the makings for a great rivalry, and one that will produce much more introspection from the Greek.

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6 Comments for Stefanos Tsitsipas: It’s Upsetting That Auger-Aliassime Is Better Than Me, I Might Never Beat Him

j-kath Says:

Talking QUEENS: Amazing Lopez vs Simon for the final – both played 3 sets and both had 6..6..6 at the final.

Andy and Lopez back on court to finish the doubles… tired will Lopez be?

j-kath Says:

AM/RZ: – It’s been eye-popping at Queen’s today. Lots of excitement. Well done to Andy & Lopez – especially Lopez who played A-A and won and then he and Andy beat a high ranked doubles – match started 10 mins. after Lopez finished his singles match. Absolutely fascinating.

Willow – Were you able to watch?

Andy Mira Says:

Oh yessss JK!!…Wheeeeee!!!….Well done to Andy & Feli!!!

Alhamdulillah!!…I never thought in my wildest dream that Andy will reach final in his 1st comeback from surgery!…Now hope(and i’m gonna pray!) that they gonna win today!….Yaaayyyy!!

C’mon Andy & Feli!!

j-kath Says:

A-M: Andy still has a “waddle” in his walk – but think he’s had that all his life. What he also has is that determined look when he faces a difficult moment.

PS: I meant to tell you about the ball-girls at Queens: Everyone of them has their hair in pigtails – the cameras took a picture of all of them standing in a row – not a front view, the back view – quite unusual and charming.

Andy Mira Says:

JK…About Andy’s “waddle”…ohh!he’s still got it?Only yesterday i was wondering what kind of walk will i see in this new Andy?I thought we maybe gonna see a new kind of walk from him considering he is now pain free right?

About ball girls….oh really?I didn’t notice it!Must be quite a view!hehehe….They’re all very cute!!

Annie Says:

Stefanos Is such a charismatic player, for me, sad to hear him sound like he will never beat this rival…NO MATTER WHAT?!?!?
So He needs to adopt the montra from who was it??? Another player who may not be playing anymore??? Who Kept saying, “No One beats ??? 9 times! 10 times! 11 times!” Lol!
OR maybe he just needs a chat w/RAFA to convince him to think differently about this opposing player who seems to be in his head!?!
Anyway…Best Wishes Stefanos in your career. Keep on doing your best. & KEEP YOUR CHIN UP!!! I’m Greek…You are Greek!!!
I believe in you…now you believe in Y-O-U!

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